Sunday, July 24, 2022

Bob Jones: Contrived racism

Below, an extract from a letter just in from a female maori university academic friend.

“Re the situation in New Zealand. It’s ridiculous. What I’m finding is the average maori in the street couldn’t give a rat’s arse about half the stuff the maori elite are pushing, and anyone with half a brain knows none of it will make a blind bit of difference to anyone. Those who promote all this nonsense are benefitting from it enormously though, so they’re not wanting any of it (including so-called racism) to end anytime soon.”

Never a truer word!  As I first wrote a year ago, the government will lose in a landslide next year and the principal reason among the host of causes, is the anger across the land about the government’s racism.

If unwittingly, the government has done immense harm to race relations, which will be its main legacy.

Sir Bob Jones is a renowned author, columnist , property investor, and former politician, who blogs at No Punches Pulled HERE.


Anonymous said...

Correct. I have maori friends who are way more critical of iwi heads than non-maori. According to her, the reason is that the ones at the top buy fancy cars and houses for themselves but don't pass any of the money down. According to her it is a myth that down-trodden poor maori get assistance from their own. I have another maori friend who has done really well for himself and has his own business and gets really offended that maori people are portrayed by govt messaging as disadvantaged. I would feel the same.

DeeM said...

Our political, media, academic and Maori elites are re-making New Zealand in their OWN image.
But they don't live in the real world and that's why NZ is being pulled apart.

These people live in the rarified atmosphere of:-
- high, guaranteed publicly-funded salaries
- all expenses paid conferences
- pie-in-the-sky policy making which is never costed
- research which starts with the conclusion they want then works backwards to desperately find some data which supports it
- stories that only make their mates look good

The above is a recipe for disaster, but that's exactly what's playing out in NZ today. Only one thing can stop it. US - the public.

PROBLEM - up to now a large proportion of the NZ public are too concerned with fitting their latest face-mask, or working out what to leave out of their supermarket trolley, or just can't be bothered really, to make their opposition known.
Scarier still, maybe a lot of us actually agree with our elites and want them to fracture NZ society.
Time will tell!

Edster said...

Word Economic Forum and UN agenda's of identity politics and Indigenous rights. We need a Trump to tell the UN and the WEF to go take a hike. Every country should be sovereign and have a right to govern their own destiny. Instead we get WEF and UN puppets that push the globalists agenda. Sheeple of NZ need to wake the hell up and stop voting these scum in to power.