Saturday, May 11, 2024

Winston Peters: On remarks by Māori Party MP Mariameno Kapa-Kingi

On Wednesday last week Māori Party MP Mariameno Kapa-Kingi gave a general debate speech in the House with this opening sentence, “No matter my words today, the Government will not waver in its mission to exterminate Māori.”

She went on to say, “The theory of the Minister is that Oranga Tamariki’s governing principles should be colour-blind, which is just another word for white supremacy, because to say we are all one people is really to say we should all be white people.”

And “The Government’s reasons to take it away can be summed up in a few short words: racism and Pakeha supremacy.”

These ignorant and offensive accusations leave little to the imagination about the mindset of Kapa-Kingi, her party, and the rest of her fellow cultural travellers - she doesn’t care about what she said, how offensive it is, or how bereft of fact it is.

Kapa-Kingi is either dangerously ignorant or she believes what she said is true. The most frightening thing is its probably both.

By the Māori Party’s own proclamations, the number of Māori in New Zealand total anywhere up to 20% of the population. So why do they think their 3% party vote allows them to speak on behalf of all Māori? It doesn’t.

The Coalition Government’s Cabinet has the largest number of Māori on record.

Just because the Māori Party arrogantly choose to walk into parliament with Huia feathers on their heads and use every speech to repeat ‘colonisation’, ‘oppression’, and ‘white man’s guilt’, doesn’t give them a claim to speak on behalf of Māori – nor do the majority of Māori want them to.

Great Māori leaders of the past like Carroll, Ngata, Pomare, and Buck believed in representing all Māori across New Zealand with a pan-Māori view - working together with all New Zealanders. The Māori Party today are saying “if you are Māori and don’t think like us you aren’t really Māori.”

It shows just how far down the ‘race-based rabbit hole’ these cultural Marxists are willing to take New Zealand and how the media have let them get away with it.

They don’t want democracy, they want anarchy - headed by their Māori elitist cronies turning this country into something akin to apartheid. They would justify this of course because “Māori have superior DNA” as Co-Leader Rawiri Waititi not only said but arrogantly tried to justify.

Kapa-Kingi: Accuses the government of wanting to “exterminate Māori”, of saying the government has theories of “white supremacy”, that the government is saying “we should all be white people”, and government policy is because of “racism and Pakeha supremacy”.

Mainstream media reaction: Zero.

The fact is the Māori Party doesn’t care what they say or how they say it – not least of which is because they get away with it.

The good thing is they are nowhere near government – nor will they ever be.

New Zealand First is going to stop this sort of separatist hate-filled agenda.

New Zealand is one country and one people.

Winston Peters is the Deputy Prime Minister (Until 31 May 2025), Minister of Foreign Affairs, and Minister for Racing. He has worked as a primary and secondary school teacher and has practised as a Barrister and Solicitor, including in his own law firm. This article was first published HERE


Robert Arthur said...

And the msm are puzzled why the public now ignores them in droves.

Anonymous said...

"New Zealand is one country and one people".

Well it was up until the STATE introduced the 1975 TOW Act, without public consultation and a referendum? (That's par for the course)

The STATE introduced division, racism and apartheid into New Zealand, and haven't stopped with the program since.

Don said...

What do you expect? Parliament has turned into a circus with Te Pati Maori providing the costumed clowns. Free speech is one thing but surely the Speaker can rule such invective inappropriate in the Debating Chamber?

Anonymous said...

Well said Winstone, now or better next time one of the TPM party extremists spouts. Such intolerant stuff that Coalition colleague David Seymour speaks out. After all he claims some Maori blood too.

Hazel Modisett said...

The most ridiculous fact about this whole farce is that these morons demand self determination, but expect "whitey" to pay for it lol.
How about they stop whinging, pull up their big boy pants & pay their own way instead of bludging off the very system they decry as they have done for decades.
Furthermore, I have Ngapuhi ancestry & have never been offered a cent from any settlement nor would I even know how to apply if I wanted to (which I dont). I have worked my entire life to pay my way & support my family & would be ashamed to rely on handouts for our survival. F@#k these chocolate fish in the Maori Party. You are a disgrace & do not represent or speak for me & never will.

Anonymous said...

Why does NZers have to put up with this? In one form or another it is endless.

Luxon buys into it.

What are Mr Peters and Mr Seymour going to do actively and successfully to get rid of this rubbish and recalibrate NZ?

Anonymous said...

The Waitangi Tribunal wants Maori to " approve" the text of Seymour's Treaty Bill - i.e. veto any reference to a referendum

National is refusing to support this Bill after the 2nd reading - even if there is massive public support for a referendum.

If this Bill fails, then He Puapua is sure.
Quickly , a written " Aotearoa Constitution based on " partnership" would be proposed - then this would be amended to add the Maori-only chamber and veto over all legislation = the He Puapua structure for Maori control of NZ.

Could even happen well before 2040. High stakes now.

Rob Beechey said...

You are dead right Winston. New Zealand was one people once. We were proud of our unique heritage and the envy of the world. Comrade Ardern changed all that by dividing the nation which may take a hundred years to repair if ever.

Anonymous said...

Spot on as usual Winston. Keep fighting the good fight mate. For all of us.

Anonymous said...

TPM are a disgrace. They are destructive, create division and do not advance our nation in any way.
In the real world they would be shown the door! If there is a record of how often they attend when parliament is sitting it should be published to show what a lazy bunch they are.

Anonymous said...

"New Zealand is one country and one people."

Well, we certainly should be one people but those that want equity, their version of inclusion (which is exclusion) and diversity (whatever the heck that is supposed to mean in the real World?) are trying to take us all to the lowest common denominator because that is the only way equity can be attained. If we had true equality then there would be a good chance of the majority attaining or coming close to the highest common factor. There is little chance that the former group will ever understand this.

"New Zealand First is going to stop this sort of separatist hate-filled agenda."
We can just live in hope but it is going to take a lot more than just words, it needs the National Party to come on board with this reality, they need to stop being Labour in drag and start taking the affirmative actions necessary - i.e. Please pay heed to Winston.
If they do not kill off the nonsenese that Maori did not cede sovereignty, this BS about a partnership and cogovernance and come into the real World then we will not have an economy - it will be an empty void with a few rotting kiwifruit to squabble over.

Martin Hanson said...

For heavens sake! All Maori have colonist ancestor; hence they owe their existence to colonialism. And that's just a start. To give just one of hundreds of examples of benefits no advocate of 'decolonisation, would be prepared to go without: modern medicine.

Anonymous said...

Wise words Winston - please keep speaking out against this separatism.