Thursday, October 28, 2021

Garrick Tremain: Three Waters Looting

 Here is Garrick Tremain's cartoon commentary on Three Waters! 

Garrick Tremain is one of New Zealand's best known artists and political cartoonists. With a background in farming and advertising, he has a wonderful ability to capture in images exactly what people are thinking in a way that makes us laugh. You can see his more of his work on his website HERE. 


Doug Longmire said...

That cartoon has summed it up exactly.
This pandemic has actually been manna from heaven for the socialist destruction of our nation. The racist Maori takeover is cloaked with Covid.

Kiwialan said...

It would be hilarious if it wasn't so true. A disaster for democracy and racial equality in New Zealand. Kiwialan.

Tim MANNING - Northland said...

Why is it that we have allowed the "elite maori racists" to steal the infrastructure that all ratepayers in New Zealand have paid for and actually hold ownership. Local government is only the trustee of these assets, holding them on behalf of all ratepayers.

The cartoon by Garrick Tremain, could not better express the deliberate rorting taking place whilst the "ever smiling puppet master' undertakes her daily cameo appearances ..... how convenient!!!!!!!!!

Sadly maori as we witness in parliament today not only have a hidden agenda, are deceitful and cannot be trusted. Their agenda was deliberately hidden under the former coalition government, and most certainly during the 2020 general election campaign. As for the Prime Minister on election nite, saying unequivocally that "she/her government would work for all New Zealanders" has proven over and over again to be an absolute falsehood; or better described as a lie.

As a maori of prod heritage, I am appalled when I see this racially charged cabal of unrepresented swill, who clearly demonstrate all that is bad, by being embittered, vengeful, toxic, vicious, venomous, hateful, dangerous and acrimonious ... I could go on .... as to their contributing distasteful attributes to the future of our wonderful and (up until now) tolerant country. Their body language says it all !!!!

This cancerous group are seeking their own personal gain as a small, but vociferous voice, together with those lucky enough to be included within their small inner circle ... to hell with the other 95% of the maori population in New Zealand ... who wont receive any benefits
flow to them whatsoever.

As having had an interest in history, before it is re-engineered and deliberately distorted, all I can say from my studies is "thank goodness it was the British who worked alongside maori to develop the Treaty of Waitangi. Maori in New Zealand (unlike their treatment of the original indigenous people of this land) have been treated and continue to be treated exceptionally well. I am not blind to some of the injustices, but such pale into insignificance had the then colonial powers of Portugal, Holland, France, Germany, Spain et al been the successful conquerors of this land.

If this elitist non-representative group are so embittered with their hatred of europeans and their beliefs of the way maori have been disadvantaged, I invite them to visit the First Nations Peoples of Canada, look at the vast majority of citizens who are poor in Cambodia, Thailand, Bangladesh, the worlds largest refugee camp in Kenya, and finally the very worst examples of all ... the countries making up West Africa.

I am grateful for having had the opportunity to live, work and experience life in these places, albeit somewhat privileged. There exists NO social welfare of any form, and certainly if you don't have money or a job; you don't eat. I wonder how many of our elitist maori sponging their way thru parliament have visited any of these places and (if so) got "down and dirty"?

New Zealand is without doubt one of the better places for all peoples to live, but sadly is headed down the path of introduced apartheid under this group of distrustful elite maori, who have been given a clear run and all the authority they need by our "Dear Leader" to set about destroying our country. In 1981 I was a demonstrator against the South African rugby team touring New Zealand and the repugnant apartheid system prevailing in that country at that time. Little did I think within my lifetime I would once again have to contemplate taking to the streets to demonstrate against apartheid being imposed in a reverse for in our country.

Anonymous said...

Tim Manning - thank you for a great comment. Why don't you write an article expressing your views - please email me on if you are interested. Thanks, Muriel Newman