Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Bob Jones: Dr Bob Brockie

Above is a Bob Brockie cartoon. A life-long leftie, Dr Brockie, now 90 is outraged by the Labour government’s maori nonsense.

As a scientist he publicly resigned from the Royal Society for its promoting of outrageous lies, this the opposite of its raison-d’être. He was also sacked by the Dominion-Post as their science columnist, for not towing the maori wonderfulness line.

One amusing tale re Bob relates to his doctorate which he obtained half a century back, in the process being constantly arrested.

He obtained it for his research on hedgehogs, which he did by lurking in household hedgerows bordering the Hutt golf-club in late evenings. This resulted in the residents constantly ringing the police. He overcame this by advising them in advance of his visits.

He was also the first scientist to discover the connection between possums carrying TB and passing it on to other species.

A life-long Labour voter he says he’ll be voting ACT next year. I doubt this is a conversion to the market economy but instead a respect for honesty and not myth-making.

Sir Bob Jones is a renowned author, columnist , property investor, and former politician, who blogs at No Punches Pulled HERE.

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Anonymous said...

Well said and done Bob Brockie. I'm in the same boat - intending to vote Act - not for their monetary policies or connection to Roger Douglas (shudder)but for David Seymour's courage in speaking out in this appallingly craven country which we have become. I'm almost morphing from indignant to fearful, as I cease to listen to RNZ who are 'owned ' by the government and simply don't report the news. Thankful for all the blogs like Bob's which reveal we are not all brainwashed.