Saturday, November 13, 2021

Breaking Views Update: Week of 7.11.21

Saturday November 13, 2021 

Auckland Council achieves highest spend for Māori outcomes

Mayor Phil Goff says the report shows that Auckland Council is moving in the right direction in supporting Auckland’s Māori communities.

“Over the past financial year, Auckland Council has spent $17.6 million through its Māori Outcomes Fund—the highest level of expenditure to date.

“Council also supported 36 Māori-led COVID-19 response and recovery initiatives with $3 million in funding through our Manaaki Fund, and our Marae Infrastructure Programme has fully completed work on two marae with work underway on four others......
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No place for Tino Rangatiratanga flag beside Trump 'abomination'
Linda Munn, one of three designers of the symbol of Māori sovereignty, has hit out at protesters for hijacking the Tino Rangatiratanga flag for the so-called freedom of choice march.

“I saw our Tino Rangatiratanga flag sitting side by side with that Trump abomination,” she says. “I was quite disgusted.”
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Dames say their concerns ignored by top Family Court judge
Two Dames have taken aim at the top Family Court judge, saying she is ignoring concerns about how whānau are treated in court.

Dames Tariana Turia and Naida Glavish were among a group of five Māori leaders who sought an urgent Waitangi Tribunal hearing over the government's handling of Whānau Ora.

Shortly afterwards, they sat down with Principal Family Court Judge Jackie Moran and Chief District Court Judge Heemi Taumaunu to talk about whānau experiences in the court.

They walked away with a promise of a working relationship but have now joined a growing chorus who say the Family Court is falling short of its own standards.....
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Mōtītī water grab alarms hapū

Hapū on Mōtītī Island are angry Bay of Plenty Regional Council has granted non-notified consent for drilling an irrigation bore.

Mōtītī Rohemoana Trust says Sunchaser Investments has planted 120 hectares of avocados without consideration of the island’s limited water supply.

The consent is for the drilling and not for the water take......
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Deed of Settlement signed with Te Äkitai Waiohua - Andrew Little
The redress package includes the return of seven sites of cultural significance, financial and commercial redress valued at $9.7 million, and a wide range of other commercial, cultural and relationship redress.......
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Friday November 12, 2021 

More say for Māori voters as New Plymouth goes large 
New Plymouth Māori roll voters will get more say after councillors put five seats up for grabs ‘at large’ in next year’s election.

On Tuesday, councillors backed Te Huinga Taumatua, so Māori roll voters will now get six votes ¬– one for the Māori ward and five at large.

The trade-off is the Māori seat will be one of 15 around the table, compared with one of 13 in a smaller council.....
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An apology and $177 million in financial redress as Ngāti Maniapoto settles with the Crown
Ngāti Maniapoto has signed its Deed of Settlement with the Crown bringing and end to a 30-year process.

The settlement package included financial redress worth about $177 million.

It would provide relationship agreements with various Crown agencies, transferring 36 sites back to Maniapoto as cultural redress. The iwi would have first right to purchase Crown land in the future......
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Water reform fight against colonisation
“Councils have invariably been the last bastion of colonisation at local level. I’m not talking about all of them but in general, they’re the last ones to toe the line around treaty issues,” Mr Tomoana says.....
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Wednesday November 10, 2021 

IMSB eyes water body seats 
Auckland’s Independent Māori Statutory Board wants to see Māori have a stronger say in governance and even ownership of water assets.

Chair David Taipari says the board backs the Three Waters plan to bring fresh water, waste water and storm water infrastructure under four large regional bodies – even if Auckland Council opposes it.

He says around the country mana whenua are seeking co-governance and even co-ownership of infrastructure......
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COP26 important for indigenous communities, but 'massive' barriers to entry exist - Māori lawyer
The UN Climate Change Conference is one of the most important meetings for indigenous communities, Māori activists say.

"For us as Māori it's essential that we have all the legal principles established, putting indigenous leadership at the forefront," says climate change lawyer Alison Cole.

"We need to have proactive leadership from Māori to enable all of the lessons learned from COVID impact on Māori to come through in the climate space.....
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Whānau wants MIQ facilities to appoint Māori advisers
Whānau in managed isolation hotels say the facilities have failed to understand and acknowledge Māori points of view.

A Ngāpuhi whānau who feel isolated at an MIQ facility in Tāmaki Makaurau has spoken out against the environment in MIQ facilities, claiming there is discrimination and a lack of knowledge about Māoritanga......
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Hugh Perrett: Open letter to the Prime Minister 

Tuesday November 9, 2021 

Shelly Bay land occupation served notice to vacate within seven days 
Those occupying land at Wellington's Shelly Bay have been served a notice to vacate the whenua within seven days.

t's been occupied by Mau Whenua for almost a year. The group claims the Port Nicholson Block Settlement Trust went against the will of its own people when it sold its land for development and that the deal was done in secret.....
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Auckland school board dissolved after complaints over lack of Māori representation
The Pukekohe North School board has been dissolved, and a commissioner installed in their place, after complaints of lack of Māori representation were lodged against the board earlier this year.

It’s the latest development in a multi-year struggle between the parent community and the board, which included a petition to have the board removed handed over to the Ministry of Education in August.....
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Partnership approach will deliver harbourside path projects - Hutt City Council
Hutt City Council is working in partnership with iwi mana whenua (Taranaki Whanui ki te Upoko o te Ika, and Ngāti Toa Rangatira) to ensure that the project helps tell the story of the two Tupua - who were the creators of Te Whanganui-a-Tara Wellington Harbour in traditional narrative......
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Sunday November 7, 2021

COP26 delegate: Treaty of Waitangi offers indigenous rights precedent

Iwi representatives of the New Zealand delegation at COP26 say the Treaty of Waitangi can set a precedent for global indigenous rights.

Alison Anitawaru Cole, of South Taranaki Ngāruahine, Ngāti Ruanui, and Taranaki Whānui drafted a briefing note for the climate meeting that explains how Te Tiriti o Waitangi and the Waitangi Tribunal is a system that directly gives finance to indigenous communities to exercise kaitiakitanga......
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New course to help implement te reo Maori into practice
A NEW programme at EIT Tairawhiti offers teachers the chance to implement te reo Māori into their curriculum.

“Teachers will be exposed to a range of different resources they can use in classrooms.

“Teachers will get a better understanding of the Māori world view,.....
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Repealing act of parliament – Mark Hanson.

We don’t love you anymore Jacinda – Dr Muriel Newman. 

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Ray S said...

The three waters rort and the plans behind it come clearer every day.
The excerpt below gives some indication of what Maori think about it.

"He says around the country mana whenua are seeking co-governance and even co-ownership of infrastructure."

Ms Manuta tells us otherwise.

I have read similar comments by Maori, one such declared openly that Maori must own water infrastructure. By inference, this includes water.
Probably only potable water, not used water.

Kiwialan said...

Maori are NOT indigenous to New Zealand!!!! They are boat people just like the other groups of people who sailed here, albeit a few hundred years earlier. Australian aborigines have lived there 30,000 plus years, true indigenous tribes. This Maori indigenous bullshit and the treaty partnership lies have swamped real history and facts, when are the people of NZ going to wake up to the crap being dished up by the mainstream media? Kiwialan.