Sunday, July 31, 2022

Denis Hall: This is serious stuff - but may seem a bit weird! Christopher Luxon?

I can’t say I’m feeling sorry for him - but I am very concerned.

We can’t say he’s dead at the wheel - - because he doesn’t even seem to have made it into the vehicle yet. He hasn’t inspired me even slightly - and me - like the rest of the Nation’s people - are desperately looking for a new leader for what is left of the actual Nation - not to even mention the National Party itself.

Maybe National needs to do the big switcharoo - and swap him for Nicola Willis - or look deeper into the membership for leadership material.

We need a leader who will be strong - and whose strength is obvious - and ready for trouble - and able to deal with it - and he will need charisma - and the drawing power to lift the Nation out of the deepest and most corrupt and dangerous hole it has EVER been in.

So - watch the Newshub clip HERE - all the way to the end when the other “presenter” remarks “Poor Thing” referring to Luxon. Their contempt for him is palpable - and that is shown in the repetitive, childish and inane questions.

I could not believe he let them get away with it.

There must be someone with Leadership abilities and aspirations in the rank and file of the National Party - that they can slip in on the Party List. Work the system you guys - the Nation needs better from you - and we need it fast!

So listen up! Forget about the economy and the deeply damaged Health System - and face the reality why don’t you.


Right there is the reason for all the other economic and organisational failures - so fix that tribal rule issue - and the resulting cohesion will cause all to come right.

Come on National Party - open your eyes - and look - and see what you are going to inherit - because you are almost certain to win - because I think the Labour Greens want you to win - because they know you will end up trying to deal with the clean up phase of their disastrous policies - and it will be all your fault.

The Nation is in deep trouble - and you will have the biggest fixit job in the Nation’s history on your hands.

In the interests of Tribal rule and separatism - this Labour Green Government has carefully organised and manipulated the Nation on to a dangerous precipice of social, cultural and economic upheaval - and we desperately need leadership to get us back off the cliff top and back to reality - and it needs to be someone we can have confidence in and follow - - so if we are going to follow - we need someone who can lead - and show us they know and can tell us where the hell we are going.

We need someone decisive - and with a clear vision for the future - tempered with an understanding of the present.

Have the balls Christopher - (or Nicola) to recognize the elephant in the room. The Labour Greens have got us on a road to Tribal rule - and a racist future ruled by a minority cartel holding all the economic cards - and holding all the Water resources - and the Health system to ransom - in a world where any such an idea is abhorrent - and poor Chris Luxon doesn’t even acknowledge it as a problem?


That’s him as far as I’m concerned - he needs to go.

I watched some clips of him talking to our so called “News” media - and they just play with him. It’s not going to be a walk in the park Prime Ministership Mr. Luxon! The Nation of New Zealand is facing an upheaval greater even than the 1930s Depression - because we are on the cusp of serious social upheaval here at home - without even thinking about the disasters unfolding internationally.

If you - or the voters think National will win an election and it will be plain sailing again - with composure in Parliament and on the streets - you are delusional.

A lot of people can see very bad social disruption and dangerous cultural conditions coming - contributed to by earlier insane policies of your party as well - and brought to the boil over the last 5 years by the deranged Labour Green government - and all the citizens with prescience - the sensible ones - are selling up and heading for Australia already.

The problem is - that for nearly 50 years now - people have been educated to believe a gigantic lie. That lie is that the Europeans (white people) arrived here 200 years ago and destroyed an idyllic and romantic lifestyle lived by Maori - and NOTHING - could be further from the truth.

Maori were leading a very difficult existence - with no clothing or fabric - no pottery - and no metal tools - and no easy source of red meat - and not much in the way vegetables - so they practiced cannibalism and tribal wars.

Where is the romance in THAT?

That is in fact the simple truth - and all else is a lie.

Problem is - that the consequences of that great lie have matured - and are about to come home to roost. Many Maori have heard the lie - were taught the lie at school and on the Marae - and they want to believe the lie - and are very resentful at what they now see as a great injustice done to them by White people.

So who can we thank for that?

Yes - I know: Politically correct politicians and schoolteachers - who will tell you they were just trying to make Maori feel better about themselves.

But now we have reached the sheer drop at the end of the nonsense - we are on the precipice. A few of us can see it - and millions of us are not even looking - and that seems to include Luxon.

Look at the projections and look at the stats.

The Government are calling it a brain drain - but it is much more than that. It is the same draining of wealth, patriotism, enthusiasm, expertise and common sense that was suffered by Zimbabwe and Venezuela after they allowed themselves to be governed by idiots and lunatics.

They will NEVER come back from that - and neither will we if we let it go any further.

We can see that in our future - our NEAR future - like next year.

We desperately desperately desperately - need the National Party to stand up and become a trustworthy political entity - and realise that they have an historic term in front of them - because they will win the next election by default - and unless they wake up and tell the Nation that they see the problem that we all see - and that they have a plan - they will never serve another term in Government EVER, and neither will they deserve it.

Maybe Act and David Seymour will be the future - and the tired old worn out National Party will be consigned to the dustbin of History. This next term will either be an abject failure that will destroy the National Party forever - or maybe by some amazing fluke - they might just manage to crawl out from under their rock.

It could be a triumph as they put the heart back into the Nation and get it back on the rails. There is their choice - but they have to have a spokesman/woman with the ability to tell the Nation that they do actually see the problem facing us for what it is - and know what the job at hand actually is….. and are working on a solution.

Every person in the Nation is worried about that tribal rule and separatism - - except it seems - the National Party.

They do not seem to understand the basics of this. The unimportant eighty three percent of the Nation will be drafted off into a new tribe - the much vilified White Tribe - and they will have no power - because the White Tribe is not to be recognised as a tribe.

So what do we have to counter THAT future?

Christopher Luxon bantering with the creepy buggers on the TV so called “News” about his holiday in Hawaii - and THAT - is NEVER going to cut the mustard.

The people are looking for a leader Mr. Luxon - and at this moment - I don’t believe you are it.

Perhaps Nicola is. She sure looks worried enough - but has she got a clear vision of what is around that corner?

Mr. Luxon - we never know - there is a small chance I could be wrong about you.

Maybe it’s the nasty TV people hazing you. But for God’s sake - I watched the interview - in fact I watched two of them - and they were both taking the p*$$ - and what was it about that that you could not see? You should have cut them off at the knees and said - “I don’t have time for this nonsense - ask a grown up question or I’m off - because I have actual work to do.”

Denis Hall describes himself as an old man and an artist - a thinker - a writer - and a commentator. He does what he does - for the love of it.


DeeM said...

Forget Luxon, and Willis too. Both ex-woke-corporates (AirNZ and Fonterra).
I can't think of anyone in the National Party fit to take over.

What would fix it is if a huge number of National voters switched to ACT and some of the centre-right minnows that won't get in next time around.
Those are the only parties speaking out against separatism.

But it's not just Luxon asleep at the wheel. It's a good proportion of the public as well.

Mudbayripper said...

Dear Chris.
I no you probably won't read this. I hope the message gets through. I and many others need the national party to commit to the dismantling of the gross assault on our democracy through the misguided understanding that there is a partnership between the government and some nz citizens who claim Maori ancestry.
This issue will be the defining one at the next election, mark my words.
Our countrys future depends on you're ability to be clear and decisive and to commit to the complete dismantling of an apartheid system currently being forced onto the free and equal citizens of New Zealand. National could landslide this election if it has the courage.

Congratulations on the promotion to leader. I and many have faith in your judgment.

Faithfully yours Geoff Clasby Muriwai beach.

I wrote this email to Chris Luxon
In December 2021.
I'm sure he's aware of the mood of the people. If not we're in big trouble.
The National party have had ample time to communicate their intentions.
Like you Denis I have little faith.
David Seymour seems to be the only hope.

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K said...

I just hope that Luxon has Key as his mentor and they have 'a plan'. One of which is keeping his powder dry for 2023 maybe.
This is no corporate bullsh*t they are trying to kill Luxon.

Anonymous said...

Agree. Willis notwithstanding, National is a spent force - they are as terrified as every other craven NZer of appearing racist, when the VERY THING we are objecting to is distinguishing between citizens on the basis of RACE. You could say we deserve what we get!

Phil said...

I recommend you read the essay by Paul Kingsnorth on the UK Unherd site this weekend. He paints a very dark picture of what the whole world is up against. I doubt anyone in New Zealand has the power to stand the against this global revolution

Anonymous said...

Luxton is learning Maori and so is the new National MP for Tauranga. National are doomed. ACT will surge in the next election.

Alan G said...

100% agree with this.

I keep looking out for Mr Luxon to make a stand, show us what he believes and the direction that the National Party will take us in - and stand up for the great majority of the population who are fast becomeing marginalised. So far. it's not so different to Labour as far as I can see.

I am in despair about this but maybe as a white middle class heterosexual male my opinions don't count and I should just crawl back into my hole and let the experts tell us the truth.

Please, please, please National, stand up, this is absolutely vital, let the public know what is going on and FFS fight for our country.

Janine said...

There are only two parties worthy of Kiwis votes if you don't want to go down the separatist track. They are Democracy NZ or ACT.

This is my take, an ex-National voter! I do not believe Luxon is saying anything that would convince me he is the one to turn the ship around from this insidious separatist ideology. He will no doubt do just enough to get elected. Is that what we want though? Every time anyone challenges him, he just says "I don't want or need their votes, anyhow".
He is definitely not addressing the "Treaty as a partnership" issue. Many here do not believe the Treaty is a partnership.

Alan said...

I am a voter in the Botany electorate, and at this stage I will vote for Luzon purely because I am concerned if I didn’t the Labour candidate may win, but if Luxon does not start to address the real problems that he must be able to see will occur if the current governments tribal rule agenda is embedded, my party vote will go to Act. David Seymour knows the MSM will try to villify him, so he doesn’t give a hoot what they think. Luxon needs to learn this lesson, and remember who votes for him (good solid hard working NZ’ers) who want the same rights for all of us.

gregd said...

Exactly Denis,Does Luxon and National not take this situation with Labour seriously?Do they not read the comments on this and other sites,just not relating to fuel or food prices,they will sort themselves out, but it is the nasties,3 waters/seperate health/co-governance/maori wards/stuffing up the English language via the left and woke media/crime/a woke police commisioner,no law and order and it goes on and on.You would think big players in the business communitee who support National would be seeing the same as we do, and making comment to the National executive.I have seen several speeches by Simon O'connor in parliament and he seems to have a bit 'of bite' in him, Luxon will need to 'pull a rabbit out of the hat' fairly shortly as they should be further ahead in the polls.

Anonymous said...

DeeM has it exactly right. All I will NZ is not the only country where people put too much faith in experts and look up to corporate leaders like they have special skills the rest of us lack. This not so and the opposite is true. Corporate leaders today are chosen for their lack of empathy. So the theory goes this makes it easier for them to make decisions in the best interests of the shareholders, which may not be in the best interest of the employees. This is not the quality you need in a leader of a country. That person needs to thinking of the people, not in the interests of all the other interest groups who behave like shareholders. This is why the likes of Luxon are failures before they even start.

Doug Longmire said...

Excellent article Denis,
You are right on the mark - our nation, our society and our democracy are under the most dangerous destructive attack from the enemy within.

Watching that interview with those supercilious sneering reporters, I found Luxon embarrassingly weak.
All he has to say was
"Yes - we recorded that in Te Puke, but by an admin error, it was broadcast later, when I was overseas. That won't happen again !"

And YES as all the above comments make clear, Luxon just has to get the message to stand up against this Zimbabwe style reverse apartheid that is currently being thrust upon our nation.