Wednesday, March 27, 2024

Clive Bibby: Collateral damage or architects of our own future

Countries like ours (members of what remains of the Free World) appear to be divided into two groups of people who have already made choices about our future both here at home and as members of the commonwealth of nations collectively facing the problems of the times.

Unfortunately, for the rest of humanity, those same choices were never theirs and even the ones that might have mattered, have already been made by others. 

That is why, I find it appalling that far too many people in this country seem apathetic to the opportunities that abound where every citizen has the right (almost an obligation) to have a say about the way we are governed and by whom.

This apathy is highlighted by the abysmal turnout at local body elections which should result in fair representation for all but too often ends up in the hands of radicals and activists who have an agenda that is not in the best interests of the majority. 

Consequently, any ideas that don’t fit their narrow focus usually ends up in the trash can or at best, is subjected to a very low priority classification from which it never sees the light of day. 

One of the reasons for this paralysis is that we have lost our appreciation of what we are in danger of loosing and the sacrifices made by our forebears that ensured these choices remain available whether we make use of them or not. 

My guess is that our society has had it too good for so long in relative terms. 

Why is it that generations are being born who assume they are entitled to free care from the cradle to the grave and somebody else should have to pay for it?

And the reason why this attitude has got to the stage where it influences general elections is because the masses have been indoctrinated into believing their future is someone else’s responsibility. In a society where majorities respond to the politicians offering the biggest handout, the end result is usually a foregone conclusion. 

As a result, the national debt increases to a point where the cornerstones of democracy are threatened and our ability as a contributor to the well-being of others less fortunate or who have become collateral damage of tribal warfare is severely compromised. 

In that context, I find it remarkable that the result of the last general election in this country reflected a groundswell shift in majority voting - seemingly for the first time in decades, away from the inertia that comes with blind acceptance towards a more pragmatic approach of valuing our relative position on the world stage and a commitment to ensuring we benefit from a fair distribution of our natural resources amongst those who need it most. 

At long last we appear to have broken the shackles of dependency but it is over to us whether we accept the challenges we face and take a visionary approach to our future.

We could become first among equals and for all the right reasons.

I’m not kidding.

Clive Bibby is a commentator, consultant, farmer and community leader, who lives in Tolaga Bay.


Anonymous said...

I despair of how my country of NZ has become so divided, but hope the tide maybe turning thanks to opinion pieces such as yours Clive. Thank you.

integrity said...

Thank you Clive. This is spot on, well stated too. Dan McGuire Nelson

Hazel Modisett said...

The problem is & always has been that NZ is a Socialist Nanny State & we have been indoctrinated our entire lives to abdicate responsibility for all aspects of our lives to a govt that lacks the resources & expertise to defend even our most basic human rights.
Consider this...
We have the inalienable right to defend ourselves & our property from threats using "reasonable" force. This is not ratified in our Bill of Rights. It is one thing to bemoan the increase in violent attacks (machetes) against shopkeepers, but consider the furore from most of NZ society if shopkeepers armed themselves with machetes & started fighting back (which is their right). Our gun laws are tilted towards disarming the public, with fees increasing 400%, wait times for firearms licenses stretching out to well over a year & the mere mention that you may want to use said firearm for home defence resulting in instant disqualification, yet some Australian twat is able to stockpile arms & ammunition even though his own gun club reported him to the police as having suspect ideology worthy of investigation, resulting in...wait for it...increased restrictions on private ownership of firearms. Said Australian twat fled the scene of the first Mosque when one of his victims picked up one of his discarded firearms. In addition, non lethal rounds like 12g bean bags are illegal, yet there are no restrictions on crossbows ?
The point I am trying to make is that we have been stripped of the right to defend ourselves against criminals & our police force lacks the ability to combat the resultant increase in crime. Our gun culture in NZ is based on the responsible use of firearms primarily for hunting & if we continue to fairly license gun owners, we can weed out the loonies & criminals that are the cause of gun crime. Criminals in NZ are primarily cowards that prey on the weak en masse. If these cowards knew that the shopkeeper they planned to rob with a knife or a screwdriver had a 12g autoloader under the counter, or granny at the ATM had a 9mm in her purse, or armed guards were inside of Michael Hills jewellery stores, or even allowing women to carry bear spray and/or tasers, then this nonsense would be drastically curtailed. A suitably armed (& trained) population able to legally protect themselves prevents & stops crime, not more laws or more police & the risk of being double tapped centre mass with a 40 S&W is more of a deterrent than the slap on the wrist criminals currently receive...