Thursday, October 21, 2021

Ross Meurant: Perils of Abandoning Philosophy

National’s decision to support Labour’s left-wing policies (1) is tantamount to abandoning a long-standing core National Party philosophy: “Reap the Rewards of your Efforts and Enterprise”.

Judith Collins now emerges as a prime candidate to lead a new party which advocates equality, not of ethnicity (for maori are now being accorded special rights which Collins does not appear to dispute), but predicated on tangible assets.

Until now, tangible assets have invariably been a reflection of how hard an individual has applied themselves to study, work and prudent behaviour.  The accumulation of asset wealth has been the, “reaped reward”.

This is a philosophical difference between National and Labour. Individual v communal.

Judith Collins justification for supporting policy which undermines this philosophy could see lower paid New Zealanders ended up living next to high achievers in example, Remuera.

The incentive for enterprising energetic young people to work hard to achieve, "class status", is threatened. The potential for property values to plummet, is axiomatic.

The fact that Judith Collins chooses to live in St Heliers and not her electorate of Papakura, suggests to me that she has either a penchant for neighbours with values to which she aspires or to own property where values are solid gold. 

Condemn property values as many may; property nevertheless underpins borrowing which leads to spending which leads to creating employment which leads to more taxation paid to government which leads to better public health care and welfare payments which satiates the haemorrhaging humanists demand for better outcomes for the under achiever.

It's not only property values which create a distinction between categories of New Zealanders.

There is a difference between us.  They who do want to climb the ladder and they who are content to languish - often on welfare payments funded by the taxation of they who work hard.

The Employment Contracts Act National introduced while I was an MP (and member of the government administration committee chaired by Hon Sir Bill Birch), specifically set about to recognise the difference between the work ethic of individuals.

Individual contracts replaced collective bargaining, which meant that the best workers were no longer paid the same as the worst workers.

Collective bargaining had also elevated Unions to position of such power that they stopped construction of the Mangare Bridge, ANZ building in Wellington, Marsden Point Oil refinery and central region forestry projects.

Adopting a philosophy of lowest common denominator rather than the highest common dominator, is inconsistent with its core philosophy and a massive mis-step by National – in my opinion.



Ross Meurant, graduate in politics both at university and as a Member of Parliament; formerly police inspector in charge of Auckland spies; currently Honorary Consul for an African state’ Trustee and CEO of Russian owned commercial assets in New Zealand and has international business interests.


Clifford J said...

Interesting proposition Ross, however you may have overlooked a couple of motives here.
First Judith clearly needs a "circuit breaker" to get some poll movement, housing is the real crisis of the moment (not covid) so "if I make a move here on housing and hold Jacinda's hand on the podium of truth with a bipartisan proposition some of the pixie dust will settle on me and my star will rise"

Now by entering this bipartisan housing policy, Housing is now OFF THE AGENDA FOR NATIONAL
In doing so National has negated it's biggest gun, Nicola Willis with out doubt in my mind Nationals most effective MP, a likely challenger for the leadership and a Candidate that would potentially suck John Key's Liberal Women back from Labour and cut the ground out from under Jacinda.
Was this the motive? negating Nicola Willis.

Philosophy was clearly never part of the decision, it had to be for mercenary motives.

Unknown said...

Hard work is not always rewarded. As a Police employee of 36 years, firstly as a typist, now a transcription officer, our work group was for my 1st 15 years on Band A, the lowest band in the whole organisation, equivalent to the cafeteria staff, but with a far greater skill set for the type of work involved, including serious crime and deadlines to be met. It took another 20 years to be moved to Band B, and only last year moved to Band C, due to the dedication of one supervisor. However I doubt anyone would be employed on Band A now as it's probably below the minimum wage. The role of transcription officers is very important for prosecutions going through the court system. Many of my colleagues also have equally long service which receives commendation, however not necessarily reflected in our pay packet. Firearms Vettors didn't receive an increase in their wages for more than 10 years due to the fact they were employed on contact. Another very important role. In my length of service many hours worked overtime, without remuneration which is a reflection of the conscientiousness of our workgroup.

Allan said...

As an intelligent young man, I thought you would have worked out some time ago Ross, that National bat for the same team as Labour. Wearing a different coloured shirt is the only Major difference now.
It was National who signed the Paris accord on the CLIMATE CHANGE SCAM. It was National who signed U.N.D.R.I.P. All tools of The GLOBALIST AGENDA Left.
Thinking people, & there are a few, are now looking for an alternative. That is why National are polling so pathetically low. When Sid Holland founded the 'Party' in 1936, it was to counter Communism. Now, as you point out, they are supporting it. Time to throw 'the now' National Party out with the trash, where it belongs..