Friday, July 22, 2022

Andrew Bolt chats to Oliver Hartwich about inflation. employment and co-governance.

Sky News host Andrew Bolt says there are signs the Jacinda Ardern “gloss” is wearing off fast in New Zealand.

Mr Bolt discussed the issue with New Zealand Initiative Executive Director Dr Oliver Hartwich.


Janine said...

Excellent commentary from Dr Hartwich. However I was totally arrested by the totally, totally, cringeworthy interview of Ardern. Crickey! as the Aussies would say. Can we please get rid of this woman? Such a narcissist! Can someone please tell our overseas media that most of us don't want her or need her?

She seems to be living in an alternative reality to the rest of us.

DeeM said...

There is no hiding stupidity and Jacinda displayed hers for all the World to see by boasting about:-

** NZ's record low unemployment - only because she's re-labelled the unemployed "Job Seekers"....who don't have to seek for a job and can watch TV all day.
** low levels of debt - yeah right!! Only 54 billion and counting
** good GDP growth??? - as our economy tanks under 7.3% inflation and record numbers of our most skilled planning on leaving the country ASAP

She really is DELUSIONAL...or dare I say it, a bare-faced LIAR!