Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Hugh Perrett: Distorted governance perspective

Prime Minister I believe I am speaking for the vast majority of New Zealanders (90percent plus)  in expressing  major concern at the seriously out of balance governance perspective your Government is continuing to pursue in line with your hugely distorted ideological bias, as reflected in your Maorification agendas. 

This distortion clearly reflects the lack of balance in your caucus in favour of its Maori activist members. 

It seems clear that this strongly out of balance bias reflects a deliberate structuring to pursue an ideological obsession favouring your Maori activist caucus members and their personal ambitions for self-enrichment, power and control - observably all strongly endorsed and supported by you. 

These Maorification agendas embrace a strategy and related range of objectives, all of which are potentially totally destructive of our New Zealand society - divisively separatist; deliberately destructive of our democratic system and totally unacceptable to probably 90percent plus of New Zealanders. 

The deliberate and totally dishonest re-interpretation of the Treaty of Waitangi for solely political and activist self-interest goals is not acceptable; the totally dishonest, distorting and deliberately misleading re-inventing of our history for solely political purposes is not acceptable ( history has already happened, is actual / factual and can’t be re-lived); the proposed mandatory teaching and learning of Maori language (a limited language  with no utility) in our schools, for intended short and long term strategic political control purposes, is not acceptable. 

3 Waters is an obvious “play” to give Maori (activists particularly, but notionally, all Maori) control of our water resources and assets. 

It too is totally unacceptable. All these, and other, deliberately contrived plans to change New Zealand’s governance to give Maori effective control of our country are TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE. It is hard to believe  it is even being attempted — but it is. STOP NOW — IMMEDIATELY. 

We will be NOT tolerate what you are looking to achieve. We will NOT accept any system by which probably less than 1 or 2 percent of the population (notionally 15 percent — Maori) RULE the rest of us — 90percent plus. We WON'T put up with apartheid. 

IT IS TIME FOR  YOU and YOUR TOTALLY SELF-INTEREST ACTIVISTS-DRIVEN  CAUCUS to start governing for ALL NEW ZEALANDERS, NOT JUST FOR YOURSELVES. WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH of you and your activist colleagues’ “totally-lacking-in-perspective ideology.

Hugh Perrett, a member of the New Zealand Business Hall of Fame, is the former managing director of Foodstuffs and founder of the Pak n' Save discount grocery chain


Anonymous said...

Well said we just need her to care and a bit more spine in the MSM to get the information out and in to the open

DeeM said...

A very strong letter Hugh...but letters are completely ineffectual. So is appealing to Ardern's better nature or assumed sense of fairness and reason.
We're dealing with an ideologue here who believes that what she is doing is for the "greater good".

Only one thing stops runaway governments like this. Mass public protest and action. Or, if most of us can't be bothered with that, voting sensibly at the next election. But I wouldn't put it past our current lot to change the electoral rules as much as they can to tip things in their favour come 2023. If they manage to get in again then getting them out 3-4 years after that may be nigh impossible.

Kiwialan said...

100% agree with the views written here. I am 70 years old, born in Christchurch, my father and grandfather born in Lyttelton, dad fought in Egypt and the Pacific plus my cousins in Korea to protect our freedoms. Now this Marxist racist government is trying to alienate me because I don't have a drop or 2 of maori blood. I have always voted National but feel betrayed that they haven't stood up to this rabble of woke apologists corrupting our Country. How do we get together to stop the madness? The next election will be too late I think. Kiwialan.

Janine said...

It is said " the pen is mightier than the sword". With regards to this PM I doubt whether any amount of letters will have an impact.I have read of a fair few being written to her with very little, if any, response. So in this case the pen is having no influence unfortunately.

We must now assume she will not deviate from her course.

Anna Mouse said...

Sadly Hugh your sentiments albeit correct will be completely ignored. Ideologues never, ever back away from their dogma. History is scattered with rabid ideolgues that are forced from power not written out.

Maybe New Zealanders need to stand up with the collective of the Groundswell team as they are already in existence and have a similar view. They too are concerned New Zealanders and if urban folk combined then the narrative may change within the media.

Once that occurs maybe then the POLLING will swing away from sloganistic sycophanticism we see in the media and as Labours numbers tumble so will the calls become greater for their exposure as being the most un-transparent, un-democratic and seperatised apartheidist regime New Zealand has ever had the displeasure of having in power.

Terry Morrissey said...

Great to see Judith Collins announcing today that a National Government will return seized water assets if Labour continues with the 3 Waters debacle. That's a start, now let’s see them do the same with the Maori Health Board, He Puapua, local body electorates, school history curricula and all the other race-based legislation the government is working to push through. If they do, I’m sure they will get plenty of support. If Act also supports National in those intentions, I’d say the next election “is all over Rover.”
What National and Act need to do now is leave Covid alone, the govt has already screwed that and everybody knows it, and get back to all the other failures, corruption, unfulfilled promises, and general dishonesty. People are starting to wake up.

Gary said...

Unfortunately the snowball is halfway down the hill and gathering speed rapidly!

Dr Hanif Quazi said...

The bottom line for us is peace, harmony and prosperity of the New Zealand society as a whole. Insular policies will create resentment and unwarranted tension amongst us, that must be sniped in the bud.

Cameron Hunter said...

Mr Perritt's claim that our country is controlled by Maori activists is, at best, irrational. Of the current 70 portfolios, Maori hold Ministerial responsibility for some 17%, a ratio not inconsistent with population indices or TOW principles.
Most of these Ministries are outside Cabinet and all are subject to ultimate oversight by a Pakeha PM. Given Labour's electoral majority and that polls consistently prove her popularity, this falls someway short of the totalitarian political model Mr Perritt alleges?