Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Kerre Woodham: Luxon's being respectful of democracy

A little bit of politics, because we didn't really get a chance to talk about Christopher Luxon and David Seymour saying yes, okay, if we have to, we will work with New Zealand First.

Commentators have got themselves into quite the lather over that. A sign of weakness, they were saying, being bullied by the media and all that sort of carry-on. And it's not often I agree with the leader of New Zealand First, but like him, I think that the only poll that really matters is the one on Election Day.

Polls have become less reliable than they used to be, with people being mistrustful of giving any information to anybody. It's harder to reach people these days. Those who only have mobile phones, those who live in apartment buildings.

Certainly, the polls are showing that Labour support is tanking, but the Greens are picking up a lot of those dissatisfied voters. Enough to cobble together a coalition of Labour, Greens, and Te Pati Māori? Who knows? Not according to statisticians and Poll of Polls simulations.

But ultimately voters will have the final say, and I think that's what Christopher Luxon understands. He has overtaken the other Chris as preferred prime. But last night's poll also showed support for the main parties and ACT dropping slightly. It also had TOP doubling its support, so make that what you want.

And as I say, commentators got themselves into a complete lather yesterday over National and ACT saying they would work with New Zealand First if they absolutely had to. But surely that's just pragmatism. If people insist on voting for New Zealand First (I shan't go on, but you know my thoughts about that), then parties have to work with what's voted in. Ruling out New Zealand First would have shown arrogance in the extreme by National.

Christopher Luxon comes from a business background, not a political one, and I think that's a very good thing. I think by saying he would work with New Zealand First if they absolutely had to is being respectful of democracy, the MMP process and the voters. (Although whether anyone who votes New Zealand First deserves respect is another matter entirely. But I shan’t go on).

You know my thoughts. What are your thoughts on this? We didn't get to discuss it yesterday and I'd love to hear from you whether you think that is showing respect for the parliamentary process, respect for MMP and respect for the voters. I can't see it as being a sign of weakness, which is what I heard a lot of yesterday.

Kerre McIvor, is a journalist, radio presenter, author and columnist. Currently hosts the Kerre Woodham mornings show on Newstalk ZB - where this article was sourced


N B H said...

Totally agree it is the voters who decide who will govern, not party leaders or loud mouth over ego media.A party leader has to be someone with the skill set to work with who the voters give them or they should not be party leaders. The voters do pay the salaries.

Anonymous said...

You just couldn't resist a snipe at NZ First Kerre, while pretending to be pragmatic yourself.
Seymour made an own goal when he fussed about having to work with NZF and his support dropped. People have good reasons for voting for NZF but people like you think you should have the right to criticise them with never a reason given. Just pure hatred. Shame on you and the media who do this, it is not supporting democracy. You wonder why no-one trusts the MSM and their political biases? A day of reckoning is hopefully coming for Labour and the media. No more funding of the propaganda.

Tom said...

The second most stupid thing I have ever seen in NZ politics was in 2017 when Bill English raised his arms in victory late on election night. Not a political friend or ally in sight.

National had spent years ridiculing and abusing Winston Peters. And he campaigned on a platform , "vote NZ First , vote for a change. He certainly didn't campaign on, " vote for NZ First, I'll put National straight back in "

John Key's little legacy that keeps on giving.

The public have no appetite for single party government again, We voted for MMP and expect an acommadation between parties to form a government.

Somehow the MSM seems to think such an accommodation between the right wing block is unreasonable and unworkable, and I sign of weakness, rather than part of the normal process. To me they seem to have an awful lot of policy in common .

And Mr Peters certainly wants to leave a legacy of his last rodeo being successfull for both him and his party. And Mr Seymour needs to ensure likewise his party doesn't create an opinion of them of not quite ever being able to grasp success.

However the public are more and more sure any coalition of the Left will be based on the politics of envy , racial preferences , higher taxation and further failure to deliver.