Monday, July 25, 2022

Denis Hall: Jimmy Shaw! Denounced by the Green Politburo

Jimmy Shaw denounced - - He has been denounced by the Green Politburo

No - they never call him Jimmy do they. To strict! They always call him James. Very formal and strict - especially when they are publicly removing his balls.

JAMES SHAW. The 'CO'- -leader of the Greens. ( “CO" being the operative word - and leader without a capital L.)

The thing about this last night’s TV “News” thing that is stark - is that it is not the CO leadership up for debate - it is just one of them who is apparently failing - because the other one - Marama Davidson - (The MINISTER for the Prevention of Family and Sexual Violence no less,) and what’s not authoritarian about that - because after all - the title assumes guilt - so she is omnipotent and untouchable - because she has two other essential qualification that poor lip quivering almost in tears on the “News” James Shaw doesn’t have - and that is her gender and her Maori-ness - and her Maori-ness must be quite strong - because she doesn’t have the ubiquitous Maori brand tattooed on her chin yet.

So there’s poor James Shaw pouring his heart out on the TV; He knows he’s in the cross hairs - because they have another woman - Chloe Swarbrick - lined up to replace him as 'CO' - leader - and his big and unfixable problem is that he is not of the compulsory gender - and his other lack of quality is in his ethnicity - which could well be described as “Pale Male and Stale.”

His trial has not even begun yet - and already he and the Nation knows who will replace him!

So there’s poor James - before the Nation on the Six O’clock News - cornered - up against a wall somewhere - terrified and humiliated - eyes all shifty - darting all about - looking as guilty as sin - of a crime that has not yet been disclosed - being interrogated by a one of Television's versions of womankind - and basically his masculinity is being dissected and examined and held up to ridicule before the Nation - and the poor man - he really is almost in tears.

It wasn’t easy to watch - but it was easy to see. He is already convinced he is a done deal - because the basics of his gender and ethnicity are against him - and will be his principal failures.

Well we’ll all think about that: If the membership of the Greens Marxist Politburo decided Marama was the problem - then sexism and Maori-ness would be instantly invoked.

No such defense for poor little Jimie Shaw. He’s just happy the Marxist in New Zealand can’t put him before a Firing Squad.

Shades of Nicolae Ceaușescu - (former Rumanian President) - and his wife - but in his case the Marxists shot them both.

But the Greens are less than ten percent in the Polls- so we won’t let then do that yet - and that’s another reason they want power over the other ninety percent - because they believe they know best about EVERYTHING.

What is it we don’t get about that?

There is a thing we all see in the Greens as an organization - but we kinda don’t worry about it because they usually hover between seven and ten percent in the polls. But they have been in actual government now - almost inside the Labour Caucus - and they have a taste for power - and they do lean towards totalitarianism - and in James’ case - they have decided that the Male has to go.

Begone - - - you …. you …. you thing you.

But we need to think about the Greens attitude to the rest of the population before our silly people ever vote for them again - and when I say “we” - I mean the diehard seven percent who feel we should all be doing what the Greens tell us.

Shut up and obey - and OBEY MORE - because WE - know best about EVERYTHING!

It’s all - “don’t do that - you can’t do this - and that’s not permissible - because - - and don't drive your car - buy a bike - be a vegetable - and this that you have been doing is bad and it has to stop NOW NOW NOW!

YOU - it’s YOU - that are the problem. YOU - are the desecrators of the very earth we live on and YOU should be killed off - or at least voted to extinction before your outrageous and wasteful behavior kills the rest of us compliant and decent and obedient and all-knowing green people off.”

Well? - Think about it. Is that the message - or not - and is there any middle ground you can see?

We all know the Greens despise us - because obliquely they say so every day - and they have a very strong totalitarian streak - and it was on show on the TV News Last night - and poor little Jimmy Shaw - who was so arrogant last week and last year - busy busy busy - telling us that he knew EVERYTHING - and was and is the font of all truth - and knows what was best for us - and now here he was up against a wall in tears in front of a TV Camera - like I say - lips visibly quivering.

Yeah I know! Long sentence – sorry!

Lucky for him it wasn’t that Firing Squad he was looking down the barrel of.

Then there was that new guy that they trotted out - did you see him?

SEIG HEIL! Like a political policeman in drag he was.


A very authoritarian character indeed - all strict and grim - firmly passing sentence without quite passing sentence - busy reciting green dogma and citing some of the suspected evils of James Shaw - and telling us there was no choice but to axe him.

Were we watching a typical Marxist Show Trial?


On the block on the public stage. That’ll fix him - because as a male - he does NOT - have a compulsory place in the CO-leadership of the all-knowing and mighty omnipotent Green Party.

Redundant - he will be tomorrow - all but for a vote by the membership he is GONEBURGER - and now they all know which way to vote - because that green policeman guy showed them on the TV “News.” And furthermore - we know who will replace him - and we will have an all women team of diehards and blowhards to tell you horrible horrible horrible people who commit sins against green dogma every day of your worthless lives - what MUST - be done!

Oh - (they say) what a paradise it would be without you - (that’s all of us) - and we can’t just send you all to another country - because your filth would just creep back and find us clean people - and sully and contaminate us.

Now I have to tell you - that I don’t give a toss about Jimmy Shore - or the Greens - because I would dearly like to see them all give up and become normal - because in our own ways we all have a green tinge - and we do care about the environment - but we are not Marxist lunatics - and we do not need their Nazi like dictatorship that showed itself in the way they have treated poor James Shaw.


It was a classic Marxist/Communist thing that they did to him last night. (24th July 2022) Before they passed judgment on him - they put him up against the wall - and held him up to ridicule on the TV - before the Masses - and condemned him before the trial even begun.

Think hard about this: Are these really the kind of people we need in Government.

Denis Hall describes himself as an old man and an artist - a thinker - a writer - and a commentator. He does what he does - for the love of it.


Mudbayripper said...

The utter irony, is that, with all the talk of discrimination against every kind of sub group on the planet.
The most discriminated group on the planet is infact, stale pale males.

Robert Arthur said...

I feel genuinely sorry for him. If he were trace maori there would be a myriad avenues open where he could beaver away on some agenda and more thn likely on the public purse. But for we mere pure whiteys the options are limted.

Anonymous said...

I can almost hear him do a Russell Norman..... Give me back my flag....

Anonymous said...

when they will run out of fodder, they will happily eat their own :)