Monday, September 25, 2023

Danny: It Is for the People to Decide

Under David Seymour, the ACT party has grown to a realistic representation in our parliament, yet at the same time has become a shadow of its former highly principled and innovative self. With so much discussion rattling around the political echo chamber about the so called ‘wasted vote’ under MMP, one can’t help wondering how ACT supporters are currently thinking about political principle and whether rat-swallowing is high on the agenda for the many of us desperate for a change of government.

Just like the National Party, ACT seems to have drifted away from its founding principles of personal responsibility, smaller, less intrusive government and individual freedom. Certainly, they keep talking the talk, but given the opportunity to walk the walk during the Wellington protest, Seymour did nothing and ensured his MPs fell into lockstep, too. Given the opportunity to shine for personal freedom, for democracy, for principle, for ethics, for our Bill of Rights, ACT, like the entire 120, chose the party line and the tyrannical decisions and actions of the worst government in New Zealand’s history. Not a word against anything. Not a suggestion of sympathy or understanding. Not even the slightest attempt to be a strong, democratic opposition standing up for its constituency.

The actions (or total inaction) from our entire 120 strong parliamentary assemblage, emerged as perhaps the single most indicative confirmation of how poorly served we are by our so-called representatives. To a man and woman (and whatever they may identify as in between), they chose to support the repeatedly, indisputably proven, totally inept government rather than represent the people for whom they work and by whom they are paid. Worse still, they became willing allies and backed the never ending propaganda campaign without question.

If nothing else, the Wellington protest showed us what all our so-called representatives actually stand for and what value they place on truth, honesty, fairness, credibility and integrity.

Having become accustomed over many years to being the party leader and its only member of parliament, Seymour has naturally morphed into a bit of a one-man band and ACT might as well be called the Seymour party, because he actually is the party.

Ask people: How many MPs does ACT currently have? Hardly anybody knows. Ask who the ACT MPs in parliament are? Hardly anybody can get past David Seymour. A few occasionally mention that there’s ‘that attractive young woman’ and the closest most can come to naming her is to say she has an unusual sounding name – ‘you know, van-something’.

Being leader and party for so many years leads to a false sense of security. Leading yourself around is vastly different from leading a group around and, with the addition of a group, becoming a little arrogant and a bit of a control freak is perhaps almost inevitable.

What level of arrogance and self-belief does it take to publicly rule out working with NZ First? Who do these people really think they are to rule out who they will or won’t work with? How ludicrous is it that after all the years he’s spent in parliament, Seymour has forgotten who he works for and that, actually, democracy means he’ll work with whomever we (his employers) dish him up to work with. It’s not your call David. This is foolish and politically na├»ve behaviour.

Given the significance of tactical voting under MMP, one can also but wonder what ACT might have been thinking when they decided to stand Brooke van Velden against Simon O’Connor in Tamaki. A safe National seat, where O’Connor has a substantial majority, and ACT, knowing that the entire electorate is clamouring for a change of government, makes a tactical decision to split the vote on the right. Arrogance? Stupidity? Ineptitude? What is the point of the exercise?

Many a politician has rued the day they failed to stick to their knitting. This election still has the potential to throw up some odd curve balls and the electorate is certain about only one thing: they want a change of government.

How they’ll see fit to achieve that will still depend on whether or not they’re willing to hold their noses and swallow a rat and how angry they are about the tyranny that all 120 existing MPs were complicit in.

Is it still a wasted vote if it clearly states ‘no thanks – we don’t want any of you’?

As a final thought, I share this with you, a political viewpoint worthy of our attention: a reminder that politicians all over the world are elected by the people to serve the people – not some other personal agenda. Could we please have more like her: MEP Christine Anderson.

Danny has worked in media and business for many years and shares his views to generate discussion and debate. This article was first published HERE


Ross said...

You make some great points Danny. Frankly I think both Seymour and Luxon are "handbreaks" on their respective party polling results.

ACT were up as high as 16+% in some polls in the last 18months. Why are they not up there now?

Similarly National should be over 40% against the worst Government NZ has ever had. But why aren't they?

I think the answer to both questions is their leaders. For the sake of NZ I hope I'm proved wrong over the next few years.

One possibility to help NZ is a suggestion by Oliver Hartwich, in a piece on this site ---if Labour's result falls much further it could result in no list MPs for them. That would be great.

Anonymous said...

This is who our politicians really work for. Until we the people change this structure, nothing changes.

"The expression 'the Crown' may refer either to the Sovereign in person or to the executive. In most constitutional discussions, it is used to refer to the latter and to the executive powers of the monarch in whose name many of the activities of government are carried on. In effect, the limitations on the powers of the Crown are now limitations on the powers of the political executive (the government). In this sense, the Crown has legal status as a corporation aggregate, embracing the state 'in all its activities'. The concept of a corporation aggregate predicates the Queen at the apex and includes all the departments of state. This concept overtook that of a corporation sole (denoting the King in person) under the greatly expanded functions of the modern state."

We hope this assists.

Kind regards

Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet

Anonymous said...

Obviously, if everyone thinks there is no point in not voting for small parties, then the small parties will remain forever outside of the political system. How do we free ourselves from the power of this lie? The first thing would be to stop thinking in terms of parties. The whole concept of political parties is a fiendishly clever idea, dreamt up by those who do not wish the powers-that-be to lose any of their power. The present political system creates nothing but divisiveness. One day the people will be able to change to something different, but in the meantime we are stuck with a broken system while we work to find the way to fix it and get things moving in a different direction.

John S said...

As a previous ACT member and voter over several elections I have the same concerns. David, in his own mind, appears to already be in a coalition government with National. Under this ridiculous MMP environment that is dangerous. Until a few weeks ago the choice was clear to go ACT again but now definitely questioning that.

Peter said...

But meantime Ross and John, isn't it the case of the lesser of two evils? One has to be a pragmatist, otherwise you and the country will be losers.

Anyone seriously considering Labour, the Greens or Te Pati Maori clearly wants NZ to continue on a path of self-destruction. Likewise, lack-lustre fence-sitter, Luxon will herald more of the same and crunch time for him, as PM by default, will inevitably arrive. That leaves Winston, and anyone who thinks he won't change his spots when the baubles are on offer is equally deluded. So live in the past about Covid mandates, or wise-up and move on and demand Seymour lives up to his promises. He's our best chance but, like all politicians, he and his kind need to be frequently reminded who pays their salary. And that all requires an independent MSM doing its job, which it patently hasn't been, and it's those Marxist low-life's that are in part the answer to your queries, Ross.

Ross said...

I don't really disagree with your points Peter. But something is not going right with ACT, according last night's poll, even though I am beginning to think polling in NZ is going down hill in terms of credibility.

I sincerely hope Bob Jones' prediction of 20-23 MPs for ACT proves to be correct. I also hope NZF gets closer to 10% on election night. Despite Seymour saying he cannot work with NZF he is going to have to, if he wants to get some of ACTs policies through.

Then we have Shaw saying this morning that they are campaigning to be in Government!! Surely he is not so stupid to think the current lot will get back in or is he saying they are talking to National behind the scenes like Davidson let slip a few week ago?

Ken H said...

Danny, it appears to me that you're jealous of Seymour's image of popularity. You're basing an argument on a couple of soundbites, rather than what he's been saying over many years now, i.e. that ACT is very much for democracy, free speech, personal choices and accountability. By the way, Winston has been instrumental in the Labour Govt's incompetence, thereby very much complicit in the dire state the country's now in. However, I agree he shouldn't be left out. Like Seymour, he regularly speaks sensibly and can play a positive part.

At least we should be grateful we're not faced with the sort of political shambles existing in the USA. How bad would that be?

Peter said...

Ross, you don't want to be too persuaded by the polls -they a notoriously unreliable and the MSM have been desperately trying to undermine all right of centre or anti co-governance parties. While NZF can't be trusted, there's no question that National will need some strong guidance, otherwise NZ is toast. Here's hoping that Bob Jones has called it right, or else many more will be calling 'Robbo's Removals', if you've seen the latest Taxpayers Union ad?