Friday, July 29, 2022

Bob Jones: Language mis-use

J.K. Rowling is constantly attacked by wokists for supposed trans-phobia. She’s a wordsmith so would be specially sensitive to the correct use of language.

In her rightly arguing there are only two sexes and the fact that some people believe they’ve been born in the wrong bodies, doesn’t alter the reality, namely there are only two sexes, regardless of what they genuinely believe.

But what gets my gander is the mis-use of the word “phobia”. It basically means an irrational fear. I very much doubt that J.K. Rowling fears the sight of a bloke in a dress or a head-shaven woman in men’s garb. Rather, I suspect she’d hold libertarian views of each to their own etc.

What she protests about is that a bloke believing he’s a woman doesn’t make him a woman, anymore than he believing he’s the Second Coming, Napoleon or a zebra makes any of those things factual.

The issue arises mostly with the use of single sex toilets and women’s sport and the protest pressure on these issues comes substantially from women.

It doesn’t arise with the reverse situation. No man could care less on seeing a trans woman in men’s clothing enter a men’s toilet cubicle and they’re obviously not going to line up at the urinal.

Nor are they going to compete in men’s sport as they’d be butchered, lacking the actual physical capabilities. That reality bears out why it’s outrageous that blokes who believe they’re women, are still in some cases, thanks to weak-minded sports administrators, competing in women’s sport.

Sir Bob Jones is a renowned author, columnist , property investor, and former politician, who blogs at No Punches Pulled HERE.


DeeM said...

I see the transgender American swimmer who cleaned up at the US National Swimming Championships, smashing multiple records, has been nominated by some swimming and athletics body for "Woman" of the Year.

That really is rubbing the real women swimmers noses in it. And don't tell me they all think this is great.

Unsurprisingly, before the hero of US womens swimming made the change he was an average male swimmer who won nothing. What a great career move!

Rex said...

Couldn't agree more with you & well said. The sad part of your column is the fact most of the protest pressure is coming from woman. Men need to protest about this as well but I suspect most men are afraid of being labeled by some "phobia" word or like I often get labeled as "pale male & stale".

Robert Arthur said...

i thought I had many phobias, but checked the dictionary and seems I have only one; co governace in its many proposed NZ forms.