Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Clive Bibby: Complacency is our enemy

Warning to National.

Being ahead in the polls and watching the Government commit suicide would normally be seen as a time for keeping the noses clean while waiting for the inevitable "takeover" of the treasury benches. 

However, it would be wrong to think that it will be that easy.

In fact, given the uninspiring leadership being offered by Christoper Luxon, it is by no means a certainty that the Oppostion will appeal to enough people to be trusted with government come election time next year.

You don't need to read Andrea Vance's damning expose' to appreciate that National under its current leadership is in danger of losing the next winnable contest almost by default. 

My assessment of this unfortunate scenario is not something that l enjoy promoting but, as a Centre Right voter, I am concerned that we must all do our bit to ensure the right outcome next year. 

For me, living here in the provinces where the election will be won or lost, it is important to make sure our party leadership is in touch with grass roots feeling re what needs to happen in the months leading up to the general election I wish it were different but unfortunately, someone needs to ignite a response from those who can make it happen.

It would appear that Luxon is only responding to those advisors who are telling him what he likes to hear. 

Here is my list of jobs to do:

Firstly, he needs to make a number of unequivocal commitments (promises) to the electorate and ensure they are reproduced in the party's manifesto well in advance of voting day. 

He needs to promise to repeal any unmandated legislation that has been or is in the process of being introduced by the current government including the 3 Waters, guaranteed maori wards that are imposed on communities without a vote, separate health governance systems that are not already operating effectively and any laws that provide for revisionist school curriculums such as our National history texts being introduced without consultation. 
In other words, anything that had its gestation in the racist clandestine He Pua Pua report. 

He needs to promise, where necessary, to return the country's resources back to a system of oversight that is not racially inspired. Shared governance of our resources was never a promise made to the Maori co-signatuaries of the Treaty of Waitangi nor mentioned as such in the founding document.

However, we do have examples of shared oversight of national entities that are working well without the divisive political structures imposed by government.

Luxon needs to put a line in the sand offering the citizens of this country a clear choice next election. 

If he fails to do so, he runs the risk of enough voters deciding there is no incentive to vote for change and simply stay at home. 

My hope is that the National leader, like Act’s David Seymour will begin to base his public comments on the issues that either identify with the hardship being suffered by common folk or the policies that are dividing us. He needs to be confident in his own opinions on issues that affect us all and be prepared to state his position without fear that a public stance may cost him votes. 

For example, his opinion on the moral and social issues of the day, abortion, cannabis use and gender politics. 

That shouldn't be too hard but, at the moment, it remains to be seen if this leopard can change its spots. 

If he does, l am confident that Bob Jones's prediction of a landslide result will be proved correct.

Clive Bibby is a commentator, consultant, farmer and community leader, who lives in Tolaga Bay.


DeeM said...

I can't recall the last time I heard Luxon say anything about anything.
He's missing in action and I can only assume he or his advisors have told him to keep his head down and wait for Labour to implode.

Do you really want a PM like that? No courage and no conviction? He's a woke corporate wallah. At least Seymour and ACT aren't afraid to tell everyone what they stand for and what they'll do to sort out this government's mess.
Chris seems too scared in case a bad journo has a go at him.

With him in charge don't expect much change for the better. He'll just dampen the fires down ready for the next bunch of socialist wackos to come along, and carry on learning Te Reo and being "inclusive".

Sven said...

He is a corporate goon and coward, brown people with face tattoos scare him, wrong man for the job.

John S said...

Dont worry Clive he wont want to start releasing policy too early. He will be relying on a well developed plan put together by his entourage of corporate marketing whizzes. Bit like the All Blacks really - dont want to peak too early while forgetting Plan B which is about what happens when they dont peak at all.

Geoffrey said...

Is it too late to be saying, "Bring back Judith"?

Anonymous said...

there will be a big swing to ACT

Don said...

and I will be part of it...

Allan said...

After John Key, who endorsed the signing of UNDRIP, & committed N.Z to the Paris Acord that is supposed to alter the climate, why would any one cling to the hope that National will offer an alternative to Globalist Agenda Labour.
National was established in 1937 by Sidney Holland, to counter Communism.
They have totally abandoned their founding principles, & we now find ourselves with a 'Party' who have adopted the Communist inspired U.N directive, rapidly leading to Global government, that can only end in disaster.
And yet the misguided still cling too the hope that things will change if National once again replace Labour as the majority Party.

Anonymous said...

We are not yet in election mode and the Govt is self harming by its inability to execute policy and forcing He Pua Pua on us. I am hopeful a National / Act strategy is already developed ready for implementation at the most important election in our history.

Sven said...

Most people are dumb, a good number are afraid,and the rest either haven't a clue or can't be bothered unless it directly affects them, by then it is to late.