Saturday, January 20, 2024

Breaking Views Update: Week of 14.1.24

Saturday January 20, 2024 

Leaked ministry doc warns Bill could break spirit and text of Treaty

A leaked document from the Ministry of Justice warns the Government's proposed Treaty Principles Bill's key points are at odds with what the Treaty of Waitangi actually says.

"The Bill will also change the nature of the principles from reflecting a relationship akin to a partnership between the Crown and Māori to reflecting the relationship the Crown has with all citizens of New Zealand. This is not supported by either the spirit of the Treaty or the text of the Treaty."

The date requested for the introduction of the Bill is May 31, 2024.....
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Luxon defends decision not to attend nationwide hui
Prime Minister Christopher Luxon is defending his decision not to attend Saturday's nationwide hui, saying it isn't a political event.

The open-invitation hui was called by Kiingi Tuuheitia over fears of the coalition government's plans for Māori.

"It's not actually a political event, per se, it's actually not for politicians, we are not front and center in those conversations.

"It's an opportunity for Māoridom to come together. I'm very supportive of it, I think it's a good idea to be able to think about where is Māori going out to 2040 and beyond.....
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Barrie Davis: The Temerity of Waitangi

The three big weeks about to unfold in the new government's relationship with Māori

Kīngitanga: Is this monarchy making democracy cool again?

Ngarimu Blair: The time is right for Māori to unite

Mass protests ‘just the beginning’ as iwi prepare for unified response

David Seymour hits out at 'activist judges and bureaucrats' after leaking of draft Treaty of Waitangi principles

Leaked ministry advice suggests proposed Treaty Principles Bill ‘highly contentious’

National hui for unity an opportunity to send powerful message to Government, says Ngāti Kahungunu leader  

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Friday January 19, 2024 

Waitangi Tribunal: Crown failed to address landlocked Māori land 
The Waitangi Tribunal has ruled the Crown has breached Te Tiriti o Waitangi by allowing Māori land to become landlocked, and has failed to impactfully solve the issue.

The tribunal received 46 claims from the Taihape district in the central North Island, with many of the claims arguing the Crown allowed Māori land to become landlocked, and in doing so breached its duty under article 2 of the Treaty to protect the tino rangatiratanga of Māori over their own lands.

Over a quarter of Māori land around Aotearoa is landlocked, according to Herenga ā Nuku, the Walking Access Commission.

This issue is further exemplified in Taihape, according to the tribunal, as 70% of remaining Māori land in the area is landlocked, exceeding 50,000 hectares.....
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Traditional support from ACC
ACC is providing rongoā Māori – traditional Māori healing – at this week’s national Waka Ama championships.

Its partnership with Waka Ama is part of a strategy, Huakina Te Rā, which has the vision of Tōnui Ake Nei – A Thriving Aotearoa.

So the thousands of competitors at this week’s event at Lake Karāpiro have access to the biggest tent on site, a whānau zone where they can get a traditional ACC health message.....
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Luxon sticking closely to the norm as Rātana and Waitangi Day loom

New Year Honours 2024: Waikato director receives ONZM for services to governance and Māori

Dr Awanui Te Huia wishes support for te reo Māori went beyond one week

Māori in two minds over New Zealand PR man’s Hakacise programme sweeping the United Kingdom

Whāngai As An Alternative To Our Broken Foster Care System And The Government’s Proposed Repeal

Analysis: Why the Govt should heed rare national hui

Why Prime Minister Christopher Luxon won't attend Kiingitanga hui at Tūrangawaewae Marae  

Thursday January 18, 2024 

Far North iwi gets $6.6m to save threatened taonga species 
Far North iwi Ngāti Kuri has received $6.6 million to scale up land restoration and save threatened taonga species across its rohe.

Foundation North has given the iwi a grant for $6.6m to increase and sustain the restorative work within its region.

The funding will be provided over three years and will employ 16 people to maintain the restorative work the iwi has been ramping up through relationships with Auckland Museum, Manaaki Whenua and others, as well as a Department of Conservation Jobs for Nature fund. The Foundation North grant will enable work to continue and activities to be scaled up.....
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Using Māori culture to connect with dog owners
New Animal Control Officer at Rotorua Lakes Council, Te Atu Rangi Reweti, uses his Māori culture to connect with people in his role.

The unit also manages dog registration. This often means they are faced with some dog owners who can be agitated......
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Giant windmills blow hapū to UN
Hapū of Ngāruahine iwi are going to the United Nations to challenge fast-track resource consenting as undemocratic after failing to stop New Zealand's tallest wind power turbines being built in South Taranaki.

The hapū are filing three claims under separate UN mechanisms because the usual right of appeal to the Supreme Court is not available under the Covid-19 fast-track law, by which the windmills got consent.....
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Ngira Simmonds: Time is right for a conversation about kotahitanga and national identity

Culturally sensitive approach needed to treat Māori with eating disorders – study

Whānau traditions turns into Tiriti workshops

'We're not going to sit by' - Northland wāhine Māori push back against govt agenda

The Kiingitanga will hold a rare hui to hold Government accountable, but will ministers show up?

'A rangatira was once a rangatahi': Youth encouraged to attend Māori King's Hui ā Motu

ACT's David Seymour rejects iwi leader's claim Government trying to 'destroy' Māori  

Wednesday January 17, 2024 

More details emerge from Luxon’s meeting with Māori King 
Kiingi Tuuheitia reiterated the importance of te reo Māori and insisted Māori maintain their mana motuhake or self-determination.

"What we're looking for now is how Māori can lead the entire nation.

"I think all prime ministers need to understand the significance of Te Tiriti o Waitangi and the role of te iwi Māori in the life of New Zealand.....
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Iwi calls Govt policies 'a deliberate strategy to erase us'
Whanganui and neighbouring iwi will travel to Ngāruawāhia at the weekend to meet with the Kīngitanga and other iwi concerned about the plans of the new coalition Government.

Whanganui iwi leader Ken Mair said there’s a strong desire by Māori around the country to take action against the new Government’s policies and plans.

“I’ve never seen this concerted effort to undermine all the good work that our tūpuna have done in the past in this way … this attack right across the board, whether it’s our language, the Tiriti o Waitangi, health, smoking. It’s a deliberate strategy to basically erase us from legislation and policies.....
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Iwi reject Shane Jones' claim hui will be a 'moan session'
New Zealand First deputy leader Shane Jones says a national hui of iwi could turn into a "monumental moan session".

Jones told Morning Report the policies were what the public voted for.

"What the country voted for was a revamp and a reset, and a reset's on the way," he said .

"Transitions are always awkward, but there's nothing in the coalition agreement that negates or delegitimises the Māori language.".....
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New pou telling Taranaki stories unveiled in Eltham
South Taranaki District councillor Steffy McKay said the 6.5 feet-tall carved post was unveiled in a ceremony on Bridge St.

The mix of Māori crafts and artifacts, such as a rugby ball, a fruit bowl and a fire hydrant, represented all the iwi of Taranaki coming together, she said.....
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Waipā District Mayor calls for next young Māori leader to join Tuia programme
Waipā District Mayor Susan O’Regan is inviting aspiring young Māori leaders to apply for a chance to join the 2024 national Tuia Programme.

The programme was designed to build leadership skills and is part of the Mayors Taskforce for Jobs and involved mentoring from O’Regan.

Last year O’Regan mentored Te Awamutu’s Maude Rewha and she could not wait to see who was selected for 2024.....
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Māori authority exports drop 16 per cent in September quarter
Total goods exports for Māori authorities were down 16 per cent in the September quarter of 2023 compared to the September 2022 quarter, according to new data from Stats NZ.

Goods exports by Māori authorities were down $28 million to $150m, with milk powder, butter and cheese exports falling 13 per cent on the previous period to $36m....
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Tama Potaka, Dan Bidois to represent Government at Kiingitanga hui
The Government has confirmed it will send representatives to Saturday’s hui, called by the Kiingitanga.

This comes after Māori King Tuheitia Pōtatau Te Wherowhero VII met with Prime Minister Christopher Luxon on Monday.

A spokesperson for Luxon’s office told Stuff that Māori Development Minister Tama Potaka, and chair of the Māori Affairs select committee Dan Bidois will represent the Government at the hui.

Te Pāti Māori has also confirmed its full caucus will be in attendance.....
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Act Party won’t attend Rātana celebrations, PM and Winston Peters set to speak
Act will be the only party in Parliament not represented at this year’s Rātana celebrations as leader David Seymour confirms he will continue his run of absences at the annual event.

Seymour, who did not attend last year as Act leader, told the Herald today he would not be there this year in his role as minister and coalition leader.

“I’ve always seen Waitangi as the state occasion and the beginning of the political year,” he said.

He described Rātana as an “event hosted by a church” that people were free to attend but that it did not hold the same significance as Waitangi.

Both Luxon and New Zealand First leader Winston Peters will attend, alongside leaders from Labour, the Greens and Te Pāti Māori. All leaders will be provided an opportunity to speak.....
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Shane Jones: New Zealand First responds to Waikato-Tainui court claim

Te Aka Whai Ora giving Māori ‘strong voice’ in health system: TH board chair

Anaru Eketone: I celebrated when I turned 60, because life expectancy for Māori is 59  

Tuesday January 16, 2024 

Health System Steps Closer To Delivery On Need, Not Race 
“The Māori Health Authority experiment has been disastrous waste of half a billion dollars. It failed to hire for critical skills because it was too focused on hiring based on race, it sacked half its board, and above all it created resentment and division among New Zealanders.

“Using race to determine who gets access to health services is painting with an awfully broad brush. Elevating race above factors like age, income group, geographic location, and personal medical history inevitably detracts from the principle of needs-based public healthcare, meaning someone, somewhere, in desperate need misses out.

“The emphasis should be fitting services to every individual, from every background. Our population is more diverse than just Māori and non-Māori.....
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Māori King meets PM Christopher Luxon, days before national hui
Kiingi Tuheitia Pootatau Te Wherowhero VII has met with Prime Minister Christopher Luxon, days before a nationwide hui called for Saturday, amid fears of the coalition Government’s plans for Māori.

Luxon, Māori Development Minister Tama Potaka and Kiingi Tuheitia met on Monday morning.

“The meeting had been planned since last year and was an opportunity to further build on the relationship they have established in the last two years,” a spokesperson for the prime minister said.....
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Don Brash: Why the Maori electorate must go

Summer questions: Manawa Udy on sustaining Māori business through political noise

The Kiingitanga will hold a rare hui to hold Government accountable, but will ministers show up?

Tukoroirangi Morgan - We will not allow Government to roll Māori back to the dark ages

Tukoirangi Morgan on why the Waikato River is important to Māori  

This Breaking Views Update monitors race relations in the media on a weekly basis. New material is added regularly. If you would like to send Letters to the Editor in response to any of these articles, most media addresses can be found HERE


F. Sharp said...

Luxon should by Tuku Morgan some new silk underpants as it seems his present ones are somewhat soiled. That would probably shut him up for a while.

Jo said...

Why can't luxon just say "No more treaty settlements or land claims. It is finished. This is 2024 and nz is a multi- cultural society and everyone is to be treated equally. If a maori person wants land, they can get a job, save up a deposit and buy it, like everyone else has to."

Robert Arthur said...

I wonder if the king met alone. Did he have a mike and earpiece to communicate with his manipulator(s)?
Non trace maori have been very neglectful in allowing all the pro maori legislation of recent years. It should have been opposed as maori now intend to oppse the moderation. But colonists have been cowed by cancellation, lack the coordination provided by subsidised marae, and most are otherwise too productively occupied to participate.

boudicca said...

Why is the Waikato River important to Tuku? Because Waikato-Tainui screw Auckland Council / ratepayers for $20 mill a year to take water from the river

Anonymous said...

Tuuheitia saying the quite bit out loud. (My interpretation in brackets).

"What we're looking for now is how (PART) Māori can lead (TAKE OVER) the entire nation. We believe mana motuhake or self determination (GRIFTING) will enable success for everybody (MAORI MAFIA) and won't be a style of leadership (TRIBALISM) that will be detrimental to other people who live in New Zealand.

The next couple of weeks will determine if this Government believes in democracy or apartheid.

Robert Arthur said...

If threats lead to shop lifting then in the developing maori revolt, shopkeepers will be advised to keep a close watch on Seymour, Peters, Luxon, their teams, and supporters of.
Seems Eltham is the latest to acquire a pou (totem pole). It will be interesting to see if it incorporates the traditional pakeha mockery. The incorporation of a rugby ball seems a considerable departure from tikanga/te pou tradition.
I do not envy Potaka at Ngaurawahia. He will need to wear a Police vest and keep his mouth firmly shut

Scott said...

This meeting with Luxon sounds very disappointing. Mana motuhake and Maori self determination are not compatible with the nation of NZ and our democracy. Let's not go back to 1839.

Robert Arthur said...

re 18.The Auditor General must love schemes like the Northland save taonga lark. A bunch of maori with vaguely definable unmeasureable goals larking about out of sight in the bush. With barely relevant trips to Australia thrown in. And ditto visits by Australians, sure to include race based stirrers to be given voice on marae. I trust the part ratepayer funded museum contribution is confined to information. Maori are great conservationists until real sacrifice is required. They insist on pine forests. And will not allow extermination of wild pigs to preserve kauri. The pigs taonga since advance corrupting colonist Capt Cook.

robert Arthur said...

Re 19th. Legislation provides for landlocked land to be remedied. But not at no charge. Any rural maori development is now likely to spring dwellings. Then there will be a passing parade at all hours of whanau, associates of whanau, and associates of associates, in a miscellany of vehicles including Harleys, down some unmaintained r.ow. Security, roaming dogs, noise etc likely to become a problem. It will be a tragedy if the govt subsidises access. Any proviso for agricultural purposes only would soon be overturned or ignored.
The rongoa thing is yet another artful maori contrivance swung upon govt. There is no 1840 handbook. Like so much else maori it is whatever artful present day maori state it to be. It is incedibal how these race based accommodations have been made. Are all"patients" issued wih an ACC claims number? I do not know how the Auditor General sleeps at night.
(Can anyone advise where I can get brown contact lens? Personally as a small chest whitey, I want a masseuse who can shift mass from by bottom up, not the reverse as depicted.)

robert Arthur said...

re 20th.I suppose like every other govt organisation the M of J has been recruiting trace maori/pro maori in droves. The outcome is only to be expected. None of the legal types there want to blot their chances of future lucrative employment by maori.
I am surprised Luxon is so supportive of the rebel strategy planning session to be held at Ngaurawahia today. But he is wise not to attend. Would have needed a police vest and more bodygaurds than John Key. And would have been spat on at least. However tv viewers have been cheated of whakapohane which could have boosted audiences.

Hazel Modisett said...

Self determination includes paying your own way, not bludging off everybody else. Time to cut the line & see if these parasites survive without their host...

Anonymous said...

Well said Hazel.