Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Mike Hosking: The real Royal Commission into Covid will be in Sept 2023


National wants a Royal Commission into Covid.   

Well, more specifically, the Government’s lack of preparedness for Delta.   

Britian has had a review of the process. In a nutshell they started slow, finished well, the early days were a disaster but the vaccine roll out was world class.   

The Swedish are currently having a look at their response. Once again, thus far they’ve concluded they started slow but things got better.  

They are looking at their unique, no lockdown approach separately, but the current thinking is it might not have been world’s best practice.  

So, what would we find?


The answer is easy. We were a bit slow on the lock down, but not alarmingly slow.   

So that’s a good start. The rest, sadly, has been a mess.   

From PPE gear, to testing kits, to vaccine roll outs, to MIQ, to decisions that weren’t made, borders that got breached, to the current shambles we find ourselves in.   

It’s been a trail of haphazard unprofessionalism and needless economic and social damage.  

For a brief period, we shone globally, and the Government basked in it, and that was a crime in itself. Their own arrogance led them to become dangerously complacent.  

So - a Royal Commission.  Well, what for?  

To show they’re hopeless? And score points politically?  

To hope a similar series of mistakes wouldn’t happen again?  

That would be futile. In this pandemic how many reports have already been written imploring them to take action and yet no action was taken?   

We’ve still barely rolled out saliva tests yet they were urgent, allegedly, in a report released over a year ago.  

So would a Royal Commission change anything at all?  

You can see it all now. “Mistakes were made”, the line that there was no play book for Covid.   

A few more lines like “we were world leading, we followed the science”.   

It strikes me as a waste of time and a waste of money.  

The real Royal Commission will be in September of 2023.   

We call it an election.   

The only hope this Government has, of course, is memory fade. If Covid is in the rear-view mirror by the end of next year all may be forgiven.   

But as we sit here today if a government can be voted in, in record numbers, based on Covid and the fear that surrounded it a year ago, surely their ensuing handling of the following two years will be a judgement that if executed today, they would be deeply fearful of. 

Mike Hosking is a New Zealand television and radio broadcaster. He currently hosts The Mike Hosking Breakfast show on NewstalkZB on weekday mornings.


Kiwialan said...

Giving votes to 16 year old children, hundreds of millions tax payers doled out to Maori because they are "special", 3 waters giving iwi 50% control of Kiwi's water, magical huge benefit increases election year..... the lolly scramble will be never ending Mike, down the rabbit hole and chasing the fairy tales. Kiwialan.

Terry Morrissey said...

A case of:
‘I walk backwards into the future with my eyes fixed on my past’
Don't tell me that National is getting into that spiritual crap as well.
Forget about covid and concentrate on the other devious, undemocratic actions Labour are up to under cover of the covid distraction, and demand they explain from where they were given a mandate to change New Zealand from a democracy into a dictatorship.
National and Act would do a whole lot better to tell the voters how they are going to rectify all the Labour Cult cock ups.Repealing Maori Health,3 Waters,He Puapua,return democracy to local government, outlaw gangs.
Give us a little positivity.
Something to look forward to.
Under this government death by covid is almost starting to look like freedom.

Janine said...

What we need is a " Trump- like" candidate. New Zealand media are totally wrong in their reporting about Trump. We happened to be in New York in 2016. The blue collar workers loved Trump, consequently he won the election . Kiwi reporters are totally wrong on this. It's not who you like personally, you journalists. New Zealand needs a more combatative style opposition. I think a person like Ron DiSantos would be good. The media have not managed to discredit him. The media is against Trump because he circumnavigated them.

New Zealand opposition politicians have not managed to circumnavigate the media here. What about the guy who questioned Ardern yesterday? Go you good thing!

Sometimes these figures who emerge in history are totally needed by the ordinary populace to "stir things up a bit".

+AMDG+ said...

The review needs to look at the obvious Fraud in the Pfizer trial data. It cannot be ignored that 5x the number of participants were excluded from the treatment group vs the control group. Whistleblower testimony indicates that all those that had serious adverse reactions to the first jab were told they couldn't have the second jab and because this was pre-condition of remaining in the trial their data was completely excluded from final reporting. The number of cardiac adverse events in the treatment group was still 4 times higher than in the control group despite the gaming of the trial. This is all publicly available data.

In the Pfizer Paediatric trial a case of permanent paralysis after the second shot was reported in the final results "as a stomach ache." Maddie de Garay is the participants name. Her brother is still in the placebo group. Pfizer and all regulatory authorities refuse to acknowledge her existence. The Paediatric trial ended after 2 months which is far too short to monitor for even medium term adverse events. No-one was followed up after this time.