Thursday, November 25, 2021

Ross Meurant: Jacinda’s Humanitarianism Policy Exposed

The KLOCHKOV family: mother, father and two kids aboard their 20-meter yacht, escaping from the clutches of COVID, arrive in the Southern Pacific.

A family of four, been at sea several weeks with no sign of the virus having infiltrated their “bubble”, find themselves near New Zealand – just as the sea water converter on board, breaks down.

No water.

The KLOCHKOV family seek permission to make landfall in New Zealand to take on board – water.  Topping up the food stores was also on the agenda.

To their shock and dismay, agents of the great humanitarian, Jacinda Ardern, said:


Perplexed that New Zealand would use the potential for transmission of the virus as the reason to deny humanitarian assistance, the family of four wondered aloud:

“Surely our “bubble” at sea for the past month and no sign of any contagion, is proof enough that we do not present a danger to New Zealand?  

“All we ask is delivery of water as an essential priority.

 “Supply of some food stores are also sought but we will settle for water. 

“Please.  We can pay for all the humanitarian help we receive.”

But the New Zealand government told the KLOCHKOV family to ,“Go somewhere else!”

Of course, “somewhere else” when one is on a yacht at the bottom of the South Pacific, does not leave many options.

The family of four then set sail until they found themselves off the coast of Kiribati; a now independent former British colony with close ties to New Zealand.

The answer to a request for urgent humanitarian aid, specifically in the form of fresh water, was refused!   NO ENTRY.

Perhaps radio transmissions from Jacinda’s government in New Zealand influenced this antipodean outpost, as to how they should deal with the KLOCHKOV “bubble”?   Afterall, the yacht had only been on the high seas for a further week.

Next port of call was New Caledonia.   Same response. NO ENTRY.  

Not an unexpected edict from a colonial outpost of France, ruled as it is by a president whose track record dealing with refugee migrants hardly reeks of humanitarianism.

Cook Islands, at least two weeks from the French Polynesia paradise, was the next destination sought by the KLOCHKOV family. 

Close ties to New Zealand and pervasive New Zealand government “guidance”, ensures the Cook Islands toe the line.

During my last months as a Member of the Executive of New Zealand, I attended a conference in Rarotonga where much, “sage counselling” was provided.  I suspect little has changed.

In fact, that the Cook Islands also said, NO ENTRY to the KLOCHKOV family, tends to validate my suspicions: The Beehive rule Rarotonga. 

And, as readers know well, Jacinda (currently) Rules the Beehive.


How a family survived with a broken salt water distillation machine and finally, only food taken from the deep blue over which they chose to escape from COVID, is for the reader to now contemplate.

What also the reader may contemplate is:

“Why?   Why did these successive countries deny humanitarian aid to this family of four?”

Perhaps it's because they are Russian?


But wait!  

As the family pressed on toward Tahiti, confounded and condemned to dying of thirst unless some God provided rains, an apparition loomed in the distance.  Was it a mirage or was it real?

It was real. The atoll of SUWARROW.

Described in 1890 by Mrs Robert Louis Stevenson as "the most romantic island in the world".   [Although it wasn't the inspiration for her husband's famous book, (published seven years earlier), the atoll is a real-life Treasure Island. (1)

Ironically, SUWARROW atoll was discovered by a Russian: General Suvorov, in 1814. (2)

Under the jurisdiction of Cook Island government – which apropos above, is heavily influenced by Jacinda’s government, SUWARROW fortunately for the KLOCHKOV family of four; by its geographical isolation, is very much left to applying its own standards of HUMANITARIANISM.

Water, fruit, food and friendship flooded the decks of the family’s vessel which had provided a covid free bubble for over 4 months.


Ross Meurant, graduate in politics both at university and as a Member of Parliament; formerly police inspector in charge of Auckland spies & VIP security; currently Honorary Consul for an African state, Trustee and CEO of Russian owned commercial assets in New Zealand and has international business interests.


DeeM said...

This story nicely encapsulates the NZ government's "kind and caring" hypocrisy over pretty much anything.
Although all things Covid is the best example.

Anna Mouse said...

If is wasnt true, it would read like a Get Smart episode with Kaos and Control fighting. Sadly it is all about real Chaos and real has never been about Covid!

Dorothy Morrissey said...

Unbelievable. But sadly, believable these days. Be kind - unless it doesn't suit you.

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of that cartoon going around with Mary and Joseph being turned away from a manger due to being unvaccinated. A good reminder of what not to aspire to for Christmas.

Geoffrey said...

Stark is the contrast between NZ response to this humanitarian need and that presented by the UN official flown on from Fiji.

BillR said...

Sorry Ross. This story does not make much sense.
A months sailing to get to NZ is unlikely. New Caledonia, Fiji and Tonga are an average of 10 to 12 days.
Leaving NZ to arrive at Kiribas which is on the equator would mean sailing past New Caledonia, Vanuatu, Solomon Islands etc.
Sailing from New Caledonia to the Cook Islands you sail past Fiji and Tonga.
Perhaps this story is only anecdotal.