Sunday, August 14, 2022

Derek Mackie: This is NOT Democracy!

What’s wrong with New Zealand these days? 
                Why does Our government not listen? 
          Why are they Tweaking our electoral system? 

                We live in Dangerous times 
 Where ideological Extremists have taken control 
              Promoting Maori co-governance 
            Denigrating One person, one vote 
         Changing our Country’s name by stealth 
                     Falsely Reinventing our history 
  Claiming cultural Affinity and ownership 
                          IndoCtrinating our kids at school 
              All without Your approval and consent 

                 This is NOT Democracy!!

The system our Labour government wants to foist on us, with the open backing of the Green Party and Maori Party, is a dual-class system of citizenship based on race.  Only one race matters and will be preferred in all things.  
We must expose and reject this extreme agenda because:-

> It IS an abuse of power and trust by a tiny group of political and academic Left-wing radicals. 

 > It IS an authoritarian coup, dressed up as rectification for the perceived wrongs of colonisation, to restore tribal rule and all the negative connotations that go with it. 

 > It IS a coordinated exercise in national propaganda, actively supported by our mainstream media, with dissenting voices suppressed, cancelled or falsely maligned. 

 > It IS a blatant power grab, giving ultimate decision-making to just 17% of the population. 

> It IS a form of apartheid, but has little to do with skin colour, as is evident by some of the principal proponents who claim Maori ancestry. 

 > It IS all to do with wealth, privilege and control, with only a very small group of Maori elites benefitting. 

> It IS an attempt to erase or re-write our nation’s past history, both European and Maori, and replace it with a one-sided concocted narrative which ignores abhorrent indigenous practices and instead nurtures a view that everything Maori is good and superior to European values and beliefs.

> It IS the assertion that Maori have a greater connection and superior bond to the land and water and deserve unelected representation and compulsory input and approval of all decisions and processes affecting these natural resources. 

> It IS founded on the basis of favouritism by race, rather than need, so by definition is racist. But it is very likely all Maori are interbred with Europeans to some degree and most are less than 50% indigenous, so the race-based argument doesn’t stand up. 

 By voting for ANY political party which actively promotes or condones this agenda you are either knowingly or unwittingly complicit in the dismantling of our democracy and way of life. 

 Take a stand. 
 DON’T vote for racism. 
 Vote for DEMOCRACY - it’s the best imperfect system we’ve got. 

Derek Mackie is a geologist with a keen interest in current affairs.


Anonymous said...

New Zealand should be 100% democratic, with only one vote per person as it has always been. Non of this racist nonsense

Doug Longmire said...

You have summed this up with crystal clarity, Derek.
This government is the greatest threat to our once proud free nation that I have ever seen or heard of.
The apartheid, separatist track they are forcing upon us will destroy our nation.
There is literally no good that can come of a race based apartheid structure forced upon the citizens of New Zealand. It will only lead to anger, division, race protests, and very likely, violence similar to civil war !!

Anonymous said...

Where is John Minto and his group of protesters who fought against apartheid in South Africa? Very conspicuous by his absence.

Geoffrey said...

I agree wholeheartedly with the thrust of your argument, except for the se of the term “indigenous” , Tribal Maori were neither a unified people or indigenous. They comprised several expeditions from the same general area emanating (probably) from Taiwan.