Monday, July 25, 2022

Bob Jones: The disgraceful Royal Society

It’s outrageous taxpayers should fund the New Zealand branch of the Royal Society.

Have a look at its web-site and in particular the 41 staff photos. They share a common factor namely they’re all bloody ugly, although one described as a media advisor, once you’ve read past the maori babble preceding their names and background, I concede was quite pretty. However, further investigation and it turned out he was a bloke.

Below is a list of the $158 million this lot squandered on your behalf over the last two years for “research.” It’s bloody unbelievable.

“Here is a selection:

– $660,000 Religious and Moral Fictionalism in indigenous groups

– $523,000 to investigate the world of Maori Body Adornment

– $845,000 to research last known Māori sail

– $300,000 to prove it is “benevolently sexist” to believe that “men ought to protect and cherish women”

– $842,000 to find out why there aren’t many Asian people on New Zealand television or in cinema

– $842,000 Young New Zealanders’ Exposure and Responses to Sexual Harassment Media

– $842,000 to study ethnic women politicians in New Zealand

– $870,000 to “re-imagine anti-racism theory in the health sector”

– $300,000 The future of Māori academics in New Zealand universities

– $300,000 Growing old in an adopted land: Redefining ‘ageing well’ in the context of migration

– $660,000 Listening to the Voices of our Harbours: Kāwhia, Manukau and Whangarei

– $841,000 Languaculture within Te Ao maori

– $300,000 to examine the relationship between housing and security in Papua New Guinea

– $852,000 Investigate sleep loss in children

– $300,000 Exploration of Pasifika knowledge in mathematics

– $842,000 to investigate (Te whai) Maori string figures

– $300,000 to find out how religion affects inequality in Fiji

– $300,000 to examine how New Zealanders are using dating apps

– $870,000 to bring an Indigenous perspective to the SFD (Sport for Development)

– $300,000 Psychology of Pacific people

– $870,000 to find out whether multiculturalism harms indigenous people

– $300,000 Retracing the storylines of Pacific Women voyagers and navigators

– $870,000 Investigate pressures from climate change in Oceania

– $798,000 Nursery Crimes – does ornamental horticulture risk introducing invasive weeds.”

Sir Bob Jones is a renowned author, columnist , property investor, and former politician, who blogs at No Punches Pulled HERE.


DeeM said...

So that's where the Covid fund went!

Ray S said...

Might be worthwhile applying for a grant to research the researchers.
Might as well get a slice of the pie. I would publish six hundred and fiftytwo page report of findings which could be reduced to three words.

"We dont know."

Anonymous said...

Lots of very similar numbers in that list.
$300,000, $870,000, $842,000

I'm no investigative accountant but I bet your house Bob and your next door neighbors, that if you dug deeper into those numbers the same little piggies would have their snouts and trotters in the trough, gorging themselves on the taxpayer funds.
You might even find a close relative of the Mahuta clan in there.

Kiwiwit said...

Most of these research topics look like they are part of the Sokol Squared spoof (

Robert Arthur said...

When I first read Bob's column I took it to be one of his more successful tit pulls (as my coarse work colleagues used to say). Agree with kiwit above..
Along I suspect with many others, I had no idea the society was a state funded organisation. The number of make work state organisations never ceases to amaze. I imagined it more as a social group for scientists and the like. The actual situation makes the controversy of a year or so ago appear even more justified. As it is established by a formal Act I am surprised it has not already been amended to recognise tikanga, te ao etc. Possibly the controversy delayed action, although the site is very woke. The rot seems to have set in in 2012 when scope was extended to include the humanities. As with much social research, of the projects listed it would be difficult to research without having at the outset a mindset to find in a particular direction. The titles are very evocative of this approach. Rather like Waitangi Tribunal findings and all maori inquiries generally, can largely write the likely findings without troubling to do any objective research.
Bob will not need to scour newspapers for a fortnight. Each research topic is more than enough for a daily comment. As a member of the public and newspaper reader I have never stumbled upon a hint of these outlandish researches. Were any of the msm aware of? The topics are just made for spoof. Each may as well be headed "To manufacture a praiseworthy history of..."
With money dispensed so freely for such nonsense it is little wonder so many of the population have lost faith in money; hence the obsession with real estate.

Anonymous said...

perhaps the only hope is for ACT to have enough say to ensure seymour gets the government out of this non-governmental stuff.

these societies should either run on membership fees or charity or an endowment. the thought of a minimum wage worker paying 10% tax on wages & 15% tax on food to fund these ivory tower folks is astounding!