Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Lindsay Mitchell: Prison population levels off

Labour's policy was to drive down the prison population. And they have.

But since March 2022 the population has levelled off. 2022 looks different to 2020 and 2021.

A change in policy? Time for a cup of tea? Something has changed.

Lindsay Mitchell is a welfare commentator who blogs HERE.


DeeM said...

I suspect the opinion polls are connected in some strange way.

Hard for the average voter to understand but our esteemed Labour Cabinet have the intellectual horsepower to make the connection between:-

Let bad people out of prison = more crime = public concern = less votes
A basic law of politics but our air-heads thought they knew better. Now they don't!

Terry Morrissey said...

They are still repealing Three Strikes though so that should see a bit a spike in referrals to Corrections.

Anonymous said...

I suspect a combination of things. Certainly a change in prosecution
policy, but also things like Covid slowing tbe system down. Criminal behaviours have unlikely changed that much if at all, just what the powers that be are allowing to slide by without incarceration. Sexual and physical violence are definitely not acceptable. What is patently clear is that one cohort of the population has a very definite culture issue.