Thursday, May 16, 2024

Heather du Plessis-Allan: The NSW Government is coming for our Kiwi cops

We've got to talk about the brain drain that’s going on.

Today, the NSW Government has announced it is going to come for our Kiwi cops. It's got a shortage of 1500 police, and they're extremely worried about it.

So the Chris Minns Government has announced it’s going to slash red tape, cut down the course time required by more than half and fast-track Kiwi cops into their force.

And Kiwi cops will leave. Because unless they win the pay arbitration they’re about to go into, they will take a pay offer from our Government that we can see is pretty poor. So they'll all head overseas for better pay.

These are people we can’t afford to lose. Because we need police too, we're short on police as well.

And we are losing a lot of these kinds of people. The immigration figures out yesterday were pretty rough. In just a year, we’ve lost a net 52,500 Kiwis - mostly to Australia.

What we're talking about here is that these are our best and brightest. They are our skilled workers choosing to leave the country.

Now, part of the problem is where we are economically. It happens to us when we're in the bomb part of the cycle, Kiwis leave when the economy is cruddy. 

And some of it is because of the vibe in New Zealand. It's gloomy, let’s be honest, because we are having pretty angry conservations as a country about politics.

And on both those scores, I do have confidence we are now headed in the right direction. I just think it will take time to see the end result.

We also have an added complication now, which is that it’s going to get harder to get Kiwis back from Australia, because they can get citizenship again over there.

What I think we need to do is - we need to lift our game. We have to give our people a reason not to leave, and a reason to come back if they do.

And that means we have to go hard economically. That is the only way we're going to get out of this.

So we’ve got to stop being sissies about this. We need to cut this wellbeing nonsense - what does that even mean? Stop angsting about the tiniest impact some business is going to have on the environment and get real about our climate impact, it's tiny.

Dig the good stuff out of the ground, that's how you get rich. And this country needs to get wealthy, so we can all earn more - because that is what gives you a good lifestyle.

And a good lifestyle is the reason you stay here.

Heather du Plessis-Allan is a journalist and commentator who hosts Newstalk ZB's Drive show HERE - where this article was sourced.


robert Arthur said...

Policing in NZ must be very unsatisfying. There is the catch and release policy, and with maori even the catching is counter policy, and the tiniest transgression of protocol is likely to result in endless wrangle about tikanga etc .Helpful techniques are banned; photographing the inevitable clients, hoarding of fingerprints etc. And in Oz that gun at the hip must be a comfort. Dealing endlessly with mental cases as well as nutters imagining decolonisation must be very tedious. To discourage them going we should make it clear that they will not be avoiding maori gang members.

Reggie said...

How do we stop the brain drain? Well there’s all the economic issues so we need to fix this broken economy. But more importantly, don’t ignore the elephant in the room…the Maorification of NZ! My daughter and many of her mates have gone because they are offended and horrified with what’s been happening to NZ over the last 6-8 years. The lies and exaggerations about the Treaty, the rants of pro-Maori about colonisation (which brought huge benefits to a Stone Age people), the constant biased reporting of main stream media, our woke Public Servants promoting pidgin English in their communications, our universities with their warped sense of diversity, equity and inclusion, are major turn offs to our brightest. They’re leaving in droves to Australia in particular which is now a more balanced and sensible country. Even in my dotage I’m tempted to join them…

Basil Walker said...

I believe the Budget will be defining for Mr Luxon if there are these Ministeries and Government departments still around after the 2024 Budget .

The focus should be . One Nation One People

Gone should be Ministry of Environment, Climate Change , Maori Health , Pacific Peoples, Women, Ethnic Communities, Maori Development (Te Puni Korkiri), Maori Language (Te Matawai ), Rau Paenga (Crown Infrastructure Delivery) and the Waitangi Tribunal.

Doug Longmire said...

And it's not just Police leaving for Aus for better pay and conditions.
Health Care Professionals are leaving in their droves.
Nurses, pharmacists, podiatrists, physiotherapists, dentists, technicians to name just a few.

Anonymous said...

In any crisis, there are mergers.... let NZ merge with NSW.

Hold a referendum on this........ Big YES vote!

Then let Iwi try to bleed Australia - no chance.

So a great solution ,

CXH said...

'Dig the good stuff out of the ground, that's how you get rich.' Noway is often held up as a poster boy of how to create a green, sustainable economy. What is never mentioned is they can afford it because they are digging the good shit out of the ground and using the money to set themselves up for the future.

We leave it in the ground and pretend we have the money for the future.

Anonymous said...

If the brainwashed school and uni kids vote labour/greens back in next election, then I imagine everyone who is able to will be leaving. We ain't seen nothing yet heather.

Anonymous said...

Kiwis, including maori are sick of all the liberals stuffing all the ti tiriti stuff down your throats. You can't escape it unless you leave.

Hazel Modisett said...

The issues previously mentioned are all valid reasons for wanting to exit NZ. When a countries cost of living rises & the quality of its services & infrastructure is in decline, then it is no doubt time to consider greener pastures.
I too am considering closing my business, selling my assets & taking my family out of here, but for reasons many people seem to not consider.
We have no rights in NZ & when your life, liberty & pursuit of happiness are threatened & curtailed, its time to go.
My issue is, we have no Codified Constitution & our Bill of Rights has not been ratified, enabling the govt & bureaucracy to inflict arbitrary & more often than not invasive laws that not only violate our rights to privacy, property & self defence which are snuck in under cover of darkness without our knowledge, consent or any right of redress & cost us even more of our ever decreasing wealth to regulate & enforce. I have always been concerned that our ridiculous gun laws preclude anybody from owning a firearm for the purpose of self defence, but now I have been informed by a lawyer friend of mine, that we are also not permitted to carry a pocket knife & the mere suspicion you have one on your person is grounds for search, seizure & a fine of up to $2000 & 6 months in prison...FFS ! The vagaries surrounding how these laws are enforced means that everybody is considered a criminal & leads me to the reasons why I will leave. Simpleton Brown & his cronies at NZTA & eRoad honestly believe they have a right to install devices in EVERY vehicle in NZ that not only will track & trace the movements of your vehicle, but is also capable of monitoring your driving habits, opening the door to remote ticketing. Secondly, the Police are currently looking for ways to circumvent Article 17 of the Bill of Rights in order to use the roadside digital fingerprinting devices they have just bought & to allow them to capture facial recognition signatures such as iris scans.
Call me paranoid, but I see the writing on the wall & have been proven correct 9 times out of 10 in the past & if these new draconian methods of control aren't bad enough, the really concerning part is most Kiwis will go blindly go along with it & I do not want to live, or raise my family surrounded by sheep who trust the shepherd that is leading them to slaughter & not the sheepdog that safeguards their wellbeing.
Like the immortal call & response to the famous song by Aussie rockers "The Angels", "Am I Ever Going To See Your Face Again"..."Hell no, Whuck you, Whuck off". I DO NOT ABDICATE RESPONCIBILTY FOR MY PRIVACY, PROPERTY & SAFETY TO THE STATE AND I WILL NOT COMPLY !!!

Anonymous said...

Hazel, please stay. And we desperately need a couple of million more of you. This country is rapidly approaching peak stupidity/corruption (take your choice) but we really need to stay and fight, or life for our children and grandchildren will be worse than Pol Pot’s Cambodia ever was.

Anonymous said...

Heather - please join us! The radio programs over here are rubbish, we need Newstalk ZB to jump the ditch as well.