Monday, October 18, 2021

John Porter: An Open Letter to the Prime Minister

Dear Prime Minister,

I am writing on behalf of, what I believe to be, many, many thousands of concerned New Zealanders.

New Zealanders who now feel disenchanted, disenfranchised and apprehensive about where your government is leading New Zealand.

In New Zealand we are so fortunate to live in a country where we can enjoy not only quality of life but also equality of life.

Sadly, we now consider that quality of life and, most definitely, equality of life is under serious threat.

So many New Zealanders have parents and grandparents’ who went to war so our and future generations could live in a democracy, live in a country where free speech played an important role and live in a country free from ethnic and religious division.

The insidious agenda from your government to install a socio-political doctrine based on separatism has no place in New Zealand society.

To divide and separate the people of our country by race is by its own words racist and has no part in the future of New Zealand.

Since you formed a coalition government in 2017 with NZ First you have made a number statements that relate to equality in New Zealand.

·       2017- This will be a government of inclusion…

·       2017 - When our forebears signed the Treaty of Waitangi more than 170 years ago they did so in a spirit of cooperation…

·       2018 - We must be a government that is transparent, and open about the big challenges we must all tackle together…

·       2020 - I can promise you we will be a party which governs for every New Zealander.

Transparency, inclusion and governing for all now seems to be completely disregarded.

So much of government strategy seems to rely on subterfuge and obfuscation. It is as if your government feels we, the public, do not need to know what you want to achieve. The general public are seen as a nuisance. There is no transparency, no public discussions. It is in itself a hidden agenda.

We see respected members of the business community suggesting you seriously consider “going to the bench.”

We saw, back in July, thousands of rural residents, under the Groundswell banner, make their feelings clearly known where an estimated 60,000 individuals drove tractors, vans and utes in the “Howl of a Protest.”

It is noteworthy to see you, as Prime Minister, have refused to release information and ministerial communication you have regarding Groundswell NZ. Certainly no transparency there!

Surely, those two actions, just on their own, must be waving red flags for your caucus?

We accept that the plight of some New Zealanders, in a variety of economic and social areas, is at a level that is well below all of our expectations. But surely it is the task of your ministers to somehow address that without antagonising most of the rest of the country? Take the populace with you! Why is there a need to implement legislation based on race?

Prime Minister, it is time for you to listen and it is time for transparency and honesty.

Listen to the majority of New Zealanders who love New Zealand, New Zealanders who do not want to see the fabric of this great country torn apart by Identity Politics, the Politics of Race or an agenda of separatism. To continue on that path will surely dispatch race relations in New Zealand so far backwards, possibly to a situation beyond repair.

The time has come for transparency and honesty.

We need you to be transparent and totally honest about race relations.

We need you to be transparent and totally honest about how you and your Maori caucus want to progress further Māori development.

We need you to be transparent and totally honest about what further changes are envisioned for greater Iwi input and control of Crown Land and Crown Entities.

We need you to be totally honest and invalidate separatism.

Yours Sincerely, 
John K. Porter.

John Porter is a citizen, deeply concerned about the loss of democracy and the insidious promotion of separatism by our current government.


Janine said...

I honestly don't believe many people realise how deeply these socialist/ communist ideals are entrenched in the PMs thinking. So many people are beseeching her to restore equality and justice for all. My observation is everybody is simply wasting their time. She takes notice of only a few like- minded people.

The only way out of this is for the people to say enough is enough. The opposition parties don't firmly believe we are all equal. If they did they would be speaking out much more strongly. One has to wonder why they are so timid. They won't even commit to repealing all this divisive legislation. They do make a few mumbled words of dissatisfaction now and again but it isn't nearly enough.

We need to have checks and balances in the future so governing parties can't just override their political promises. The promises that get them elected in the first place.

Terry Morrissey said...

“We need you to be transparent and totally honest.”
Good luck with that John. I absolutely agree with your observations of their performances, but I would rather they held an election to get a mandate to carry out their separatist agenda. Problem solved.
By the way to which planet did you address the letter? She obviously isn’t on this one.

maic said...

Good for you, John. You speak for many thousands of citizens very unhappy with the policies and attitudes of the current government.
And where are the voices of the so called grass roots back bench Labour MPs?
You must now that many of your constituents are unhappy with race based division and preference for some groups. Why are you not speaking up for ALL your constituents? Be silent now but face a day of reckoning later.
As Janice touches on, citizens need a counterbalancing force to apply when a government tries to ram through unmandated policies.
Swiss citizens have Direct Democracy and I would like to see it adopted here.
Imagine the shrieking of the radical and busy body groups if we had a system where a citizen majority actually called the shots!
Right now our options are limited but I suggest that my fellow citizens look long and hard at the politicians offering themselves for office next election. I suggest we need men and women of competence and integrity who will put the welfare of of the country before Party and before themselves.
Once upon a time there seemed to be general agreement on principles of democracy even if there was disagreement on how these would be implemented.
Now the climate in government assumes, tolerates and promotes racial preference with consequent division, anger and resentment.
It's up to us to change this - no one else is going to do it for us!

Anonymous said...

Well said but sadly unlikely to have much impact. We are really suffering from a lack of investigative journalists able to make these insidious moves more widely known and discusseddont expect MSM to bite the hand that feeds them from the $55m bribe.

John Porter said...

Thanks for the positive comments.
It is noteworthy that I sent the letter to the PM, Grant Robertson, Judith Collins, David Seymour, Luke Malpass(Sunday Star Times) & Clair Trevett(NZ Herals) & none have replied.

Basil Walker said...

I note you use the word honesty, however a deluded government and PM probably honestly think their separatism and racism is honest . We require truthfulness and the requirement of the Courts where it it the whole truth and nothing but the truth that is the benchmark.

5th generation Kiwi said...

Great letter but do you really expect Cindy or her woke Government to read it. As Cindy might say "I've bin too busy to read letters from Nu Zillanders" After all leading a team of 5 million, and being kind must be exhausting!

Peter said...

Well expressed John. Is it really just 1000s who are disgusted? More like millions. Just sad that there is not opposition enough to kick back at those grinning pearly whites.

Unknown said...

Very well written piece, John. The comments are very noteworthy too, but I share the opinion that nobody is listening, and that includes the opposition parties. It seems that once a MP enters parliament, some foreign dictate takes over, and they quickly turn to running the show like it is their personal fiefdom. Everyone is parliament is still on full salary, seemingly totally unaffected by this Covid crisis, while livelihoods have been destroyed and business are going broke. I honestly hope that none of the 120 MPs return to parliament the next time around, and we can elect a bunch of people who will go back to first principles, and put some checks and balances in place to stop this draconian over-reach. You might have more success next time by passing the hat around to collect money for some hearing aids, even though we know the real problem is over-inflated egos.