Sunday, September 24, 2023

Mike Butler: Two Governments under tribal control

For those interested, here is a letter that was sent to the Hawkes Bay Today newspaper - which has not yet been published.

Had Neill Gordon listened during the disrupted Julian Batchelor seminar in Hastings in July, he would have learned about the current government’s co-governance plan, how it is set up to work, and that there is no reference to partnership in the Treaty of Waitangi.

The plan, named He Puapua, has two governments in New Zealand by 2040, one by Maori for Maori, the other, a fully bicultural version of what we already have, with both subject to a tribal monitoring committee.

A tribal control mechanism is set out in Section 140 in Subpart 3 of Part 4 of the Water Services Entities Act. This stipulates that the entity “must give effect to” any “te mana o te wai” statement issued by “mana whenua” in any area.

As a hypothetical example, the Hastings “mana whenua”, which is limited to Bayden Barber’s Ngati Kahungunu group, may state that water meters should be installed on every property and 50 percent of water rates should be paid to his group.

To verify whether the word “partnership” or any phrase conveying such a notion appears in the treaty, just read either text appended to the Treaty of Waitangi Act.

The He Puapua report may be accessed HERE - A diagram of the two-government set-up is on page vi

Mike Butler

Neil Gordon’s HBT article to which Mike is respondiing to HERE 

Mike Butler was a print journalist and is the published author of The First Colonist, Tribes Treaty Money Power, 24 Years: The Trials of Allan Titford, Innocent Nil Debit, and The Treaty: Basic Facts.


Anonymous said...

These simple facts have been routinely ignored since 2020 by Labour to deceive NZers.

These facts would be impossible to avoid :

1. in a national debate leading to a referendum ( albeit it verylate in 2027)

2. if the msm can be totally reformed so as to be objective in its coverage of this issue.

Robert Arthur said...

Based on my experince you would never get anything remotely as logically rational and factual as that published in the Herald. If such could be got across to the greater public near all the Labour party except maori seats would disappear in the election. Bachelor's book an excellent balanced production. Have seen no comment in the msm.

Basil Walker said...

The compelling evidence forwarded by Mr Luxon through the media is he is reticent to make a definitive statement on important matters .
The public are NOT interested in rats and mice policy however the issue of political and ethic division in the nation is almost unbelievable .He Pua Pua and all associated apartheid style division must be repudiated and removed from statutes.

Secondly the condescending statements Mr Luxon makes to anyone who vaguely resents Zero Carbon direction is anything other than honest It is where business and humans and animals with lungs only emit or cause 4% ot total green house emissions . Evaporation and nature emit 96% and the large populated nations turn a blind eye .
Someone has to show Mr Luxon modern science and discovery aligned to current IPCC reports .
For goodness sake National scrap the pseudo science ideology and revert to people and production to redirect NZ.

Anonymous said...

So to define which govt an individual is answerable to, they will have to define what a maori actually is. 50%, 75% or what is the cut off? This is all so incredibly stupid. Also can they force nzers ( sorry I mean aotearoans) to have dna tests to deternine their maoriness? What sort of hitler nazi state would that make us?

Anonymous said...

The fact that nothing comes into the MSM, no reporting, no editorial or debate is the very essence of the tools of Marxist Russia and China.

CXH said...

As a starter we could raise the number of Maori seats to 21. All NZ citizens to undergo a DNA test and all Maori are put on the Maori roll, no choice, no changing. All Maori are ineligible to stand in any other seat apart from the Maori seats. They can form whatever parties they want, as long as it is purely Maori based.