Sunday, October 31, 2021

John Porter: Who Is Really the Prime Minister of New Zealand?

As New Zealand, seemingly all too quickly, is rushed into a separatist state by the insidious thrust of Maori control of the country’s administration and infrastructure one has to ask, who really is the prime minister of New Zealand?

Now before those who are immediately rushing to pin the racist tag on me, let me say this. I, like the majority of New Zealanders are in no way opposed to Maori engagement, or even control, in any sector of our society, be it local or national government but surely that must be on an equal basis to the rest of us. Anything less than equal rights is simply unacceptable.

Creating separatism for political motives is undeniably abhorrent to New Zealanders. This must stop!

So just who is running this country?

We all know our titular leader is Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.

This is the Jacinda Ardern, the former head of the International Union of Socialist Youth. Ardern who at the IUSY festival in Hungary, July 2009, famously used the word comrade 17 times in 5 minutes,

This is the Jacinda Ardern, who describes herself as a social democrat. (Social Democracy involves a commitment to representative and participatory democracy, measures for income redistribution, regulation of the economy in the general interest, and social-welfare provisions. It is characterized by a commitment to policies aimed at curbing inequality and eliminating oppression of underprivileged groups.)

This is the Jacinda Ardern, who claimed her government would end New Zealand’s housing crisis, child poverty, and social inequality.

This is the Jacinda Ardern of the empathetic face and headscarf, who garnered world attention post the terrorist attack on the Christchurch Mosque,

This is the Jacinda Ardern who, in 2018, said she would head the most open and transparent government in New Zealand history,

This is the Jacinda Ardern who leads a government, about whom the Herald reported in May 2019, that “An influential United States Congress hearing has been told ‘one of the major fundraisers for Jacinda Ardern's party’ is linked to the Chinese Communist Party and it showed China had penetrated New Zealand's political networks.”

This is the Jacinda Ardern, who in 2020, said she would govern for all New Zealanders New Zealand.

This is the Jacinda Ardern, who in 2020, was lauded for her handling of the “go hard and go early” lockdown.

This is the Jacinda Ardern, who led a government who then stumbled and lurched their way to contracting supply of the Covid 19 vaccine.

This is the Jacinda Ardern, who led a government who then showed absolutely nil regard or urgency for a smooth, agile and well-planned vaccine roll out,

This is the Jacinda Ardern, who has spent so much time, hand wringing on the “pulpit of truth,” which now most are finding it is anything but.

This is the Jacinda Ardern, who leads a government that created the Public Interest Journalism Fund. Most would call it paid propaganda,

This is the Jacinda Ardern, who leads a government who possess an insidious agenda to install a socio-political doctrine based on separatism.

So surely it is not just her social democracy ideals that are driving the separatism in New Zealand?

Is it the Labour Government’s Maori Caucus who are so strong within the general caucus they are forcing this change? If so, who is the driving force in the Maori Caucus?

Kelvin Davis, Deputy Leader of the Labour Party since 2017?

But what is not widely known is that, in 2018, Kelvin Davis held 20 hui in centres across the country and held 12 smaller focus group hui with Maori as the plans were coming together for the Office of Maori-Crown relations. Iwi leaders had a strong say in the development of that new department, which has been driving the ‘partnership’ agenda within the public sector.

From Kelvin’s subsequent report to government, six key themes emerged. To me, the most noteworthy is PARTNERSHIP.

So, is Kelvin the architect of the Partnership fallacy?

A line from Kelvin’s report reads “…. the Crown/Māori relationship is underpinned and guided by the Treaty of Waitangi, which set up a partnership of equals.” Further “… the partnership needs to be honoured by the Crown.” And more “… it also means not treating Māori as stakeholders…”

Interestingly the report also stated “…the Crown needs to ensure all New Zealanders are brought into the Crown/Māori relationship if it is to be successful.

All New Zealanders are certainly not being brought into Crown/Māori relationship moves by this government.

So, is Kelvin the driving force in the Maori caucus?

Unlikely. Remember Kelvin’s meltdowns when being interviewed by Duncan Garner, pre the 2017 election. Hardly the performances of a “strongman.”

Could it be Willie Jackson? Recently described by Michael Basset as “one-cylinder motor-mouth, who made little sense on Q and A even with prompting from outside through earplugs”.

Prompting through ear plugs! What have so called politicians descended to?

Well, they do say we get the politicians we deserve.

Willie Jackson who seemingly did a very good job of running the campaign for the Maori seats in the 2017 election, pointed out, “We’ll get to the foreshore and seabed and other stuff but those are not priorities for us – don’t talk about tino rangatiratanga or foreshore and seabed when you’ve got families sleeping in cars.”

Well, it undoubtedly looks like the priorities have done a 180 degree turn! We have many, many more homeless and while probably not sleeping in cars, they are, by way of government funding, keeping numerous motel owners in business - but Maori interests and Maori control are very much to the forefront.

Nanaia Mahuta? Could she be the power behind the throne? As the daughter of the late Sir Robert Mahuta, she certainly has the lineage. First entering parliament through her list ranking of 8 in the 1996 elections, she has the experience.

She is the politician with whom the He Puapua report has been firmly held, firstly hidden but is now being given excessive impetus.

She is also the government face of 3 Waters. This blatant grab for the control of fresh water in New Zealand has been slammed by mayors as “propaganda”, “condescending”, “a slap in the face” and “ill-timed, ill-informed and ill-mannered”.

“Nanaia Mahuta’s performance in Parliament today has shown any spirit of partnership she may have feigned with councils is well and truly gone and the Three Waters Reforms will be rammed through at any cost”, National’s Local Government spokesperson Christopher Luxon stated in September.

3 Waters could be a very serious political mistake. Mahuta seems to think she is unstoppable on this issue; That this was going to happen whether councils or their constituents liked or not.

It could turn out to be a spectacular failure.

It could turn out the be the pivotal point at which opposition to the government’s separatist agenda develops a large physical presence.

Could it actually be there is another entity that is able manipulate a weak or compliant government?

Do Maori incorporation leaders, Maori academics and Maori activists see themselves as having a great chance of seizing a huge amount of power and influence with the connivance of our current government?

They are firmly embedded in positions of influence in government departments, thus giving themselves the ability to push separatist agendas and radical treaty theories?

Whoever is driving the separatist agenda, the agenda that at its climax would see New Zealand governed by two governments, one for Maori and one for the rest, but both under a tribal monitoring body, may be of little importance.

Maori sovereignty is well underway, is being carefully enmeshed in legislature and this has been set in motion by or with the collusion of the Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern.

The majority of New Zealanders are being stripped of their sovereignty and it is unbelievable that so much of the population are unaware of what is happening.

New Zealanders are rapidly losing their freedom and sovereignty. Separatist legislation must cease.

We can all pat ourselves on our collective backs as we fruitlessly attempt to get Letters to the Editor published, or as we read blogs with resultant ire and frustration, or sit around a table at the local over a few drinks, complain and whinge.

But what are we doing to actually to say enough is enough, take race out of the equation?

John Porter is deeply concerned about the loss of democracy and the insidious promotion of separatism by our current government. 


Don said...

Jacinda is a very intelligent and capable woman whose image as leader of our country in troubled times cannot be faulted. She is also intensely ambitious and my reading of her present performance is that her premiership she sees as a stepping stone to the international stage where she has her eye on a UN leadership position. Her Maorification drive for our country will win her many brownie points in UN circles as will her gift for expressing empathy in tragic circumstances.

DeeM said...

Who is really the PM of NZ? - I think the obvious answer is the correct one. Ardern.
She appointed her cabinet so she put the Maori ministers in positions of power.
She fully supports UNDRIP. In fact, she fully supports anything with the letters UN in it....UN democratic, UNfair, UNrepresentative.

She is Labour's trump card and she knows it. If JA resigned tomorrow Labour's opinion poll ratings would head south.
Her unassailable position allows her to call the shots. She clearly approves of the pro-Maori, separatist agenda and uses her ministers to promote it.

Kiwialan said...

The groundswell protest will be an ideal opportunity for 3 waters theft and all the rest of the Maori crap we want to demonstrate against. If groups can communicate and coordinate to show a united front against this woke bunch of losers trying to run the Country. Kiwialan.

Janine said...

I think most of us tolerated the endless treaty settlements but have now "had enough". Three Waters is the final straw for many.

My question is " Why have all politicians of all parties over the years not seen how blatantly unfair this pandering to Maori appears to non-Maori ?
They are treating the rest of us with disdain.

Oh, that's right, the rest of us are either too stupid or too " nice" to question their policies.

I cannot understand how any thinking person in government can honestly expect their citizens to embrace the idea that water, which comes from the sky, can belong to any one particular group. Its frankly idiotic.

Jacinda Ardern is definitely the driving force as she is an ideologue. The others see this as a great opportunity I suspect.

Terry Morrissey said...

John your description of the titular head of our government sounds not unlike a chameleon, which I would say was appropriate. Changes her colour to suit the situation. Also is inclined to hiss and bite when upset.

Kelvin Davis as a leading force? That’s the Kelvin Davis that should be given a medal for bravery under fire for the Waikeria Riot?
Must have been wearing cam gear because he wasn’t to be seen. Six days it took to get control with him as minister. It took 33 hours to get the Mt Eden prisoners to surrender and there were troops with live rounds to ensure there was control. I know, I was there. No bloody Maori MP would have poked his nose in there.
Minister in charge of Oranga Tamariki where they send in the heavies to try to influence a court ruling? No, I can’t see Kelvin controlling much.

Willie Jackson? Qualifies as a Maori MP in as much as they must be able to read or write but not necessarily both. They did not after all have a written language until oppressed by colonialism. Obviously good at suppressing He Puapua so I don’t think Winston would trust him. Conducts huis with iwi over He Puapua but doesn’t tell anybody what is discussed. So no, I wouldn’t trust him either.

Nanaia Mahuta? Past Maori activist, Maori King’s cuzzy, must be able to read because when asked a question in the House she always reads the answer from a paper. Whether she writes it is another question. Answers to questions do not seem to vary a great deal. Just flick the switch and out comes what the spin doctors have told her to say. Dangerous? Yes. But I think he has shit in her own nest with the Three Waters debacle.
So, John I would say it is mainly the PM to blame, with her ambitions to follow the UN Agenda 21 (Sustainable Development), UNDRIP, climate fearmongering, and maybe get a job there when she loses this one at the next election, or before, hopefully.

Anonymous said...

Look no further than the iwi leaders collective to see who is pulling the strings. Mahuta is their conduit into Cabinet, and she has the influence of the Maori Caucus, who is driving the agenda. Three Waters is primarily about passing control to iwi organisations. Maori wards will be dominated by those nominated by iwi organisations, and their aim is 50% of the council seats, which Mahuta will deliver.

Pete said...

I quite agree with your descriptions as to our esteemed politicians in power . When asked , what are we , the people doing about it ? There is little pockets of dissent . One of the more prominent actions , has gone unreported by news organisations : that of the " seceding " of the Timaru City Council from central govt ! TV , radio and newspapers seemed to have missed that announcement . Other little actions worth noting , was the " Tractor Parade " throughout the country . The other "soft" announcement was the dissenting 60 odd District Councils refusing to join the 3 Waters bulldozer ! Of recent note , the meetings in Aucklands Domain protesting vaccinations . 5000 the other day ! Originally organised by a maori activist , John Tamihere ! Now THAT tells us something . Is Tamihere really a democratic supporter ? He is an outspoken anti colonialist . His ability to garner support amongst his followers , ree3ks of John Minto days .I suppose we are all waiting for our democratically based leaders , such as Federated Farmers , the Taxpayers Union , Fonterra , Zespri , etc etc to state some form of support for democracy and dissent with the present form of govt intentions . Mainly because their members will be adversely affected . Just moments ago , I read where the Maori Council are calling for a boycott of Pak n Save and New World because those retailers are changing their suppliers of fish products from SEALORDS to others . Sealords , who brought in 267 Russian seaman to man their fish boats : not hiring locals because they didn't speak Russian . Sealords , 50% owned by 39 IWI , who are charitable organisations and pay no tax , the other 50% owned by a Japanese company . Why would we support Sealords to begin with ? Most of their products are sent overseas anyway . It is another sign of our stupidity in our desire to appease an ethnic group with guilt settlements . We are the masters of our own downfall !

Anonymous said...

Hi, This Labour Government and all the public servants are just proxies for the one world order.

Unknown said...

Heather Simpson?

Lesley Stephenson said...

Those of us who read this column are proactive about what is happening in politics. Most unfortunately are not and do nothing until something impacts upon them personally.
I guess all we can do is attend and support demos taking place now and again. All quite hard with police road blocks going on.

Geoffrey said...

Frequently now, we hear of the “New Maori Elite” who are supposed to be exercising power on behalf of Maori, via the tribal custom of being pushed forward to lead. Who are these people? Other than their skill in being available to be so pushed, what qualifications do they possess that enables them to undertake the task? Over the years, many tribal leaders have succumbed to the temptation of silk undies and questionable use of the enormous funds available. Is the current group innocent of such behaviour? Who are they? What are their names? What is their net worth and how was it acquired? Where and when do they meet? How are their deliberations promulgated?
In short, I think this “Shadow Cabinet” needs to be drawn into the light of day.