Wednesday, January 31, 2024

Capitalist: Cultures Superior to Western Culture

Over the last century there has been a constant campaign by left-wingers and academics to undermine Western civilisation. The system which has provided them with so much is the one thing they despise. This has been done in a variety of ways, but always reached a predictable stumbling block of “an alternative”. Their first attempt was communism; that didn’t work too well, so it was back to the drawing board.

In the New Zealand context, it was to promote Maori culture and create the embarrassing fantasy world that New Zealand had been a green and pleasant land until white people arrived and wrecked the place. Unlike left-wingers and academics, everyone else had met, worked with, lived next door to, and otherwise interacted with, Maori people, so this lunacy collapsed like a lead balloon – to hoots of derisive laughter.

Curses! foiled again!

This anti-civilisation palaver wasn’t working out too well; especially when some impertinent rotter went and invented the internet, KFC, labour-saving appliances, and other things; not to mention the collapse of communism showing the game was up, left-wing-wise. Back to the drawing board – yet again – by the left-wingers and academics; “what could we do? What could we tell them? What lipstick can we put on the pig?”

What they came up with is both highly amusing, embarrassing, and – curiously – applied to numerous other places around the world, with equal abandon of logic and the truth. It’s always reminded me of the line “We are increasing your chocolate ration from 30gm to 20gm” in the novel 1984.

What they did was to bestow supernatural powers on Maori. Henceforth the line would be “Lots of harmless, peaceful, superhuman Maoris were living in a green and pleasant paradise – then white people turned up with their capitalist way of life!” As the rest of us choked on our laughter, wide-eyed university students, and other dullards comprising the urban middle class, lapped up increasingly oddball stories about –

1. Chiefs turning themselves into mountains

2. Or trees

3. Or paddling to Scott Base

4. Inventing swimming

5. Wrestling a taniwha for the last huhu grub

6. Being able to control the weather

7. And being somehow plugged into the land

8. You get the general idea.

Then once this sort of thing took hold, they added to it a few undefinable terms which are supposed to explain everything – “Maori traditional culture” – all to dutiful head nodding by incredibly silly, ignorant people.

When part of the reality is Once Were Warriors, welfare bludging, wife beating, child killing, indolence, crime, prison, gangs and violence you have to sort of ignore reality and create a new one. And what better than supernatural qualities with the implication that every Maori possesses these abilities but cannot use them because of colonial oppression? The left loves nothing better than unprovable contentions which, equally, cannot be disproven, and if you tried to (using common sense, for example), you could be silenced by accusations of being a “racist”. See how this works folks?

But it’s not just in New Zealand that this sort of rubbish is endemic. There’s an oft-told story about Chinese commie dictator Mao being asked how he thought the French Revolution was working; he replied “It’s too soon to tell” – oh chortle chortle; so witty. See folks? See how ancient and wise the Chinese are? Older than that new Western culture? See how much better it is?

What is disappointing is that nobody takes any of these supernatural contentions and seeks to disprove them. Perhaps they are too scared that they will succeed.

Capitalist is a simple country boy from the deep south who seeks nothing less than the destruction of socialism and collectivism in New Zealand. This article was first published HERE


Anonymous said...

Tell Luxon. He apparently has declared he fully subscribes to the Maori partnership nonsense. The wisdom of the gentle brown fairy folk will now guide NZ.

Does this mean free McDonalds and mandatory facial barcodes?

Apologies for the cynicism but it is all beyond belief. As much value as Chloe co- leading the Greens.

MC said...

Spot on. Great summary of our greatest losers.