Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Geoff Parker: An Urgent Moratorium On Race-based Policies And Preferences

Open Letter To:
The Rt Hon Christopher Luxon, Prime Minister -

The Rt Hon Winston Peters, Deputy Prime Minister -

The Hon David Seymour, Leader of the Act Party -

The Hon Shane Jones, Deputy Leader of NZ First Party -


Dear Ministers,

I wholeheartedly support the Coalition Government’s focus on getting New Zealand’s economy back in a healthy state, and I appreciate that this will take time.

Unfortunately, not all Government members seem to recognise that their efforts on the economic front are being continually undermined by the disincentivising of race-based preferences and the tribal elite’s unaccountable and extortionate authority over many aspects of our lives. This legalised corruption is now threatening our status as a fair, innovative, first world nation.

It would be prudent for a forward-thinking Government to place a moratorium on all race-based policies and preferences before more damage is done. My primary suggestions are as follows:

An immediate suspension of -

1. All private claims to our country’s foreshore & seabed.

2. All race-based wards and unelected representation on Local Government Councils and Authorities.

3. All decolonisation tactics, such as the demotion or removal of ‘European’ flora, fauna, statues and names from public facilities, parks, reserves and towns, and geographical features.

I urge you to introduce an urgent moratorium on racial separatism, before it’s too late for the young to understand the community’s need for earned respect and mutual tolerance, for unity to ever be achieved, or for our democracy to be saved.

The fraudulent ‘Aotearoa’ will be a fully-fledged, dangerous, poverty-ridden, third-world mess. Please don’t let our country’s continuing slide into a racist quagmire be your legacy.

Yours sincerely
Geoff Parker

Geoff Parker is a passionate advocate for equal rights and a colour blind society.


Anonymous said...

I couldn’t agree more. Apartheid is alive and thriving in NZ. Perhaps if Maori weren’t beneficiaries of huge monetary settlements for often decidedly spurious claims, the country as a whole would be relatively well heeled. Keep on the same track as now and we can expect society to be dumbed down and third world. Will Luxon have the fortitude to go back to an equal, one system for all, living under the same rules? Highly unlikely given his holier than thou approach to date.

Anonymous said...

Geoff, I commend you for trying. I have a feeling that we may be too far gone. I think this govt will stem the rot for 6 ( but hopefully) 9 years then the country will vote the nutters back in. I am planning on leaving in 6-9 years and I will watch this country turn into SA from afar. I really hope I'm wrong.

Anonymous said...

We only have to look to the USA to see that re-segregation is a growing trend, and of course we never had legal segregation here but we are moving towards it at a rapid pace. Just today I saw a post online about a space at the University of Auckland that is reserved for Maori and Pasifika students only. We also have Maori language schools, and while I completely understand the desire of Maori families to educate their children in their language, it is not ideal for children to go through their schooling years entirely segregated and unexposed to the multicultural reality of our society.

We will see more and more of this, tolerated and even encouraged by the Pakeha far left. Until one day we wake up and realise we have a segregated society with the best of everything reserved for a certain segment of the population and everyone else scrapping over the leftovers.

Anonymous said...

“The fraudulent ‘apartheid Aotearoa’ will be a fully-fledged, dangerous, poverty-ridden, third-world mess. Please don’t let our country’s continuing slide into a racist quagmire be your legacy”.

We are already there thanks’ to our successive governments signing us up to and selling us out to the globalists UN and Co Technocratic New World Order One World Government agenda.

So what we have been experiencing with psychopaths in charge is all by globalist design and is in lockstep throughout the West.

This new coalition government will be no different and will be taking orders from their globalist masters. Our sovereignty was usurped decades ago, and while parliament may reign supreme over we the people (for now), the globalist agenda reigns supreme over our governments.

Frank Henry said...

Succinct and bang on. Let's not forget John Key's covert signing of indigenous UN nonsense, paved the way for a divided nation.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the new govmnt needs to follow throughon their promise to wipe vthe official books of legislation clean of any
reference to maori indicating an ackmnowledgement that such a person exists,thus granting special privilege s to such a person.Science has proved beyond doubt no such person known as maori could possibly exist on earth.One researcher, Dr. J. Coyne, of the University of Chicago,put it," for such a person to exsist would defy all the rules of science & known facts of movement of people around the Earth".It is ignorant & ludicrous that we should let a mythical people claim, repeat, CLAIM a special position to fraudulently take over our country by stealth.

Erica said...

Maori families are not necessarily keen about Te Reo. Those I have interacted with are angry that their children are failing to gain literacy in English.
The MSM do not represent ordinary Maori but rather a tiny extremist elitist group. Gaining power is their agenda not equality of opportunity for all in the real world.
Traditional education as we used to have many decades ago is the way forward not victim hood, hand outs or cancel culture.

Anonymous said...

Action to stop NZ's version of apartheid is super -urgent.

It is the root of all evil and will destroy NZ unless addressed now.

Anonymous said...

Whenever Luxon is asked about anything regarding Maori and special privileges etc he goes off with high speed gabble , always evading answering the question.
Since the election he has become as bad as Ardern in this respect.
He knows full well that he was elected to deal with race issues particularly those introduced by Ardern, Mahuta and company.
He is failing in his role and needs to be replaced by someone brave enough to stand up and call a spade a spade.

Anonymous said...

A note above is so right, how much better off the country would be, if so called maori too, that don't even exist if we hadn't handed over a roughly $100 billion on conjuered, fraudulent claims of so called wrongs the colonizers who would take these moaning mythological creatures out of the gloomy dripping bush wrongs of the ignorant stone age & into a modern functioning democracy.
Bud JonesQSM

Anonymous said...

The slide towards apartheid is gathering momentum every day. In the 80s we protested against it now we are the victims of it. The rank and file NZers are fed up.

Anonymous said...

Our country is in a very sad state of affairs. Racism, apartheid, Pakeha, (a word I detest) them & us are words too commonly used. Friends have now become enemies because of this divide. The "entitled", the "indigenous", the "settlers" "the Elite", all words of separatism and division. Have we gone too far? YES

Peter said...

Hello Mr Anonomous.
I am wondering where you would go in 6-9 years, when the nutters are back again.
What kind of passport do you have and do you really think that it is any better there where you want to go??
I do have a European passport, and am allowed to live in any country of the EU.
Problem is: Macron should go, as well as many other European nutters.
As long as the WEF, the WHO, the UN and others have any say in the matter, we are pretty stuck.
Asia?? maybe?? India might be the best option. To mention Utar Pradesh, who abandent the covid poison jabs, because too many people were dying because of it.
But it is pretty busy with people over there. Some 58.milion.
And all got a box of Ivermectin. Hardly any death after that.