Friday, September 17, 2021

Heather du Plessis-Allan: Collins has got to go


When it rains it pours, and it’s pouring for the National Party isn’t it?  

21% in that poll last night is horrific, but given the horrors of the last couple of weeks, really no surprise. 

This does nothing but reinforce the same point that we keep making, which is Collins has to go. At some point. 

Why don’t we just deal with the thing that you want to know: Who takes over?  

From what I can see you got two realistic options that are obvious to us right now: Simon Bridges or Chistopher Luxon. 

Your choice is between the known and the unknown. 

If I was forced to bet, I would go for a combo of the two: Luxon as leader, Bridges as deputy. 

This is not a novel suggestion; it's been floating around as an idea for maybe about six months. 

The reason I am open to it as a concept is because they each bring something the other needs. 

Bridges is damaged goods. he’s redeemed himself to a point, but his unfavorability ratings are still really high. According to 50% of people still don’t like him. 

Luxon has a clean slate so he’s the guy who needs to run top of the ticket. 

But Luxon has bugger all experience in politics and so he runs the risk of doing a Muller and just stuffing it up. 

Bridges helps him here because the problem with Muller was, he had a terrible team around him of inexperienced or flighty people. 

Bridges though knows how to do politics. 

He’s the guy who managed to keep the National Party polling higher than Labour for a long time even though he was desperately unpopular. 

But still now’s not the time.  

A lockdown is a crisis and you don’t roll leaders in a crisis. It’s a bad look.  

As bad as it is for National under Collins - and 20% is bad - they’ve got keep her on for a while yet. 

Heather du Plessis-Allan is a journalist and commentator who hosts Newstalk ZB's Drive show.


Anonymous said...

At some point everyone has to go - that's stating the obvious. More to the point is when someone goes there needs to be someone better to fill their shoes. Who is there within National to repace her and when.

Let's go through the most likely replacements: Bridges, Luxon or Nicola Willis.

Bridges: A blast from the past, but effective in attack.
Luxon: Untested. High risk.
Willis: May appeal to women.

Any others?

DeeM said...

National are in a bad way. Collins goes around with that same fixed expression on her face regardless what issue she is talking about. She reminds me of someone who is not quite aware of what is going on and this is backed up when she is interviewed, often losing her train of thought. Clearly, she does not resonate with many voters.
Luxon would represent the new-age, woke reincarnation of National. But that would make them a poor imitation of Labour so why bother voting for them if woke floats your boat.
Bridges is quite an astute politician but would be a huge mistake. Re-electing a leader that previously was very unpopular with the public shows desperation and a dearth of other suitable candidates.
Yes, National are in a bad way unless some other suitable candidate presents. Sad to say but politics really is all about personality for many people!

Ross said...

Judith Collins cannot be held totally responsible for the poll. When the Government owns the media it is even harder than normal for the Opposition to get their points across.
It is clear the Government are using this lockdown, fear mongering to stop the rot in their own polling (it had been trending down for a while before the lockdown started).
The MSM continue to push Luxon --what has he done in politics and what difference does he offer? Nothing as far as I can see.
The main issue at the moment is Covid and unfortunately ALL main parties are saying the same thing so voters have no real choice. There is no independent thinking.

Janine said...

Hopefully Judith will stay as there is nobody most of us would prefer I suspect. What is really needed is a new political party which treats all New Zealanders as equal. It's not the leader that's the problem, it's the policies which are too similar to Labour.

Jigsaw said...

Give it a rest Heather! It certainly not that there are not other more important issues that this.
To suggest Chris Luxon be leader in her stead is simply demonstrating your ignorance. This a man who ability is much on a par with Todd Muller's ability and would almost guarantee a Jacinda victory with all the damage that implies.

Phil said...

While it seems National are in free fall we still have the issue about Labour's sinister agenda. I read an article today basically saying the He Puapua debate has been hijacked by the Right and the article was about so called sensible debate. If it wasn't for the Right no one would have heard of He Puapua. The article was at pains to point out He Puapua isn't Labour policy. As we well know they are implementing it at speed. It is quite sickening what is happening in NZ.

Dinther said...

National party are a cynical joke. No substance, no heart, no core.

Never was. And here you are talking about fixing that soulless carcass with marketing speak.

I have been lucky with David Seymour being a hardworking and consistent pm so I had at least some party to vote for.

But after the the way the Covid cold has been handled... I am left with only one option... A vote of no confidence.

Voting at this point is just begging for more authoritarian abuse. No thanks.

Anonymous said...

Disappointing Heather that you cannot see that the agenda is to undermine National by attacking the leadership issue.
If JC was replaced the media would simply attack the next leader.
The virus is setting the agenda and the fear tactics are working.It is appalling that there is no media examination of the behind the scenes mechanisms that are driving the destruction of democracy in this country.
We are reaching a point where the only solution is strong push back by the people and the sooner the better.
The media are certainly lost in paybacks and a lack of objectivity.

Anonymous said...

Please do not replace Judith with another woman and that is coming from a female. Unfortunately there are no men in the National Party that hold a candle to David Seymour with regard to intelligence, wit and how to fight for the cause. Look at what he has achieved, truly inspirational. He is PM material without a doubt.