Monday, September 25, 2023

Cam Slater chats to Muriel Newman on Reality Check Radio about various political issues

In this interview, Former Act MP and head of the New Zealand Centre for Political Research Muriel Newman joins Cam to discuss the rise of polarisation, separatism and overt racism in New Zealand politics, plus the state of play in the polls.

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Dr Muriel Newman is a former Member of Parliament who now runs the public policy think tank the New Zealand Centre for Political Research


Robert Arthur said...

It would be wonderful if such calm, objective wide ranging discussion with intelligent informed thoughtful persons could appear on RNZ (or any other msm) Even the speech was acceptable, nether Bogan nor Billy T. Instead on RNZ from Julian Wilcox and the likes we are treated to unquestioning panderings to the racist ramblings of a procession of persons, many often non entities in the real world.
However I take a exception to a few comments. Covid was not "almost a big nothing". !919 loomed. And the American and Italian shots of convoys of coffin trucks was daunting. Those who lost relatives and/or are stuck with long Covid do not regard the measures as extreme for what was then the unknown.
And the reason the Germans went along with Hitler was because anyone who spoke out was cancelled, just as anyone critical of pro maori moves is here and now.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed this podcast. I wish murial was still an mp as I would definitely vote for her. People are saying that after covid lockdowns, you would know which of of your relatives/friends would have dobbed you in to the nazi's and which ones would have resisted. The whole lockdown scenario was a a major over-reaction and it was spooky how quickly people complied. I remember just before lockdown 4 was announced, my boss suddenly started keeping a one metre distance, so to ask him a question you had to yell it out over the room so you wouldn't get "too close." Then in the supermarket panic, I stood too close to some guys boot in the carpark and he started yelling at me to get away from his car as I might be infected. I was personally shocked at how normal people were so easily brainwashed.

Anonymous said...

Best 60 minutes on politics I have heard in the last 6 years. Pity the effect of International organisations (UN, WEF, WHO) not discussed

Anonymous said...

Is this podcast available only to a small group of selected individuals? I would love to listen to it, but clicking the image returns a screen stating 404 Not Found, Podbean Distribution Network. I have googled Podbean and find they distribute to Apple Podcasts, however this does not appear to be available on Apple Podcasts. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you.