Friday, March 29, 2024

Cam Slater: Like They Care What the Media Thinks

Newshub is stoking the fires against David Seymour and Winston Peters, expressing outrage about what both have said about the appalling segregation occurring at Auckland University. Their headline screams they are facing criticism:

But are they? And who is the criticism from?

The Deputy Prime Minister and ACT Party are facing increasing criticism over their comments about a Maori and Pasifika area at the University of Auckland.

Newshub was supplied an image of a sign at the university that said an area was a safe area for “Maori and Pasifika students”.

It comes as the university refuses to confirm earlier reports the sign was removed in response to the politicians’ comments.

ACT leader David Seymour praised Parmar’s comments while Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters also hit out at the area comparing it to apartheid and the KKK.

“Some of our Universities have become a haven of ‘woke cultural brainwashing’ – where they teach, and clearly actively participate in, dangerous rhetoric and demonstrable race-based practices,” Peters said.

“They try to justify their actions by attributing it to some sort of ‘moral cultural crusade’ and willfully ignore the direct comparisons to the KKK and the apartheid way of thinking where we are divided by race.” 

Again, who is criticising?

But on Thursday Peters is facing disagreement from his coalition partner National with Education Minister Erica Stanford telling AM she doesn’t believe it is segregation.

“Those spaces have always been there, they were there when I was there, and I am not sure that is racial segregation because I have been in those spaces myself back in the day. They were there 30 years ago.

Meanwhile, Opposition MP Willie Jackson lashed out at the comments and called Peters and Seymour “idiots”.

“The reality is you’ve got a couple of idiots here. You’ve got [David] Seymour and Winston [Peters] who are trying to sidetrack…segregation…what a load of nonsense.

“Universities have an obligation to look after minorities, to look after women, to look after rainbow, to look after Pasifika, to look after Maori.

“Tell Seymour and Winston let’s get rid of the rooms here [Parliament] then because we’ve got a rainbow room here, we’ve got a Maori room here, we’ve got a women’s room here, we’ve got a Pasifika room here. Absolute rubbish,” the Labour MP said. 

Oh, from a woke Labour MP and a racist in the form of Willie Jackson.

But Willie Jackson has made a great suggestion, one I am sure Winston Peters will take note of… time to close down the rainbow room, the Maori room, the Women’s room and the Pasifika room at Parliament.

Winston Peters and David Seymour won’t care one jot about that criticism, they know most of the public is right behind them on this issue.

Both of them know how to count. It’s what voters think that matters, and they know they have the support of the public in attacking the woke womblism of the left.

Cam Slater is a New Zealand-based blogger, best known for his role in Dirty Politics and publishing the Whale Oil Beef Hooked blog, which operated from 2005 until it closed in 2019. Cam blogs regularly on the BFD - where this article was sourced.


Anonymous said...

Don't share your optimism Cam.

If this government was serious about this countries apartheid, racist, woke womblism creep, they would have acted more like "Milei" with a chainsaw by now.

Instead they change the name of apartheid masquerading as co-governance to co-management and kick the can down the road on Maori wards?

Not a "chainsaw" in sight.

Fred H. said...

Any special areas for Indians, Malaysians, Sinhalese, Vietnamese etc, or any white races ? If not, why not ? Must have consistency.

Why are rainbow painted pedestrian crossings allowed in Auckland ? They are illegal:

Land Transport (Road User) Rule 2004
There are many traffic control device requirements for zebra crossings (TCD Rule, 8.2). Key points include that:

Approval from Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency is required to mark a pedestrian crossing on a road with a speed limit over 50km/h.
A pedestrian crossing must be marked in reflectorised white, or if white does not contrast with the colour of the adjacent roadway then it must be resurfaced or marked to provide contrast. Unquote

Blacktop roads contrast explicitly with white painted reflectorised stripes. Hence those painted in Auckland are illegal and those responsible for having them painted rainbow need to be prosecuted.

Ray S said...

Maybe they could have a new room.

'Straight, white, english speaking males only'

Or is that not woke enough?

Rob Beechey said...

Right on Cam. The cleansing of this divisional nonsense that the majority of voters demanded, hasn’t yet started. Silly Jackson has become the most racist proponent of separatism since Hendrik Verwoerd.

Fred H. said...

Willy Jackson calling anyone, except himself, an idiot is a case of the black kettle and the black pot. Or am I not allowed to use the word "black"? After all, it is not one of the seven colours of the real rainbow.

Robert Arthur said...

By pushing the case to the limit I am not sure Peters and Seymour are prudent.
But the esatablishment of marae in so many school grounds seems similarly insidious. An area set aside for Anglo Saxons/Caucasins or clubs for would stir.

Anonymous said...

it's a business school. they do it because they get paid to do it.

TEC says this as part of their funding requirements:
2.5 Evidence of providing culturally relevant learning environments, spaces and support for Māori and Pasifika learners.

This is the amount at stake and the condition:
Each year, we invest around $2.8 billion in tertiary education.
What we fund: improving the participation of priority groups

if you want to stop the nonsense, cut the funding & see how much of it done from the goodness of their hearts!

Ken S said...

Jackson calling Peters and Seymour "idiots"? Pots and kettles Willie, pots and kettles.

Hazel Modisett said...

What's the point though, when their own woke DEI rules render these rooms obsolete. Any white male could claim to be any race they chose, as well as the opposite sex...& pregnant & the University could be sued for not following its own rules.
If a man can claim to be woman & legally be permitted to use women's bathrooms & changing facilities, then surely under the same rules, anybody can identify as whatever race they chose & have the same protection.
Perhaps more people should identify as Sovereign individuals, with rights & privileges granted to us by virtue of our existence & choose to simply ignore this stupidity. Stop giving it air & it will suffocate...