Monday, October 4, 2021

Clive Bibby: A wise observation from an unexpected quarter

I have been a Bob Jones fan ever since he decided to put his money where his mouth is and try to legitimately influence political change in this country. 

I don’t always agree with him but, as much as anything, l have enjoyed his fearless comments, often directed at pompous bureaucrats or politicians who hide behind the protection of their office while imposing their idea of equal opportunity on the rest of us. 

The fact that their idea of “equal” is more accurately described as “selected” is unfortunately lost on most political observers is a tragedy in itself.

I hasten to add that the reason for this apparent oversight is simply because most of the media are slavish to the same failed doctrine as those who promote it unashamedly. 

In this context, I was impressed to read a somewhat “throwaway” line that Bob Jones used in one of his daily contributions to a number of this country’s more reputable blogs. 

In a piece headed “reality on racism” he quotes a Black American economist and academic, Thomas Sowell who observes - “when people get used to preferential treatment, equal treatment seems like discrimination.” 

I believe that brief wise comment sums up the current state of race relations in this country more accurately than all the rest of the garbage justifying the implementation of the woke agenda or the introduction of divisive legislation that will put us back a hundred years, combined. 

We are on a path to self destruction that will set people against each other based on ethnicity and we appear to have little desire as a collective community to react in an effort to arrest this betrayal of all citizens - particularly future generations. 

Why are we so gutless that we meekly accept the imposition of these undemocratic programmes by local body and central government politicians without so much as a “please explain why your ideas are considered to be in our best interests?”

How many more times must we endure the arrogant misrepresentation of our local history as justification for the introduction of laws that will promote seperate development on a scale never seen since the signing of the treaty one hundred and eighty one years ago. 

In the meantime, the woke machine rolls on crushing any attempt to push back, blithely confident in outcomes that are knowingly licensed against the will of the people.

Come on Kiwis! 

There is still time to regain control of your own destiny. And the good news is that we can make it happen using what is left of the democratic process. 

Not need to take to the streets just yet. 

But the rumblings are there that give us an insight into what might happen if we don’t choose the less violent option while it is still available.

The ballot box is the preferred way to go. 

Clive Bibby is a commentator, consultant, farmer and community leader, who lives in Tolaga Bay.


Janine said...

We appear to be becoming very conditioned to the opinions of a small group in society to have more sway than others. I received an email today from some group advising gleefully that some Maori leader thought we should reconsider the name "Aotearoa". Well whoopdedoo! many more interesting and informative ordinary New Zealand blog writers have been saying this for ages as well as promoting other totally sensible ideas. I am one who will never consider any group of New Zealanders rights more equal than others. This narrow selection of exposition of views seems to permeate our media.
The media, in my view is totally responsible for the way our nation is heading. It is like having a debate with only one side participating.

Terry Morrissey said...

I’m right with you Clive
The Ardern socialist government has an obvious plan, without a mandate, to:
• enact the He Puapua “proposal”
• steal control of life-giving water
• ban free speech
• remove democratic right to elect councils
• introduce legislation to delay Local Body Elections
• create a separate Maori Health with power of veto including the appointment of the Minister of Foreign Affairs sister Tipa Mahuta to the Board - nepotism?
• buy the media with the Public Interest Journalist Fund thus creating their own propaganda machine
• provide funding for criminal organisations by using proceeds from criminal activity to fund mongrel mob drug courses (money laundering?)
• give control of coasts to maori
• allow control of Corrections and Oranga Tamariki by a maori minister who goes awol when it hits the fan (Waikeria Prison-judicial interference)
• change school curricula to the stage where children can leave school without literacy or numeracy skills, and to teach students what to think not how to think with emphasis on indoctrination of all things maori and White Privilege.
The list goes on.
This is the party that promised open and transparent government and to maintain electoral integrity.
Surely this country is approaching or is at the stage where the Government is about to usurp the Monarch by handing back sovereignty to maori which they ceded by signing the Treaty of Waitangi commencing on 6 February 1840.
The incoming Governor general Dame Cindy said she has accepted the position under existing constitutional arrangements, accepts them and will serve the Queen.
“I,{name}, swear that I will duly and impartially serve Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second Her heirs and successors, in the office of Governor General and Commander-in-Chief in and over Hr Realm of New Zealand, comprising New Zealand, the self-governing state of Niue, Tokelau, and the Ross Dependency, in accordance with their respective laws and customs. So help me God.”
It must be time for the Governor General to exercise “The Reserve Powers” and dismiss this Prime Minister.
“Other reserve powers are to dismiss a Prime Minister, to force a dissolution of Parliament and call new elections, to refuse a Prime Minister's request for an election, and to refuse assent to legislation.”
These powers to act without or even against ministerial advice are reserved for the most extreme situations. This situation surely has become extreme.
Failing this I see a great migration of people both brown and white to some country run by grown-ups.
The other alternative is for the Government to call an election to gain a mandate to continue with their agenda to replace democracy with their intended totalitarianism.
Without recourse to any Binding Citizens’ Initiated Referenda this would seem to be the only bloodless solution to this country’s current political crisis.

Phil said...

Terry that is a brilliant summary. I also mention the mass release of prisoners so that we have our lowest prison population in 30 years. Hence the explosion of violent crime we are now seeing.

Mervyn said...

I have been a student of Thomas Sowell for some six years. If you want to understand the impact of welfare on people and disparity between people his books and essays are essential study. His observations are just as relative to Maori as they are to black Americans.

Don said...

Socrates thou should be in New Zealand at this hour. His method was to ask questions designed to get people to think. Unfortunately we are conditioned to accept the current popular trends to avoid the inevitable condemnation of "racism" even if a trace of doubt is creeping in about concocted ideas that may have little connection to truth. Questions such as:
Please outline some good things about Maori culture.
Te reo is an official language and should be used more widely; similarly sign language is an official language so why is it not being similarly promoted?
It is fun to devise Socratic questions along these lines but bear in mind that Socrates created the danger of getting people to think and the State had to protect itself from that by bringing about his death.

Frank said...

I like your thoughts Clive, but you may be under-estimating the frustration over political nonsense which has been going down for sometime, exacerbated by this present appalling Labour/Green disaster. It won't take too much more for me to be ready 'to take to the streets,' but in some useful and appropriate way. Frank

Shelley said...

There would be many of us that would join you Frank!