Thursday, July 21, 2022

Clive Bibby: The sanctity of life and the responsibilities that come with equality

Before all my detractors see the opportunity to savage this column as something based on an idealogical persuasion, l want to reassure everyone that it is written purely as a response to those who want to use the overturning of the Roe vs Wade decision by the US Supreme Court for political purposes. 

Like millions of Americans and freedom lovers throughout the world, for me this latest decision represents a welcome return to a situation where the highest court in the land does what it is set up to do - defend the constitution against those who would seek to interpret it for their own political benefit. 

In fact the US foundation document says nothing at all about gender politics but instead focuses on the responsibilities that come with individual rights. 

It makes no mention of selected rights that apply only to women at the expense of those who also qualify as being a living human being - the unborn child. 

In doing so, it is remarkable that few of the articles are deemed to have little relevance in the modern world. One might wonder at the vision of its authors given that virtually all have stood the test of time. 

Of course there are those who say that it is outdated like those who attempt to include clauses that suit selected sections of NZ society when reading the original version of our own foundation document - the Treaty of Waitangi. 

So, it is little wonder that the US judgment will put pressure on the civic authorities to maintain law and order in a climate of hate and despair. 

Is it likely that we will see a reaction similar to that which followed the George Floyd death where mobs were allowed to rampage through cities venting their hatred by wanton destruction of lives and property? The contrast of that BLM protest which resulted in virtually no arrests to the current “kangaroo court” congressional hearings that will likely see innocent people sent to jail for simply attending the Jan 6th protest against the election result is a clear indication of how important it is for the world to take stock of how corrupted western society has become. 

We need to go back to basics using the rules that are above politics and reset a course for behaviour that is based on common sense and respect for those who cannot defend themselves. 

Thankfully, the future is still in our hands and it will be interesting to see whether the value systems that our forebears fought and died to uphold will once again become the cornerstones of a society that every human should want to call home. 

My guess is that the upcoming mid term elections in the US will be an indicator of where the average punter wants to be. I also think that the majority in this country has had enough of the arrogance and deception that has plagued our communities for too long. 

As with Roe vs Wade, these experiments that have no justification in truth will be exposed as an unfortunate blip on the radar. 

We can all return to sharing equally the fruits of our labours rather than fighting over its distribution. Wouldn’t that be great.

Clive Bibby is a commentator, consultant, farmer and community leader, who lives in Tolaga Bay.


Anonymous said...

Bravo Clive. Well said.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately there are powerful forces in the world that have been working to the globalised identity agenda for decades now. They have done a brain job on the last two young generations through education and media. They think differently to how we older folks do. They are primed for woke and the only thing that can save us from ruin is if enough of us parents gave sensible values and critical thinking skills to them as they navigated the minefield.