Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Kate Hawkesby: The Teaching Council wrote to me, but why are they wasting their time doing that?


A couple of weeks ago I told you guys the story of the relief teacher censured and embroiled in court action, over removing an ear bud from a Year 10 student’s ear because he refused to remove it himself, and the teacher had asked him to stop listening to music and pay attention.

The student had been verbally abusive and refused to oblige and this relief teacher had had a gutsful.

I pointed out that despite crying out for teachers, and not being able to get a relief teacher these days for love nor money, the Teachers’ Complaints Committee and the Teachers’ Disciplinary Tribunal had over reacted in siding with the student.

I argued that, in my opinion, it fed a growing issue with a sense of entitlement among young people in classrooms, which in turn fed into disrespect of teachers, and that this guy being told his actions could ‘adversely affect their wellbeing’ was basically over the top.

Many of you agreed with me at the time. But the next day my producer received an email from the Media and Communications Advisor at the Teachers Council.

He wanted to ‘share a statement’ with me from the chief exec of the Teaching Council as they felt there was  “a lot of misunderstanding about the Teaching Council’s roles and functions”.. they ‘hoped I would find the enclosed letter informative and share it with my audience’.

Attached to the email was a two page typed up letter on Teaching Council letterhead, signed by a Lesley Hoskin, Teaching Council Chief Executive.

Kia Ora Alexander, Tena Koe Kate, it began. FYI If you want to know more about who this woman is, and why teaching is where it is these days, be sure to listen back to NewstalkZB on demand on the ZB website if you didn’t hear her interview with Mike yesterday on his show.

It explains a lot about why we are where we are with the education system. I was surprised the Teaching Council was tuning in to Early Edition, I’m not so sure they were, I wouldn’t be surprised if they have a google alert set up, but to dedicate time to typing up a two page letter to me, then having your media guy attach a covering letter and send that to my producer.. I mean really? 

You don’t have better stuff to do with your time when our education system is in the state it’s in? It may not surprise many of you that the Teaching Council is anecdotally apparently not held in very high regard by the teaching body itself.

That was reaffirmed yesterday by teachers who texted in after Mike’s interview. That doesn’t surprise me given the Teaching Council appears to be working against teachers, not for them. Having heard yesterday’s interview it’s almost like they’re working against themselves too.

We have record low literacy and numeracy rates, a teacher shortage, and these guys are hitting own goals by running teachers out of the profession for removing headphones from students, and now looking to make Te Reo competency mandatory, to retain your teaching certificate.

Anyway the upshot of the letter I received was that the Teaching Council defended its decision over this relief teacher, and like all left leaning ideological bodies, they were just wanting to ‘educate me’.. the great unwashed, on how to think more like them I guess?

This approach, this time wasting of typing up letters to radio hosts when you have way bigger fish to fry, sums up everything that’s wrong with where teaching’s heading.

Kate Hawkesby is a political broadcaster on Newstalk ZB - her articles can be seen HERE.


Kiwialan said...

Kate, this is the result of the 70's Labour govt hijacking the entire education system. The brainwashed academia are now running every facet of the racist woke bunch who are supposed to be imparting knowledge to young New Zealanders. Teaching stone age language and so called culture to students who are so lacking in basic reading, writing and arithmetic skills is a crime. We have wealthy Chinese and Korean friends who will never send their children here for an education after hearing about Te Reo being compulsory. The Asian social media sites now mock what was one of the top learning Countries in the world. For a 71 year old 3rd generation Kiwi like myself this period is the saddest of my life. Kiwialan.

Anonymous said...

My gosh, it really is like something you would read from that book 1984 by george orwell where the ministry of truth which takes citizens away and "re-educates' them if they stray from the governments truth. How creepy. Plus in one of leighton smith's previous podcasts he discussed a receipe for socialism and one of the ingredients was education. Control what kids learn or don't learn. You don't them to grow up too bright to challenge the govt

CXH said...

Even better, it would seem none of the top three in the Teaching Council have ever been in a classroom.

Nothing like being judged by someone who has no idea what your job entails.

Robert Arthur said...

I see the communications the Council regularly sends out to teachers. So many maori words difficult to fathom. The Council has a large staff but teaching methods to acheive in core subjects seems not a priority. Huge effort is expended on pro maori indoctrination and relationship mush. In my view the Council effectively discourages those objective energetic non waffle types most likely to make the best teachers.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your realistic views on this educational farce Kate.
I totally agree with you.
Today teaching seems to be a case of letting kids meander through the education process with no real discipline, values, and educational prowess in the main skills needed for a successful life in todays world.
The basics are missing!

DeeM said...

Sounds like Ms Hoskin is part of the woke wave that has washed over New Zealand, particularly in the past 5 years.
They imagine themselves to be terribly important and "progressive" but wouldn't know a real issue if it bit them on the arse.

They are a waste of time, money and space and contribute absolutely nothing meaningful to the sectors or professions they "work" in.

Bit like our government really!!

Anonymous said...

If you're keen to know more, do seek out Joe Bennett's two takes on this matter. It not only proves the Teaching Council has lost sight of its purpose (as Kate suggests), but also underscores the law is an ass. It's no wonder our education system is in such a parlous state and, as for the other, well, most of us already knew that, didn't we? I feel very sorry for Mr Robinson and I hope someone sets up a 'give a little' page for him.