Monday, October 18, 2021

Clive Bibby: Common sense isn’t common

I admit the headline to this column isn’t my own.

It comes from a recent Australian Sky News Public affairs programme that was celebrating the “breath of fresh air” that is the arrival of the new NSW Premier, Dominic Perrottet.

The discussion included the public yearning, as in this country, for a return to governments who acted in the best interests of the majority while being sensitive to the genuine grievances and needs of the minority.

It talked about the need to get back to a time when individual responsibilities to one's fellow man, woman and children are regarded as much more important than our current focus on our basic human rights - real or imagined.

Referring to life during the pandemic, it highlighted the farcical adherence to policies that divided the country’s population into those who were expendable and those who are guaranteed protection, simply because they are working for the government or its agencies.

I was heartened but not surprised to note that the response from the general public to the change from “lockdown” to “opening up” in New South Wales was universally positive.

I would wager that the public mood in this country would welcome such a move by our government sooner rather than later. It is just common sense that the need for change is now the only viable option.

How long should we tolerate this King Canute doctrine while it is proving disastrous on every front.

It is clear from just about every rational observation of nations who have recognised the need to adjust their lifestyles in order to live with the virus that we should follow suit before we destroy what is left of our ability to function as a sovereign state.

This government seems unable to recognise that the betrayal of its citizens in order to promote its falsely disguised objectives while it has total control, is rejected by those who crave a return to the “live and let live” policies of the past.

And that number is growing. It will not be long before respect for the law will become a casualty of a frustrated public who don’t share the objectives of the divisive programmes that are being introduced without a mandate.

This country’s populace is an overwhelming mix of people from all ethnic backgrounds, who simply want to get on with a life that enables access to equal opportunity in exchange for the recognition of our individual responsibilities to those who are in need of our help and care.

The tried and proven formula for achieving a law abiding, functioning democracy operating under those conditions is not new. But it is radically different to what we are being served up at present.

Our Government is finally being faced with the “chickens that are coming home to roost” and it is terrified at what it is seeing. Watch this space.

Clive Bibby is a commentator, consultant, farmer and community leader, who lives in Tolaga Bay.


Janine said...

Dominis Perrottet indeed seems like " breath of fresh air". He is doing what is required for NSW. We have nobody of that calibre here unfortunately. I have totally lost respect for most of our politicians. What on earth are the opposition parties doing regarding sidling up to this government at every turn. Opposition meaning " opposed to or contrary to". " having a different point of view and speaking out strongly".

I know many here don't feel as strongly regarding the opposition parties as I do. They just want to get rid of the present incumbents. I think people need to re- think their strategies as another party in government doesn't necessarily mean new policies. We need a complete overhaul. We need our own Dominic here.

Geoffrey said...

Clive, the tantalising assertion that the chickens are coming home to roost, has me waiting with breath bated. Do tell - for I have been unable to find any hint of a shift.

pdm said...

I watched Perrottet interviewed by Alan Jones on Sky News a couple of days/nights after his appointment. He impresse me as a striaght shooter who meant what he said and he did not duck questions - if he did not know he said so.

Wish we had a few like him in New Zealand - in high govenment positions.

Allan said...

Well stated Janine. National is now simply Labour Lyte, so forget about change if they are put back in charge. ACT under Seymour, is gaining rapid traction, but stumble at the Covid block, when their policy is far too reliant on jab - jab - jab, when over sees countries who have relied on that path are no better off, with some now moving into their fourth round of injections.

So look outside the square before you vote at the next election.
That is if the 'Establishment' don't allow Bidens unverified postal voting system, using lock-downs or something similar as an excuse..