Friday, September 22, 2023

Rodney Hide chats to Dr Muriel Newman on the Reality Check Radio show

They discuss the surreptitious signing of the ’He Puapua’ document and the implications For New Zealand

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Dr Muriel Newman is a former Member of Parliament who now runs the public policy think tank the New Zealand Centre for Political Research


Kawena said...

Thanks to Rodney and Muriel. He puapua is betrayal at its best. Both Labour and National have got us into this turmoil and it will take a herculean effort to get us out. Our history books must be rewritten and that will not happen overnight! A country that lies about its history has no future. What has happened to "He Iwi Tahi Tatou - We Are Now One People"? I recall one politician going to a conference on corruption in England and return with the news that New Zealand (as it was called in those days) was the second least corrupt country in the world. The rest of the world must be in a shocking state! I suggest that we do away with two holidays (such as Waitangi Day and Matariki Day) and transfer them to the closest days to November 18, 1840, the day New Zealand received its Royal Charter/Letters Patent from Queen Victoria, and create a four-day weekend of celebration, where everybody can enjoy with their food, song and dance! It would bring everybody together. If that makes me a racist, I will wear that label with pride!

John S said...

Even if half of this is correct this country has a massive problem on its hands. 50 mins long but worth every minute. I knew things were bad but not this bad.

Anonymous said...

Indeed......God must defend NZ. Who else will?

Barbara McKenzie said...

Rodney Hide gives credit to Helen Clark for refusing to sign up to UNDRIP, when in fact it was Winston Peters, who told her NZ First couldn't go along with it