Saturday, November 27, 2021

Breaking Views Update: Week of 21.11.21

Saturday November 27, 2021 

Largest ever cohort of Māori health professionals to graduate from Otago University

The largest ever cohort of Māori health professionals is set to graduate from the University of Otago.

This comes as much welcomed news to those working to address decades of inequity.

When Bristowe started her role in 2010, there were 78 Māori students across all years in the University of Otago Medical School. Eleven years later, that number is about 290, with Māori making up about 20 per cent of all domestic medical students.....
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Work Underway On New Cambridge Police Base
The earthworks have now been completed on the joint Tainui and NZ Police project, and construction is expected to be completed by mid-2022.

In August 2020, NZ Police and Tainui Group Holdings (TGH) signed a partnership agreement to support the build of modern, sustainable, community-minded Police facilities across Waikato.

The base is the first to be developed under the partnership agreement.......
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Māori ward process ‘manipulated’ to achieve desired outcome – councillor
Two Rotorua district councillors believe the process that saw the adoption of one seat in its Māori ward was manipulated to achieve the outcome most desired by mayor Steve Chadwick.

Councillor Tania Tapsell says councillors were "restricted right off the bat" by a motion moved by fellow councillor Mercia Yates and accepted by Chadwick, which Tapsell found "unacceptable".

The motion included a foreshadowed alternative motion if the first one failed, meaning councillors could not consider other models, such as one with three seats in the Māori ward, unless it voted down both motions.....
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Don't mention the war – Karl du Fresne

Hospital services for Māori 'hostile and racist', review finds 

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Thursday November 25, 2021 

Moriori praised for dedication, patience as settlement with Crown becomes law 
The settlement for the will included an agreed account of their history, a Crown apology, and $18 million.

Minister of Māori Development Willie Jackson said it was an honour and privilege to speak as a descendant of Ngāti Tama and Ngāti Mutunga - who invaded, occupied and enslaved Moriori on the island.

"Some people might think it's not right for someone like me to speak given the mahi I do and what happened with my ancestors but I've always said and to a number of Moriori I know, some of the Solomon whānau in Māngere, that I couldn't be held responsible for the acts of some of our tupuna, some of our ancestors......
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Waitangi Tribunal to hold special hearing into govt handling of Covid-19 for Māori
he application was filed last week by the Māori Council and other leaders, who say the Covid-19 framework significantly and irreversibly prejudices Māori.

The application said an across-the-board 90-percent vaccination target disproportionately exposed Māori to life-threatening risks and that the Crown was violating its responsibility under Te Tiriti o Waitangi to provide reasonable protection to Māori......
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Iwi plans to build a green future for Murihiku
Murihiku Regeneration hope to create more than 5000 jobs in Southland in the next five to 10 years as the region transitions towards a green economy.

Programme director and Hokonui Rūnanga executive co-ordinator Terry Nicholas said it would do this through projects like the Te Tapu o Tāne native nursery, seaweed farming, new ways of using food and fibre and possibly even the world's largest hydrogen power production plant.....
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Wednesday November 24, 2021 

Derelict landbanked properties 'a travesty' in midst of housing crisis, Kawerau mayor says 
Kawerau Mayor Malcolm Campbell says it is "a travesty" that the Government has allowed landbanked houses in the district to become derelict when so many people are homeless.

The Kawerau District Council recently sent letters to local MPs, Treaty of Waitangi Negotiations Minister Andrew Little and Housing Minister Megan Woods, asking them to do something about the houses, which he says is an issue he has been battling for the past 10 years.

The Treaty Settlements Landbank provides a process for Crown-owned land that has become surplus to requirements to be held until it can become part of cultural or commercial redress in Treaty of Waitangi Settlements......
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Te Urewera closed for summer
Te Urewera Board is telling iwi members and other visitors to stay away from the area this summer.

The board closed Te Urewera when the country went into Covid alert level 4 in August, and it doesn’t intend to reopen for hunting, tramping, boating, fishing, or camping until the end of January......
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Moriori Claims Settlement Bill Passes Third Reading
The Moriori Claims Settlement Bill has passed its third reading at Parliament, marking the completion of the historical Treaty of Waitangi settlement process for Moriori.

“This is the final milestone for Moriori and the Crown and is a new beginning in our relationship,” Minister for Treaty of Waitangi Negotiations Andrew Little said.....
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Māori professor under investigation for views on mātauranga Māori 

Tuesday November 23, 2021 

Horowhenua DC leads NZ's Three Waters reform for local marae 
The Horowhenua District Council is leading New Zealand regarding the Three Waters funding investment in local Marae.

Horowhenua District Council Mayor Bernie Wanden says it's pleasing to support local mana whenua in the District and ensure they have safe drinking water. As part of the Three Waters Reform Government provided Stimulus Funding, Council allocated $520,000 towards improving water and wastewater at Marae across the Horowhenua District.

"It remains a priority for Council to ensure that water services are equitable for communities, and I am proud to say that we are the only Council using the funding to upgrade all of our local marae," says Mayor Bernie......
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Tikanga Māori must guide climate adaptation strategies for Aotearoa, new research project finds
One of the project's findings was that kōrero tuku iho – the ancestral narratives Māori once embraced for survival – and other tikanga Māori were crucial to understanding climatic changes within iwi and hapū rohe.
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New Iwi Roadblock Law: Deliberate Legislative Separatism
“Legislation passed that allows illegal iwi roadblocks to now become legal is pure legislative separatism,” says Winston Peters Leader of New Zealand First.

“Not only does it allow the government to continue their dangerous separatist agenda, it makes a mockery of the policing system in New Zealand.”

“The concept of the ‘Public Highway’ is a long standing and inalienable right for all kiwis to have freedom of movement - that right should not and cannot be taken away because of the whim of some vigilante groups who think they know better than everyone else.”.....
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Court threat give Ngāi Tahu land review role
Ngāi Tahu kaiwhakahaere Lisa Tumahai says having the iwi involved in a review of stewardship land in the South Island will make the process more robust.

Miss Tumahai says cultural practices and historical context need to be taken into account.

“We can bring in a wealth of information and knowledge that the crown-appointed panel members won’t have and that is quite significant when you are re-classifying land,” she says........
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Partnering to address acute housing need in Tai Tokerau - Te Roroa and Habitat
Te Roroa and Habitat for Humanity Northern Region have today signed a Mana Enhancing Agreement, agreeing to work together to provide long term, healthy and affordable housing solutions for Te Roroa tribal members, including whānau in the rohe of Te Roroa.

The Mana Enhancing Agreement sets out the principles by which Te Roroa and Habitat will base their ongoing relationship, creating a strong, balanced, enduring and mutually beneficial working relationship.

Mark Berryman, Habitat Northern Chairperson says, "Habitat are humbled by the opportinuty to work in partnerhsip with Te Roroa to support the housing aspirations of Māori. This type of partnership is hugely important as we seek to address access to decent housing for whānau in rural Tai Tokerau.".....
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Beyond White Guilt: Time for Pākehā to 'stand up' against racism, say educators

Shelly Bay is a problem of the Crown's making

Māori investment is thriving 

Monday November 22, 2021

Police cancel trespass notice on Far North iwi protecting pōhutukawa

A warning from police about a pending trespass and eviction notice for those residing on Moringaehe, the Ahipara site where a sacred pōhutukawa tree was recently cut down, has reinvigorated Te Rarawa’s fight to have the land returned to them.

Even though the eviction notice meant to have been delivered on Monday amounted to nothing, the warning galvanised the iwi into action with protest leader Reuben Taipari convening an urgent hui on the weekend in preparation. Many gathered to share history, waiata and karakia.......
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Pressure mounts on Government over Māori response
"Stay away" is the message from some of New Zealand's most-vulnerable communities, preparing to protect themselves from an influx of Covid cases this summer.

Iwi and community leaders in Te Tai Tokerau and the East Cape have called for holidaymakers to avoid their areas, suggesting a repeat of checkpoints used at the start of the pandemic, citing pockets of low vaccination coverage and poor access to healthcare.

"We are asking for holiday makers, those who do not whakapapa to Te Whānau a Apanui to refrain from entering our tribal territories this summer," iwi response member and Te Pāti Māori co-leader Rawiri Waititi said......
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Lake Waikaremoana and its Great Walk have been closed for months as Tūhoe say the relationship with the Crown has failed
Lake Waikaremoana is considered the jewel of Te Urewera, the homeland of the Tūhoe people. It’s also home to one of the 10 ‘Great Walks’ and has been enjoyed by generations of non-Tūhoe. But the lake – and the whole of Te Urewera – has been closed for several months, and facilities have fallen into disrepair. National Correspondent Tony Wall investigates.

Tamati Kruger, the TUT chairman, says opening up Te Urewera to the public is “way down the list of priorities” for Tūhoe, as it brings no benefit to the iwi.

“DOC wants to spend its efforts and a sizeable amount of its resource contribution ... on structures,” Kruger says.

“Tūhoe, on the other hand, wants to put its efforts and contribution ... to the first purpose of the legislation, which is the re-connection of Tūhoe with Te Urewera. So you can see our problem.”.....
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Ngāti Rangi partners with Department of Conservation to protect environment and create jobs
Central North Island iwi Ngāti Rangi is joining forces with the Department of Conservation on environmental projects that will create more local jobs.

Te Kumete o Paerangi chairwoman Tomairangi Mareikura said the partnership between Ngāti Rangi and the Department of Conservation (DoC) would support the ongoing care of Karioi Rāhui through the Jobs for Nature programme......
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Michael Bassett: Racially charged healthcare 

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Ray S said...

Iwi roadblock law. Where the hell is this country going.

Does this mean that iwi can block roads whenever they want? probably.
They will because they can.

When roadblocks are challenged, my bet is that blood will flow and the government will have made it inevitable.

Ray S said...

Words from Willie Jackson, talking about Moriori.

" that I couldn't be held responsible for the acts of some of our tupuna, some of our ancestors...... "

If I had said that I would get labelled again and again.

Double standard Willie.