Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Heather du Plessis-Allan: Is there no end to the absurdity of this Government?


Is there no end to the absurdity of this Government's decisions? 

They’ve today announced they will NOT free up MIQ in time for Christmas. 

Instead, Kiwis stuck in Australia have to wait to January 17 to isolate at home.  

Why do they have to wait?  

No reason; other than Jacinda, Grant and Chris have decided to ruin Christmas for families.  

Let’s be clear about this, double jabbed kiwis stuck in Australia are virtually no risk to us in New Zealand.  

The chances of them brining in Covid are negligible. 

In the last three months, not one single vaccinated Kiwi flying in from Australia has brought in Covid so this decision is unnecessarily cruel to families here and people stuck there.  

But hey, this is life under Jacinda as we’ve come to know it.  

And then, how absurd is it that we let double jabbed kiwis from Australia in from 17 January, but double jabbed Aussies in Australia can’t come in until 1 May.  

Why? I don’t know. 

They’re coming from the same place, so their risk is probably the same, which is negligible.  

So, if you’re in the tourism industry, you just remember what Jacinda's Government's doing to you. 

She’s refusing to let in tourists from one of your biggest international tourism markets this summer, for no reason.  

It’s not like Covid is more rampant in Australia than it is here. 

We had nearly as many cases in the upper North Island today as the entire state of NSW had, and they have one and a half times the population of our country. 

We had 215 cases, they had 248.  

We’re, per head of population, in Auckland a greater risk to each other.   

 And by the way, if you want to know how it should be done, and could be done, take a look at Australia, they're open to any of one of us who wants to go there. 

As a double jabbed Kiwi, you can fly to Australia, walk straight off the plane and into a Sydney restaurant within hours if you want to. 

You’ve been able to for three weeks.  

Jacinda's Government has jumped the shark.  

Their decisions are now so far removed from science and fact it’s hard to have any respect for the people making these calls, they are just keeping us closed off for the hell of it now.  

The opposition are calling the PM the Grinch that stole Christmas.  

Bang on.  

Once again, so much for being kind. 

Heather du Plessis-Allan is a journalist and commentator who hosts Newstalk ZB's Drive show.


Kiwialan said...

Heather, the most absurd, idiotic, incomprehensible thing is that intelligent, educated people voted for this bunch of woke socialists. Put them in charge to ruin our beautiful Country, wreck the economy and racially divide us. Kiwialan.

Ray S said...

Here's another one, government have passed a law which allows iwi to establish roadblocks if they feel they need to. They will of course.
Double jabbed, clear test etc, will mean nothing to these people.
As before, roadblocks on state highways by maori are criminal and prevent citizens from carrying out lawful business.
If maori are worried about transmission of the virus then its time maori stood up and took responsibilty for getting vaccinated.

DeeM said...

Don't expect logic from this bunch of muppets! Especially when their principal source of advice comes from Shaun and Siouxsie's computer models, which have never and will never be right.
This is all about CONTROL. Look into my eyes and repeat after Labour. When I click my fingers you'll remember nothing.