Monday, October 25, 2021

Clive Bibby: Models and Control

To some extent, Charles Darwin’s “Origin of the Species”, the IPCC’s doctrine blaming human activity for the current cycle of climate change and modern epidemiologist’s theories about the origin of the Delta variant all enjoy their status and self proclaimed authority based on a unanimity, promoting links (as yet unproven) that are at best debatable - at worst pure fantasy. 

The last two of these theories are supported almost entirely by models that plot the potential damage caused by these modern threats to human survival. 

The evidence gleaned from these models are then used by governments in desperate need of answers to justify the introduction of draconian measures to control a restless population. They manipulate the populace, craftily playing on a fear of the unknown.


Unfortunately for the politicians, history shows that the public have very short tolerance levels when asked to “trust us, we know what we are doing !” 

They want answers to their questions, and are not prepared to be fobbed off in a condescending manner indefinitely - especially when the modeller’s predictions they use are miles off the mark and we are forced back to the drawing board. 

We have reached that stage where the wheels are about to come off and the authorities have only got themselves to blame. 

The reason why it has come to this is mainly because the theories presented as credible evidence are often based on unreliable data that changes as regularly as the scientists change their minds on potential outcomes. 

What happened to the predictions of doom promoted by the ex US Vice President Al Gore or the similar cries that “it will be all over” even with universal compliance to a world agreement on greenhouse gas reductions from other high profile false prophets. In this country, we are being asked to cut our own throats economically in a misguided attempt at making a disproportionate contribution to saving the planet. It is farcical and would be the joke of the century if it wasn’t so damned serious. 

The modellers advising governments lack credibility as much as anything because they are fixated on a narrow focus of what might happen to a society where every sector is being asked to share the burden of pain and hardship. 

Remember the PM’s oft quoted reference to the “team of five million” or “we are all in this together”. 

Those rallying calls were never going to work because they are both based on a lie but she uses them anyway. 

In fact there is only one sector that would benefit from the measures imposed in mitigation and unfortunately it is not the one that is charged with keeping the economy in good shape while all this mayhem continues. For those employed by the state or its agencies, the lockdowns and un-mandated decrees are merely an inconvenience. Not so for those who must try and save what is left of once profitable businesses or watch as their herds are slaughtered. 

 I will be interested to see the figures for suicides and bankruptcies once we return to some form of normalcy. I’m picking that those avoidable casualties will far outnumber the few deaths caused by the virus. 

Our once leading contributor in the generation of overseas funds - the tourist industry, is on its knees and the small business sector (the lifeblood of any economy) is on life support. Yet we are still being led by this bunch of pointy heads who understand little about the real consequences of their unchallenged recommendations. 

Well, l’ve got news for them. 

New Zealanders (those who care enough) are about to revolt and it won’t be a pretty sight. The days of false promises are over. 

Clive Bibby is a commentator, consultant, farmer and community leader, who lives in Tolaga Bay. 


Ian P said...

If they ever rebuild the Beehive an appropriate design would be somethink (as our leader would say) along the lines of a goldfish bowl.

Terry M said...

You aint seen nothing yet Clive.
I read that “a draft of the proposed 2009 Copenhagen Climate Treaty was discovered that specifically had the signatory States agreeing to set up a new world” government” to administer climate laws. This “Government” was to be financed by a levy of 0.7%of GDP of developed countries which at a GDP of around $282 billion would mean that New Zealand is contributing close to $2 billion in taxpayers’ money for a UN rort.
The Treaty also proposed taxes on bank transactions, Levies on CO2 emissions, taxes on carbon-intensive products and services, shares of proceeds on the clean development mechanism, levies on international transactions and fines for non-compliance with commitments to the Kyoto Protocol.
Remember, under the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties, if governments had signed off on this deal at Copenhagen and then ratified it in their parliaments, as is the usual process, it would be binding and irreversible on all their citizens for all time.”
Remember Peter Sharples?
And this government is letting James Shaw anywhere near the Glasgow conference?
“The modellers advising governments lack credibility as much as anything because they are fixated on a narrow focus of what might happen to a society where every sector is being asked to share the burden of pain and hardship.”

Remember her words,” We will continue to be your sole source of truth. “ and “unless you hear it from us it is not the truth.” PM Jacinda Ardern 19 March 2020. NZ Herald

Lesley Stephenson said...

Exactly! I never want to hear the words 'to keep everybody safe' again.

Allan said...

All part of the Globalist Agenda 2030. You will own nothing, & you will be happy. Recipe to implement. Destroy privately owned small business, by closing the country down using the Wuhan Flu as an excuse. Then force the productive sector out of business using compliance regulations, in the name of climate change. Now that those who were prepared to work, are no longer able to work, give them the same benefit as those who were never prepared to work in the first place, and according to the Marxists in charge, we have utopia.
All service & food providers will be the multi national corporates, who own the world now any way.
I saw an article recently, written by Russian Leader Putin. He asked, "Why is the Western world going down the exact same path as did the Soviet Union in 1917 ?