Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Hugh Perrett: Open letter to the Prime Minister

Your Maorification Program and its agendas ARE NOT for NEW ZEALANDERS

Prime Minister,  

I am writing both on my own behalf and on behalf of the overwhelming majority (90% plus) of New Zealanders who are very strongly opposed to your Maorification program and agendas, none of which were even hinted at, let alone mentioned, in the run up to the last elections.

We were blindsided.

In other words, your government was elected into power on the back of a totally and arguably deliberately and fraudulently uninformed electorate.

In this context your Government’s undisclosed intention to pursue a program of Maorification post-election can only be seen as a deliberate/intentional act of treachery on the electorate.

The electorate was lied to by omission.

Had your Government’s intentions been disclosed, it would almost certainly have resulted in a totally different election result.

In short, the electorate was hijacked.

With your Government having achieved its objective of being elected to govern, it quickly became clear that this was a Government driven not by its stated promise “to govern for all Kiwis,” but by a totally out-of-perspective and totally unbalanced ideological obsession with Maorification - apparently based on an illusory and imagined perception of righting injustices to Maori that had never occurred .

From observation Prime Minister, this ideological obsession was driven and continues to be driven by you, together with the Maori-activists dominating your (deliberately?) “activist-stacked” caucus.

None of this intention was informed to the electorate during the election process and NONE OF IT IS MANDATED - NONE OF IT.

This reflects a giant fraud on the electorate and a dereliction of the duty of responsibility (and integrity) inherent in your office of Prime Minister.

Clearly from the Maorification agendas which have now become apparent, the objective is the effective governance and control of our society by Maori. These agendas cover practically all significant aspects of our political structure. They will be extremely divisive of our society leading to separatism - a form of apartheid governance heavily biased in favour of  Maori - and the destruction of our democracy.

New Zealanders will certainly not put up with that.

We have fought in two World Wars to avoid just that type of Dictatorship.

Furthermore, it would seem you have intentions to do away with the Treaty of Waitangi - and impose, by stealth no doubt, a “carefully loaded Constitution” reflecting your “planned new order in favour of Maori”.

This will not be allowed to happen. We New Zealanders will not allow our Country to be stolen off us like that. It is OUR Country collectively - NOT your Country (toy?) to do with as you wish.

At present your Government, driven by the activists in caucus and yourself, are effectively governing for the benefit of (at most) only 15% to 16% of the population (Maori), many of whom are clearly not aligned to you anyway, but would, arguably, benefit from their lineage association.

Clearly the activists in caucus are governing for their OWN self-enrichment and self-interest - power and control - together with that of their elitist associates outside of Government. This means that a very small number of activists and their associates (1% to 2% - at most - of the population?) are looking to RULE the rest of us (98% of the population – maybe 95%).

This is NOT GOING TO HAPPEN! New Zealanders will not allow it.

Already at least 70% of Labour voters who helped vote you into power are being, and have been, totally ignored under your governance, along with the rest of us. How does this sit with them?

Prime Minister, I put it to you that you are in serious dereliction of your duty of responsibility as Prime Minister, to act in the collective interests of the electorate - as you in fact promised you would do. You and your Government deliberately mislead (by omission) the electorate at the time of the elections as to your intentions. By suborning and corrupting the traditional media from their purpose and independence USING TAXPAYERS’ MONEY (a solution/opportunity not available to the Opposition), you have deliberately precluded exposure of your Maorification program and its numerous agendas to the public by way of information, as well as for scrutiny, evaluation, criticism, and discussion - with the clear and obvious intention of imposing them on us as it suited you.

Further, with the all too convenient smokescreen created with Covid being in the spotlight, you have continued to progress your Maorification agendas in near/probable deliberate total secrecy from public exposure, scrutiny, comment, and input.

One can’t help wondering whether there is a causal factor involved, and how deliberate, much of your dithering ineptitude and dragging out of Covid might be/have been.

You have been and are in effect operating a dictatorship, totally abusing your power, authority, and duty of responsibility to the electorate.

It also raises an integrity issue. Should you be giving serious consideration to your Prime Ministerial status and as to whether you should be considering stepping down?

Hugh Perrett

Hugh Perrett, a member of the New Zealand Business Hall of Fame, is the former managing director of Foodstuffs and founder of the Pak n' Save discount grocery chain


Janine said...

Well said Hugh. Put simply, no, we will not let this happen. Many, many thousands of ordinary New Zealanders protesting in Wellington today. I am so proud.

Kiwialan said...

Please, please, please can we join or start a movement to oppose the Maori crap we are having forced on us by this weak, woke, inept bunch of racist liars pretending to run the Country. If anyone can steer me in the right direction I would appreciate it, going crazy at home feeling helpless to fight against it. Kiwialan.

DeeM said...

It would be good to know if you've received any replies/feedback on your numerous letters to Jacinda.

Doug Longmire said...

Well said Hugh !!
This Maorification of our nation has spread like a burst sewerage pipe into the drinking water. It is being thrust by a radical, racist minority into all facets of our (until now) democratic nation.

Clearly the Prime Minister is rushing headlong with her previously hidden agenda of Maori supremist apartheid. In this she is aided by :-
a/ The Covid pandemic – which hogs all the media time and public discussion, and is a handy distraction, and
b/ The tame media itself, bought and paid for $105,000,000 by the government, with explicit and implicit rules that serious scrutiny of government policies is not allowed. The mainstream media simply do not mention He Puapua and the racist takeover of New Zealand. They are paid for and muzzled.

I have seen this myself – many of my friends and work acquaintances are simply unaware of the He Puapua plan currently under way. Because it is not on TV1 !!

This Prime Minister is the most destructive and divisive and leader I have ever seen in my lifetime. You are right – New Zealand eventually will not tolerate an apartheid regime, but the internal turmoil, conflict, and likely violence caused by the attempt to enslave the majority under a minority racist dictatorship will be very destructive.

Joseph said...

Agree totally Hugh. There would be an armed uprising if this government had not removed arms from all except the gangs who she has actively supported by the issue of grants and undoubtedly advice to the police to go soft on them. This helps keep prison numbers down and makes it appear that this Labour government is actually doing something about the prison population numbers.

Nomys said...

Excellent summary. We need this info validated by a petition and formally presented to the Governor General and copied to the Queen. They are our constitutional back stops

Pete said...

We can do a lot by supporting those people and parties that are opposed to the current govt and their intentions . ACT and NZ First are both opposed to the events that are happening and attempts to legalise . The fat-cats of maoridom and their radical supporters , take no notice nor inform their other tribal members of their doings . Currently they have unfettered access to the TREASURY . Without funds , their intentions must fail . I would support their actions IF they funded them by themselves : eg all maoris pay a special maori taxation authority and pay their rates , income taxes , GST . duties etc Thus leaving the other 85% to run their own system . Without OUR taxes , this movement would not survive . Putting a stop to their access to OUR taxes would put a grinding halt to their movement . SEALORDS , owned 50/50 by a Japanes company and the other 50% by 39 iwi or tribes (who are all charitable organisations and pay little or no taxes , are squealing because their domination of the processed fish market is being challenged by another group of suppliers , and the National Maori Authority are calling for the black-listing of Pak n Save and New World supermarkets . These are the same people who hired 267 Russian seaman to man Sealords fish boats. Its time we stopped spending many millions of our tax dollars on getting the last of the maori holdouts to vaccination . If they want hospitalisation when they catch Covid , let them use a Maori health Authority , that is financed by Maori for Maori ! WE have been hoodwinked by Ardern and her cronies : small businesses are going to the wall everyday ,losing their businesses AND their homes , which they morgtaged to finance their business . Very poor people who do not have jobs that pay , during Covit , are suffering from lack of proper foods and consequently many kids will suffer from malnutrition , and be much worse off under this govt . Ardern and her cronies have become wealthier because of their policies . MOST tribal members have no idea and NO say what their tribe or iwi are doing or supporting, yet , it is they who will suffer in the long run . WINZ cannot keep the country running forever .

neville said...

excellent summation of what is happening to this country we need a consolidated body to progress this and i would be filly support this by active involvement and donation to a working fund if required,
as history has shown the loud voice of a minority can damage a country .
Neville Hall

maic said...

Well said Hugh. This whole situation makes a farce of the concept that we elect politicians to serve us and our country.
While I agree about the role of Labour activists pushing this whole agenda I wonder why the rank and file Labour MPs are not stepping in and halting the process. Do they have no ethical awareness that what
is being pushed on the New Zealand people is not what the New Zealand people want?
And why are the usual rank and file Labour supporters who want neither National nor Maori domination not sending the hard word to their local Labour MPs? (Well perhaps they are but we are not hearing about it.)
The irony and tragedy is that in a so called democratic country we are helpless to prevent unmandated and divisive laws and decisions from being imposed on us. Sure, we can take to the streets and object but when did the activist left ever listen to or respect the values and concerns of those who think differently from them?
Politicians have never been regarded as particularly trustworthy but who will ever trust the Labour Party again?
It has taught us a hard lesson on giving power to left wing politicians. We are fools if we decline to learn from it.
On other posts I have argued that New Zealand voters need Swiss Style Direct Democracy to combat the very situation we find ourselves in. Not much response so far.

Don said...

While she is undoubtedly an intelligent and capable woman Jacinda is also very ambitious or she would not be PM. Her next goal is to enter the international stage similar to Helen Clark and her championing of indigenous causes will look good on her CV when presented to UN. That Maori are not indigenous and that the Treaty partnership principle is an outrageous lie sits well with the fable that so many of our problems have been caused by colonialism. She should go far but not soon enough.

Keith said...

Comment to Hugh: Dear Hugh what is the next step?

Ann said...

Thank you for voicing what so many of us are thinking, we must band together & let this government know this is not acceptable & hordes of us will vote to be rid of them.

Unknown said...


Max said...

I fervently believe that New Zealanders need to take action immediately to halt this racist, communist government in its tracks. Sitting on our hands until the next election, I fear, will be too late to reverse the damage wrought.
But protests need to be clear in their purpose, ie protest against the undemocratic governance without bringing the management of the response to the pandemic into that argument. Protest the latter on its own platform, it is a different argument, albeit a shroud for what is going on under the radar of many citizens of NZ

Hilary said...

There is already a movement to have a Swiss style government. It can be found by searching for 100 days - claiming back democracy. And I don’t think you can separate the protests against vaccine mandates from other protests against maorification or a removal of democracy. It is the vaccine mandates that have brought the removal of democracy to the fore for most nzers. The protests appear messy and the govt is dissing them through TV1, if mentioning them at all, as fuelled by racism and misinformation, but this is the only way they’re going to get large enough for the government to take notice.

Robert Arthur said...

Initially it amazed me that the obvious transition to direct and indirect maori control of health, water, education, Oranga Tamariki, RNZ , MSM, law, and much much more is supported by the Labour Caucus. But there are many maori MPs and maori repeatedly and blatantly state that their priority is not NZ as a whole but "our people". Of the other MPs some will have partners, family, or other close association with maori and desire to maintain cordial relations. Others will have effectively been bribed by outside transactions or the likelihood of, or seduced by simpering flattery. And, as now with all citizens, all go in terror of being seen to challenge maori, thereby acquiring the accusation of racist and experiencing cancellation. The end of any future as a Labour or any MP, end of any business or notable career, particularly as a teacher, nurse, policeman, or any other public servant. Further, having observed the irrational and aggressive nutters at Waitangi and elsewhere, noted the large maori element in gangs, and aware of the tikanga of utu, not quietly surrendering to maori is perceived as incurring a real threat to property and person. John Key did not employ a vast security team to protect himself from Tarrant.

Robert Arthur

Anonymous said...

I am copying and emailing all these posts to PM, Jackson, Mahuta,Davis, Robertson etc. I don't think they actually get to see them but I think that we should all do the same and inundate their servers then they may become aware.

Anonymous said...

The above letter by Hugh and all the comments are what everyone you talk to agrees with, how we can do anything about it is the major problem, Yes separatism is already here, the education system of New Zealand taught every child to speak English and still does, but we are having a language stuffed down our throats that very few understand nor want to understand, This is a form of brain washing because it is beamed into your house 24 hrs a day.Surely all those who front on our tv screens must realise that they are encouraging and supporting this government separatism agenda.
For all the billions given directly to Maori over the years for housing, health, education. marae, etc why are there still so many of them in poverty, starving, poor health, uneducated, and seemingly nitwits as this government is portraying Maori.
We all know Maori that we went to school with, played sport with,work with, have as friends and family and respect as any other New Zealander, But this current agenda is raising resentment,derision etc being directed at all Maori,Most of these people have never seen any of these billions,Perhaps Maori should be asking their so called LEADERS what is happening before this country goes down the drain. Maori and to some extent pacifica leaders have missed a chance to lead, gain respect,and advance in this world during this pandemic but have sat back and let this government portray them badly,I would have expected the Maori King to be leading at least, but NO, only the Idiots such as destiny church are getting the headlines and then for all the wrong reasons

Anonymous said...

time to defund everything Maori

Evans said...

Fully agree.