Thursday, November 18, 2021

Mike Hosking: Joe Biden looking more and more like a one term President


A one term President is reasonably uncommon in the United States. Of the 45 pre Joe Biden, 10 were single termers. 

Biden will be the 11th. He almost certainly won't run for a second term. If he does, he will almost certainly lose. 

It's more than fair, I think, at this point in his first term, one year in, to suggest that most people are disappointed. The numbers certainly back it up. Every poll you can sight has the numbers going the wrong way and the numbers saying those who disapprove of what he's doing far outweigh those that think the opposite. 

So, a good day this week then when he signed his infrastructure bill. $1.5 trillion of help for bridges, electric cars, and internet. 

It was a bipartisan affair. Showing more perhaps the average American has seen the state of their roads and highways, as opposed to the sheer political genius of the Commander-in-Chief. 

The rest of his spending promises remain tied up in different parts of the Congress being pulled, tugged, trimmed, and reworked probably to come out. It might be signed into law, maybe not. 

Biden is a living example of the simple truth that just because you don't like what you’ve got, the alternative isn't necessarily better. Donald Trump was mad and still is. But the fact he could still get nominated again and still win tells you all you need to know that he was more divisive than universally repulsive. 

In other words, yes there were a heap that didn’t like him, but a lot did. And they've stuck. They would still vote his way. 

Now, think of this, if Biden doesn’t run and most assume he won't, the next cab off the nomination rank is the Vice President. It turns out she's even more unpopular than her boss. 

The Kamala Harris numbers are atrocious. She is a mix of mess and invisibility. Even CNN, much to the upset of the White House this week, wrote a lengthy piece on just how dysfunctional she and her office is. Could she be so odorous she doesn’t even end up with the nomination? How bad would that look for the Democratic Party if they had to trawl the rank and file because their top two weren't up to it? And how wide is the opening for the Republicans, and maybe even Trump? 

There's still about 2 years to go before all this consolidates into something most people will get their head around, and we've yet to deal with next year's mid-terms. 

But honestly, one year in with these numbers, Covid, debt, inflation, and Biden's inability to look anything other than bewildered and old, how many would bet against it?

Mike Hosking is a New Zealand television and radio broadcaster. He currently hosts The Mike Hosking Breakfast show on NewstalkZB on weekday mornings.


Janine said...

We follow US politics as we have family there. Amy Klobuchar would have made a much better president.From memory her percentage of popularity was about 10 times higher than Kamala. I think Kamala got 2% as a presidential nominee. A funny old thing US politics. I suspect Trump will win again and maybe Ron DeSantis as his vice president.

Anyway, back to New Zealand. Seems we now have the same problem here. Totally unsuitable candidates. Scrub the lot and start again I say.

Terry Morrissey said...

Although I would find it an extremely difficult decision and would probably make me public enemy no.1, but I would sacrifice our "Only Source Of Truth" to help them out.

Barend Vlaardingerbroek said...

Q: What does Joe Biden think about (insert an issue).
A: He's sleeping on it.

Jigsaw said...

Tells us more about your attitude to politics and politicians than anything else Mike. Of course Trump was mad - mad to finally get the Middle East countries to sign peace agreements with Israel, mad to get unemployment down to the lowest level for years and absolutely mad to finally get the US to become self-sufficient in gasoline. Crazy in so many other ways.....
You are suffering the modern disease of mixing your like/dislike of a politician with their performance. We suffer from the same thing here just the the other way around -since Jacinda is kind and likeable (so they say!) then what she does is beyond question apparently and her multitude of failures is not her fault, just as because Trump is unlikeable then everything he did was bad and wrong.
Sounds simple - and IS!

RRB said...

I can always tell where a NZ left winger Trump hater gathers info to support his bias. It will be only left wing media such as CNN, MSNBC, BBC, ABC, TVNZ plus The Washington Post, New York times and those NZ media from which our PM bought allegiance, with taxpayer funds.
It appears you don't know anything of importance about Trump or Biden.
Biden and his socialists have put the free world into the greatest security risk situation since Khrushchev, our greatest threat now comes from China and deliberate misinformation from within.

DOCK said...

This is what happens when you only follow TV1 and TV3 you only get left-wing media replays of proper gander from CNN MSNBC and alike, for 3years TVNZ has hammered Trump they have not had one positive word to say about him, he may have his warts, don't we all. When you consider the treatment he has endured from the left, yet still fulfilled all the promises he was elected on I find it hard to take seriously anyone who would write him of as mad, there is more than 100 Million Americans that would agree with me, and the reason most people in NZ are anty Trump our media is not interested in facts. When was the last time we in NZ got what we were promised by a political party all they want is the purse so they can buy votes and the media?