Friday, September 22, 2023

JC: Labour Continues to Spend Our Money Hand over Fist

David Seymour has another Ministry to blow up, or to put it more kindly, dispense with. Oh, wait, no he hasn’t, it’s the same one he targeted last time. The Ministry of Pacific Islands Peoples. I have to admit it’s not needed, along with a number of other PC ministries who are nothing more than a drain on the long-suffering taxpayer. These ethnic ministries come under the heading of wasteful spending. We have no idea what our hard-earned money is spent on. We’ve never heard of any useful plans or outcomes.

The Maori Health Authority, or whatever its native name is, is a case in point. ‘Maori for Maori’ is a phrase that might make the elite feel better in that they think they’ve helped their poor brothers and sisters on struggle street but, in reality, it’s achieved nothing in terms of better health outcomes. It is just another layer of government bureaucracy. It’s about as useful as the Maori seats in parliament and those who plonk their posteriors in them. Where’s the investigative journalism on this? Nowhere.

In fact, the entire Labour Maori caucus reminds me of the Charles Dickens book Oliver Twist. Oliver had his bowl out asking for more food; they’ve got their hands out asking for more money. They dine out on largesse but fail to digest just how much has been lavished on them. The other similarity with the book is that it was the first one to deal with social issues such as 19th-century industrialisation and poverty. Addressing poverty, like so many other problems, has been a total failure under this government.

Back to the Ministry of Pacific Islands Peoples. This is the Ministry that spent $40,000 dollars on a leaving bash for their, obviously revered, CEO. These people, like Grant Robertson and the Maori caucus, are pig-ignorant when it comes to the handling of money or budgeting. They are just happiest when they are spending it. Not content with having wasted $40,000, we now find out another $52,000 has been wasted breakfasting with and promoting their friends (Labour MPs) who gave them the money – OUR MONEY – in the first place! Any investigative journalism on this? No.

Does anyone see the irony in all of this? Because the Labour MPs obviously don’t. Ginny Andersen, who once sat at a desk in Police HQ, brushed it off as “pretty typical”. Now, maybe Ginny had one gin too many but, in those two words she inadvertently summed up the entire six years of economic leadership of this government. If you think about it, she’s right, it is “pretty typical” of the economic management of this government.

As Simeon Brown said, to make that sort of comment is insulting to ordinary people trying to pay their bills and cover their mortgage. It’s also a good example of the complete disregard this government has for their constituents, the working poor of this country. The second irony is that Labour is the party supposedly representing the workers. What a joke. This government, fortunately, is in its death throes. Its epitaph will be this – six years of reckless spending and absolutely nothing to show for it.

Not even their hopelessly biased friends in the media will be able to save them. Their titanic struggle to keep them in power will all be for nought. The only thing the reporters can do is salute as they go down with the leaking ship.

JC is a right-wing crusader. Reached an age that embodies the dictum only the good die young. This article was first published HERE

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Anonymous said...

Jc, great piece. Keep up the good work and fighting the good fight.

It's people like you who are saving the poor left lunitics from themselves.

I think it will be in vein tho, as after this election they will have time to reflect on this 6 year disaster.

Most people would take responsibility and ownership of their mistakes, make changes address issues and come out better people.

I have a feeling that this lot will want to blame everyone BUT themselves for their incompetence and mess. They will never learn.