Friday, September 22, 2023

Peter Hemmingson: 'Pinnochio' Shaw

In claiming to hold a BA from Victoria University of Wellington, Green Party co-leader, James Shaw, lied about his academic qualifications

Turned out he was a dropout who never completed his undergraduate degree.

Shaw also claims to hold an MSc. from Bath University but has never substantiated this.

What renders Shaw’s claim questionable is that entry to a Masters programme is typically via an undergraduate degree in the relevant discipline.

On rare occasions the holder of an undergraduate degree in a different discipline may be admitted to a Masters programme, typically on the basis of work experience in the relevant field and having demonstrated capacity to undertake advanced-level studies.

Even more rarely, someone will be admitted to a Masters programme when they have at least a decade of heavyweight work experience in the relevant field, but no formal academic qualifications.

James Shaw clearly doesn’t qualify for admission to an MSc. programme on the basis of an undergraduate science qualification.

Nor could he possibly qualify for entry to an MSc. programme as the holder of an undergraduate degree in another discipline.

That leaves lengthy, heavyweight work experience in a relevant field.

Somehow, I’m not feeling the love.

If Shaw is prepared to lie about his undergraduate qualifications, he’s definitely prepared to lie about his postgraduate qualifications.

Imagine for a moment another Party Leader, say, David Seymour, was caught out lying about his academic record?

The media would be all over it for weeks—and rightly so.

When it comes to James Shaw claiming to hold an MSc. from Bath University, he should put up or shove off.

Peter Hemmingson is a New Zealander of multiple ethnic origins, who believes in a single standard of citizenship for all.


Tom said...

Then there is the matter of the Environmental Advisory company Mr Shaw tells us he co-founded in London giving environmental advice.

Only it seems the company may we have been founded several years earlier before he started working for it.

No wonder that last night his co leader Marama Davidson at the minor party political debate pushed a barrow of go "soft on crime , the perpetraters are victims themselves".

What an outrage if such allegations are shown to be true after the election and Mr Shaw has grabbed 10% of the vote on the basis of falsehoods .How would that be put right?

If New Zealand had an impartial media Mr Shaw would have been forced to clarify the situation long before ,this issue has been swirling around for a while now.

Anonymous said...

Wow Peter, I hope you have your facts right. I'm going to assume you have.

2 questions then:

1. As you point out, why is the media not all over this and asking what else is he telling porkies about?

And 2: Does this lot have no shame? I mean if it's OK for the person at the top to lie, what example does that set?

I've said it before and I will say it again, credibility is important, once you've lost it its incredibly hard to get it back. Although something tells me James shaw couldn't care less.

The problem with credibility is the trickle down effect. This is just death by 1000 cuts to our left leaning media and the lack of trust the public has in them. Yet they are the masters of their very own demise, how appropriate.

Doug Longmire said...

James Shaw..
Liar, Liar, pants on fire !!
He has lost all credibility.
None of his doomsday "climate emergency" etc rubbish can be taken seriously now.
Give up James - you've lost it !!

Tom said...

No wonder Mr Shaw's latest best idea was to give $140 Million of taxpayers money to a foreign company with a share market value of $205 Billion US and a most recent profit of $2 Billion US.

And today a Wellington hospital advises of severe ongoing restrictions to it's services due to lack of funding.

Hopefully if these allegations about Mr Shaw are proved to be true it will before the election ,what then ?

Heaven help us not Ricardo Mendez March. Not even as co leader of an opposition party , let alone as co leader of a Labour Government coalition partner.

Even Mr Shaw must have the sense of shame not to inflict such a debacle upon the New Zealand voters.

Anonymous said...

How is this clarified. Are Universities required to list all who has achieved within, are there people who can validate this.

K said...

Ian Wishart was all over this. Not sure of the latest.