Sunday, September 24, 2023

Mike Hosking: Labour can't understand they've divided this country

Willow-Jean Prime, who I think it is fair to suggest will lose her Northland seat this time around, has nevertheless been out on the hustings campaigning and she has struck trouble.

She has been in local and national politics for 20 years and has never seen racism like it, she says. She calls it unhinged.

Here, in part I suspect, is the problem. A couple of events at local pubs have led her to make the comments.

For the record, verbal abuse is never acceptable, and one can imagine the sort of thing that gets tossed around at a rowdy, old pub meeting of the candidates. It's also important to point out we weren't there, so interpretations as to what is unhinged or not will vary.

However, it doesn’t surprise me. One of the things that happens at election time is we feel, for once that we have power and we have a voice. It’s a tangible out-working of democracy. We have two votes and we want to use them.

So when you end up in a room with a politician it's a chance for the voiceless to be heard. That's where the frustration comes in.

A lot of people feel ignored. A lot of people want to know that their local MP knows what the mood of the community or electorate is.

What this Government has done, whether they acknowledge it or not, is divide this country with their co-governance stance. Special services and programmes, and ministries, and departments, and polices, and treatment, based on race. And a lot of people think race based policy, is racist.

The media tried to get up David Seymour's nose this week on his co-governance stance. He said he was merely reflecting what is being said.

He is right. It is being said, and it is being said loudly, in places like pubs and public meetings with candidates.

Co-governance and its outworkings have caused anger and division. Huge swathes of New Zealand feel that Māori have got deals because they are Māori, that they are treated differently because they are Māori.

And those people believe in a free and open democracy that race does not, and should not, play a part in delivery of anything, whether it is health or voting or schooling or welfare.

As aggrieved as Willow-Jean might be, what she is seeing is democracy in action and the outworkings of separatism. She can call it unhinged if she likes.

But a lot would argue it's merely trying to redress the imbalance.

Mike Hosking is a New Zealand television and radio broadcaster. He currently hosts The Mike Hosking Breakfast show on NewstalkZB on weekday mornings - where this article was sourced.


Anonymous said...

Mike, this is really the scary thing about tpm, greens and labour, the fact they can't understand and are unwilling to admit this is the result of their actions. To me (and most of the country) that is unacceptable.

Their time is up.

Anonymous said...

No - they are fully aware but in true Marxist style, they intend to ram this through. This has always been their plan.

What is even scarier is the low level of resistance from NZs and the continuing ignorance of many about He Pua Pua agenda.-

DeeM said...

You failed to make the obvious point, Mike.

Poor Willow is no doubt hurt and dismayed by all the "racism" that she's never seen the like of.
What hasn't, and never will occur to Willow and her fellow crazy woke Lefties is that they are the racists, not everyone else.

There's no getting through to people like them. And so the only thing left to do is kick them into touch where they can no longer inflict their toxic agenda on us.

Anonymous said...

Great point DeeM. Didn't some guy get dragged across the coals when he compared this govt to Hitler? If I'm right, why did he have to apologize? When your agenda is race based it rarely works out well, are the woke left actually that stupid that they don't understand this. Have they not learnt the lessons of history? Why are we not allowed to treat them like they've treated the majority of this country? Fairs fair.

EP said...

This is a bewildering time for simple people who don't read, question, analyse. I have watched Maori leaders being interviewed being genuinely puzzled and distressed that their certainty that 'racist' literally means 'anti-Maori' is not grasped. They have not read He Puapua, have little grasp of co-governance, and appear to be truly hurt. I might feel more sorry for them if I did not fear their incompetence to govern.

Robert Arthur said...

In a crowd situation the risk of incurring cancellation is reduced so she is getting a hint of the true feelings of very many. She and fellows will experience more than a hint at the election. Especially if the msm changes sides before and publicises He Puapua goings on and the like.