Saturday, September 23, 2023

Denis Hall: Well folks - those days are gone.

About a month ago- I went with my family - to visit a branch of my family that I hold in high regard and affection.

The man of the house is the one I am closest to - and I really do respect him and his achievements - and his opinions. Our conversation was as usual amicable - and enjoyable. No fishhooks to speak of.

However - in the course of the discussion through the few hours we were there - he made a comment - or perhaps a statement - that shocked me to the core - and I'm sure that as he made it he knew - that knowing me - it was going to have an impact on my state of mind.

That was because I tend to be more outspoken than him on a range of issues. I can be blunt and to the point - where he is diplomatic and very reasonable. I did wonder at the moment that he said it - if he just wanted to see what kind of impact it might have on one such as me - who he knows has strong opinions on certain New Zealand Issues. He would see me as a man who could be prone to making statements that in somewhat more touchy and sensitive circles might be described as Racist.
I don’t particularly care about any of that - because I see myself in much the same way as he does - and I do respect his opinion.
At the moment that he delivered this little pearler to follow - I did actually wonder why he had even decided to say what he said - given the fact that he would see me as one who would react negatively and quite strongly - and perhaps say something toxic in reply.

This man is in the corporate structure. He's a businessman at the top of his game - and I do respect what he has to say - and he is not known for making inflammatory statements - - but then he served this one up: “These days.” He said - in a matter of fact tone, “In the Corporate world - a big effort is being made to fill important jobs with either Maoris - or women.”


Now I would say - that this is about the most racist statement I have ever heard from this man - but his tone suggested in a matter of fact way - that this had become the norm - and that he accepted it as the new way.
So - that means - in plain language - that First in line for all valuable jobs - regardless of qualifications - will be either Maoris - either gender - or White women.

Think it through. What else could it mean?
I’ll tell you: What that means in essence - is that they will actively and on a daily basis - DISCRIMINATE AGAINST - ‘”WHITE MEN” who are so often the breadwinners for a family - simply because they are - - White and male.
Did I already know this was happening? Well not really - but I certainly felt it was in our future.
Then the time has come to ask a range of other pretty toxic questions.

So I turned to another person there who works for Auckland University - and asked him if this was also embedded in the University Employment culture. He grudgingly agreed - that it was not only there - but well entrenched.
So now I am realising that I belong to a group of New Zealanders that is suffering racial and sexual discrimination on a wide scale - sanctioned and encouraged by this toxic leftist government - and the racist discriminators were a group of people for whom I have little respect anyway - so what does it matter. It had no effect on me - because I am too old and mostly out of their reach.
Wrong attitude Denis!

But you see - I do know - in my heart of hearts - that it was me - and people like me - once hard working people - of my now discarded generation - and the generations before me - all of us now useless and unemployable White men - that built this City of Auckland - and ALL the others in New Zealand - thereby creating and constructing this Nation - and on the way home as I looked at the city of Auckland from the crest of that great Harbour Bridge - also built by White men like me - that this amazing vista before me - with the Sky Tower reaching up out of that great collection of tall buildings - being viewed from the arch of this amazing bridge over the harbour - was the creation of the White and hard working people of this Nation - and not by those creepy people in the University - or the current crop of know nothings in the corporate sector - who think they are better than me and my ilk.

Screw them!

But there is more to this than me taking offence - because much of what this nation was once all about - and that is that all people are created equal and should be treated equally - and that is a basic tenant of what and who we are supposed to be. So now it seems - that the White folks who built the society we all live in - are no longer valuable or important - because the job's done - and in fact their whiteness can be seen as a thing that needs to be pushed aside - as a racial disadvantage.
Well - that ain’t going to have a good outcome - because among other things - the people who would replace us - are very good at conducting ram raids - and smash and grab raids on business - and stealing other people’s stuff - and now it seems they are bent on taking ownership of our culture at a more grandiose level.

Remember when it was us - the now vilified white folks - and our culture - that were dedicated to building the Nation - and making sure everyone was treated as equal?
Remember? Well folks - those days are gone.

Denis Hall describes himself as an old man and an artist - a thinker - a writer - and a commentator. He does what he does - for the love of it.


Anonymous said...

Well a similar thing happened in sth africa with affirmative action. This was a law which said that a certain percentage of your workforce must be black african. The only way a white male could get a job in sth africa was if he owned his own business or if. was a long standing family business. This was not what Mandela wanted. He wanted equality for all, but these rules came after his era. The big difference over there though was that many white sth africans have dual nationality, so have either a british or euro passpoert also. It is just one 10 hour flight from jo' berg to london, so the young ones go there to earn pounds and then have sth africa for extended holidays. In nz the situation feels more dire because we are so isolated. But even so, many have left or are leaving

Anonymous said...

the problem is that these white males will become the self employed business owners and will still flourish or leave NZ. Ultimately the society looses through poorer allocations of resources and a flight of skill.
Men do do some jobs better than women just as women are extremely proficient at others, medicine is loaded with women through capability so good on them.

Robert Arthur said...

Where have you been these last few years Denis?

Anonymous said...

Denis, great piece. We all know it's true. We are now pushing back and saying enough is enough. If we actually all got together we would be a force to be reckoned with.

We are all successful independent people who can stand on our own two feet. We don't require assistance, handouts. Therein lies the problem.

If the affected white males who are the target of this hatred got together, there would be issues for the extremists who are targeting us. The woke left know this....however they should be warned, many of us are now pushing back. They don't like it....they really don't like it.

Tom said...

Denis, whilst I very much understand where you are coming from, I feel the tide has already changed, in your favour

Chris Trotter made an interesting point recently , New Zealand has hardened into two opposing camps with little middle ground, I hope I paraphrase him accurately.

In my own words , I understand that to mean The Left and the Right ,or the haves nd the have nots.

The comfortable middle no longer exists, they are struggling themselves , or struggling to help their kids get an education or a home . The compassion for the non achievers no longer exists.

The progressive left, the woke , those in academia or soft comfortable government jobs have been hoist by their own petards. They see their own kids or extended family battling hard just to survive. They see the walls of this socialist utopia they dreamt of collapsing around them.

I have seen numerous small businesses cut staff numbers. Five days extra sick pay ,essentially for many 5 days extra leave, and a day off to stare at the stars were the final straw.

Many I know were strongly offended by the co leaders of the Greens and the Maori party on the minor parties TV debate chorusing how their whanau in jail were victims themselves and that the assets of those who have worked hard and achieved must be further taxed and redistributed to their own supporters.

I believe the tide has changed Denis.

Robert Arthur said...

Hi Tom
I think the division is more those pro maori and those not, including the vast number of the latter who have found it necesary to conceal their inner thoughts. The election will unleash, although slowing and retreating the situation will not be a smooth ride.

EP said...

As a woman who first entered a work-force in which women were - openly and officially - paid less than men for the same job(!), I despise this discriminatory practice in the other direction. BEST PERSON FOR THE JOB! it should be.

CXH said...

My response to such statements is along the lines of - how can you , in good conscience, stay in your position knowing you are keeping a Maori or woman out of a job. Then follow up with my disappointment in how low they have allowed their moral compass to drop.

Anonymous said...

Well said EP. As a highly educated/capable white woman (now retired) and primary income earner, it was galling to be discriminated against on gender, age and heritage. Discrimination is pretty evident when you have stupid people giving you bad advice and wrong instructions, then being surprised at the outcomes.