Friday, October 29, 2021

Plank Of The Week with Mike Graham, Laura Dodsworth and Russell Quirk

The UK's Mike Graham picks 'Plank Of The Week' with Laura Dodsworth and Russell Quirk. 

Who is this week's biggest plank... Insulate Britain, Paul Scholes or Jacinda Ardern? 

The winner: Jacinda Ardern!


Phil said...

Well spotted. Also these people don't know the half of what Jacinda is upto. What would they make of Jacinda's "Ethno State" policies?

Jigsaw said...

How to explain to these people that its even worse when you include the Three Waters proposal to effectively give all water to Maori (part-Maori). Also makes you realise just how bad our media is that some thing this would NEVER go to air.

Unknown said...

Would be good if this interview was made more public so that everyone gets to see what she is really like..

Anonymous said...

Exactly correct Jigsaw. Funny thing is Maori are NOT indigenous and by their very own admission arrived here by canoe. They are owed absolutely nothing.

Unknown said...

As a previous writer said the world dosent know half of what this woman and her communist party is doing to New Zealand in fact just 2 days ago I sent her and Nania Mauta an email saying this

Just remember that your so called deeds will be remembered as did the deeds of LANGE AND CLARKE
Lange died and Clarke was sent into the wilderness
Once I was proud to call myself a “New Zealander”. Not anymore. I have lost all respect for, and confidence in, the leadership of this country and the arrogant disregard it has for we, the people. We are governed by the most deceitful, dishonest and immoral government I can recall in my lifetime. One day, after I have gone, the people will rise up and claim back this beautiful country from the morons who are now in charge. I can but hope that the revolution (for that is what it will be), is not violent - but I cannot believe New Zealanders will give up all of what they and their ancestors have worked and died for, without a bloody good fight. Bring it on!

a not so proud New Zealander now

Do I need to say any more


Lesley Stephenson said...

Unknown.....I too have sent PM and Nanaia emails. I'm sure their staff had a good laugh about them esp. Nanaia's. They don't even get to see them.

Anonymous said...

The plank label is well deserved.Under the Health Care reforms our health care will be in the hands of the group of people who are winning the race to the bottom of vaccination rates.
Racist policy once again from our Government.