Friday, October 8, 2021

Viv Forbes: Time for Truth-Telling in Glasgow.

For 26 long years the UN and their tame media have promoted their expensive annual climate carnivals. This month they will flock to Glasgow for COP 26 but they will not arrive on Shetland ponies, penny farthings or sailing boats - hydro-carbon energy will get most of them there and keep them warm and well fed.

These jamborees are designed to spread climate lies and green energy propaganda.

In the beginning, the witch-doctors of the global warming religion spread lurid tales of drowning polar bears, rising sea levels, dying corals and spreading deserts - all blamed on the wicked coal, oil, cattle and cars that they claim are destroying our green planet. Those disasters never happened. Now truant school kids (who learn their version of climate “science” from smart-phones and social media) are promoting emission reduction by gluing themselves to roads.

The media love scare stories. But despite alarming model projections, decades have passed with no unusual global warming, so their shock stories changed to “wild weather” and every cyclone, tornado, drought, bushfire or flood was trumpeted as proof of looming disaster. “Storms” morphed into “super-storms”, “bushfires” became “fire-storms” and now the media can report “super-tornadoes” without defining them.

It’s time for: “Truth-telling in Glasgow”.

The coming northern winter will confirm the first energy truth – wind, solar, batteries and electric vehicles will not keep people warm and well fed. The soaring demand for hydrocarbon fuels, the coming electricity blackouts and rationing, and bare grocery shelves will reveal what the media won’t. In the interests of accuracy, COP26 should be rebranded “Cut Our Power 26”.

It’s also time for truthful climate models. Even with sneaky revisions of past records and reinvention of the Hockey Stick, the model forecasts have been wrong for over 40 years – there is no dangerous global warming.

It’s also time to bury the myth that “the science” supports global warming alarm. Hundreds of thousands of qualified and experienced scientists have joined sceptic lists over many years.

The Glasgow tourists should take a pre-COP trip to cold Norway where yet another group of sceptical scientists will launch at the University of Stavanger on the 12th of October.

Maybe they will get a chance to take pictures of iced-up wind turbines or snow-covered solar panels. However the one-eyed media probably prefers pictures of immature school girls chanting slogans and blocking roads?

It looks likely that Glasgow will kick some spectacular own goals. Only an incompetent alarmist would organise a Global Warming meeting in cold Glasgow, with winter approaching and with threats of food, electricity and fuel shortages. Maybe Boris is secretly on our side?

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Viv Forbes is a geologist and economic analyst, who farms in Australia and blogs at the Saltbush Club HERE  


DeeM said...

Absolutely Viv. Most of the observational data and reputable scientific research negates the alarmist climate claims.
Climate alarm is just another blunt instrument in the woke toolbox to make people massively change their lives for absolutely no good reason.
Every fad his a shelf-life. I'm hoping that man-made climate alarmism is starting to go stale and may soon have to be removed from sale. But only the public can make that decision.

Doug Longmire said...

Excellent article. you have summed it up very well.
It has been a scam all along. A series of apocalyptic dire predictions that simply never eventuated.
It's easy to pick out an example... remember the prediction that there would be 50 million climate refugees by the early 21st century. The IPCC published a world map, showing where these refugees would come from.
When NO refugees ever occurred, The map was taken down in embarrassment, but I have a copy.

Terry Morrissey said...

May they be hoist by their own petard.
Before James Shaw goes to Glascow he should read Totalitaria pages 138 to 163 at least to realise what a crock he is representing. In fact he should read the whole book and find out what Helen and Jacinda's mates are up to with their cunning little treatys with concealed provisions,laws and penalties.Could be that he already knows and is complicit.I would not be at all surprised. The greens are also socialist.
It is strange that there is so much conflicting information on climate change available but certainly not in any form of media.

Doug Longmire said...

It seems like a bad joke now, but from the Guardian, 2005 :-

50m environmental refugees by end of decade, UN warns

· States urged to prepare for victims of climate change
· Natural disasters displace more people than wars
David Adam, environment correspondent
Wed 12 Oct 2005 14.32 BST

Rising sea levels, desertification and shrinking freshwater supplies will create up to 50 million environmental refugees by the end of the decade, [ i.e. by 2010] experts warn today. Janos Bogardi, director of the Institute for Environment and Human Security at the United Nations University in Bonn, said creeping environmental deterioration already displaced up to 10 million people a year, and the situation would get worse.

Allan said...

Climate Alarmism. All part of the Marxist strategy of, "Keep the population frightened, & we will be the heroes for solving a non-existent problem".
It will be the reason a now indoctrinated generation will vote Green, to keep the Left in power. Worked perfectly for Jacinda when she convinced a gullible public that she had saved all their lives when the Wuhan Flu turned up.
So expect more false theory to be banded about after the Glasgow meeting. 2050 seems to be the date we are meant to be afraid of now.

Anonymous said...

The population of the world in 1920 was around 1.8 billion persons, we are currently at approx 7.9 billion persons worldwide, would it not be prudent to think that the demand on the worlds resources for food,electricity,fuels,etc would be the starting point on this subject. Yes the world is facing problems It would be better to start from the cause and working from there, you will never solve a problem starting in the middle. It is not a nice thought but perhaps covid is trying to give the planet a helping hand