Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Clive Bibby: History and the facts

Most kiwis will have missed the news from Parliament recently of the passing of a bill that supposedly brings to an end the long suffering of the Chatham Island tangata whenua - the Moriori.

But we would be fools to believe that now a settlement has been reached, we can all return to normal.

There are reasons why it is not possible in the current climate.

The settlement of claims against the Crown can only be described as breathtaking, considering the scale of its disingenuous response to legitimate grievances.

The behaviour of some Crown Ministers who had responsibilities for drawing a line under one of the darkest chapters in this country’s history can only be described as contemptuous.

Minister Willy Jackson openly recounted that it was members of his own tribe who spent the weekend in the Chathams on an orgy of rape and pillage so ferocious that it virtually wiped out the Moriori as a viable society. Sadly, they have never and will never recover.

Yet this government has the gall to claim this has been an honourable process that allows forgiveness for by far the greatest individual atrocity in the nation’s history to be bought for the modern version of thirty pieces of silver - a paltry $18 million dollars.

I wonder what old Tommy Solomon would have said about the process had he been part of the charade. I can just imagine him comparing the compensation paid to his people to that demanded by those Maori tribes and hapu who suffered similar genocidal assault - ironically not at the hand of evil pakeha but from the more powerful Iwi who saw an opportunity and wilfully exploited it to the hilt.

The only good thing about this particular settlement is that it exposes the radical elements of Maoridom and even more so, the white, liberal academics who support these revisionist crusades to claims of hypocrisy and denial of New Zealand’s true heritage.

We can only guess that this latest dismissal of real history as being of no consequence will not warrant a mention in the new history syllabus currently being prepared as the revised version of the historical record.

I can see the identical trend to extinguish parts of our history that we would be better off forgetting in the approach taken to their own school curriculum by the Chinese Communist rulers who have removed much of the record of Chairman Mao’s bloody regime and replaced it with a sanitised narrative featuring the good works of the modern Emperor- Xi Jinping.

Sound familiar!

Unfortunately, it gets worse.

Other more knowledgeable writers than myself have exposed the liberal, left academics and their destructive agenda by referring to the recent moves by that once great institution - this country’s Royal Society - to investigate a number of their most distinguished scholars, including an internationally acclaimed Maori Professor who had the temerity to challenge the preposterous notion that Maori folk law should be regarded as a Grade 1 science.

And who are the defenders of this audacious concept while promoting the prosecution of their learned colleagues?

Why, surprise, surprise - none other than two of the most high profile epidemiologist puppets who appear on our TV screens on a nightly basis justifying the continuation of our lockdowns.

Any wonder that the average Kiwi is fast running out of patience with these modern day promoters of doom and is reacting in a way that will demand a return to a society that is based on what we know to be true  - the unadulterated truth, no ifs, no buts, no maybes.

Clive Bibby is a commentator, consultant, farmer and community leader, who lives in Tolaga Bay. 


Ray S said...

No doubt the invasion of the Chathams and virtual elimination of the maoriori was beyond rational description, we have to remember that such event were the norm at the time. Also, Maori were a primitive race with canabulism and inter tribal warfare an every day event.
However, how the crown (taxpayer) came to pay compensation to maoriori
for something entirely perpetrated by Maori is beyond me.
Firstly, the event was prior to the TOW
Secondly, the crown was not involved.

No doubt the payment to Maoriori will trigger another top up payment to allready settled tribes.

Go figure

Alexandra Corbett Dekanova said...

Everybody should read Michael King's book Moriori. Exceptional people who decided to live peacefully and held on their decision even when confronted with bloodthirsty aggressors.
The tragic and burried fact is that what the aggressors did to Moriori was the normal mode of behaviour.

Ray S said...

My earlier comment re Chathams was incorrect, the invaders were Taranaki tribes, not as I stated.

Don said...

The story of pre-European Maori is a horror story. Stronger tribes invaded weaker tribes and visited wholesale massacre, rape and slavery upon them.
They even ate the bodies of their victims! The British managed to control some of this and the Maori gained peace and eventual modernisation at their hands. The nonsensical narrative being pushed by revisionists is that the Maori lived in harmony until the colonists arrived to steal their land and destroy their culture. Look forward to this outrageous viewpoint being indoctrinated into the young along with primitive spiritualism, a contrived "language" and the encouragement of a sense of shame for those of us who are not Maori. The fact that there are no Maori who do not have some colonist forebears in their inheritance seems to have been overlooked. The good will we once shared is being destroyed.

Robert Arthur said...

I am not clear why the State is compensating. Surely it is for some alleged post Treaty mistreatment, not pre Treaty actions of non colonists. if the latter surely the conquering tribe should compensate directly. By far the greatest misfortune suffered by many tribes occurred from others pre Treaty. But surely no settlements address primarily that fact. Any examples? In some cases it has proven a blessing; hugely reducing the number eligible to share in spoils of Treaty settlements and thus increasing the return per trace relative (Ngai Tahu). And enabling many tribes to claim for both lands occupied and deposed from pre Treaty.

Helen Weston said...

Ray S asks why the Crown should be paying. If one reads the background in the Deed of Settlement, it is obvious. There was no 'official' Govt presence on the Chathams until Aug 1855 when a collector of customs arrived. He quickly became aware of the condition of the Moriori. Soon after his arrival he was offered a Moriori slave, but declined. He reported to the Colonial Secretary in Oct 1855 on the enslavement of the Moriori ans asked that Bishop Selwyn might visit again and prevail upon the Maori to make a number of changes, including "To modify still more the enslaved state of the primitive inhabitants who have been debarred from marrying or having children and if possible to effect their entire freedom." (Please note that the Chathams were annexed to NZ in 1842) The Moriori wrote many letters and petitions to the Govenor and the Crown, Their pleas were mostly ignored. As the Chathams became part of NZ in 1842, why were the Moriori sill slaves in 1856. So yes, the Crown was at fault.

Russ said...

Compared to what happened during the Moriori "holocaust" Parihaka was a picnic.
A couple of suprises I discovered researching this over the years was the fact that the Taranaki tribes, who themselves had been displaced by the Waikato, upon their arrival in Wellington, set out to destroy the local Ngati Toa. Subsequently they sailed to the Chatham Is on an English sailing ship to carry out their bloodthirsty atrocities against the Moriori.
During a Land Court claim by the Moriori (my understanding is that they currently only own 4% of THEIR land) a Maori elder stated that the Maori landowners did not have to return the land because they had "conquered" and "subjucated" the Moriori.

The hypocrisy of this is a testament to the unconscionable actions of an "I want it" Maori elite.