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Ian Bradford: Convincing Arguments Against Anthropogenic Climate Change

The world is running on BS and propaganda and New Zealand is not exempt.

Here are a few reasons why human caused climate change is a gigantic fraud.


The roots of this climate scare lay in an environmental movement of the 1970’s. The club of Rome (environmental consultants to the UN) used computer modelling to warn that the world would run out of finite resources if population growth was left unchecked. They came up with the following statement: “In searching for a new enemy to unite us we came up with the idea that....the threat of global warming would fit the bill.”

Margaret Mead , anthropologist, organised a 1975 Nth Carolina conference. The conference concluded that anthropogenic Carbon Dioxide would fry the planet , melt the ice caps and destroy human life. The idea being to sow enough fear of man-made climate change to force cutbacks in industrial activity, and halt third world development.

Maurice Strong founded UNEP- the United Nations Environmental Programme and then the IPCC- the Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change, on the premise of studying only human CO2 driven causes of climate change. Here are two statements he made: “Isn’t the only hope for the planet that the industrial civilisations collapse. Isn’t it our responsibility to bring that about.” (UNEP)

“Current lifestyles and consumption patterns of the affluent middle class involving high meat intake, use of fossil fuels, appliances, air conditioning, and suburban housing, are not sustainable.” (Rio Earth Summit).

Here is what the UN Climate Change boss said at the 2015 Climate Change conference in Brussels. 

The caption right under the photo says: “Communism is best to fight global warming.”

Further down it says: “ The UN’s Real Agenda is a new world order under its control.”

Don’t these statement tell it all?

What do prominent well qualified scientists say.

There is no such thing as a “climate crisis”, says Nobel Prize winning physicist Dr John Clauser. In a speech he delivered at the recent Quantum Korea 2023 event, Clauser argued that the popular narrative about climate change reflects a dangerous corruption of science that threatens the world’s economy and the well being of billions of people. He accused the IPCC of spreading misinformation about a warming globe. “Those with political and opportunistic motives,” Clauser further stated, “are the ones pushing misinformation about the climate that is sending the world into ever worsening tyranny.”

Dr William Happer, Chairman of the CO2 Coalition Board of Directors, said that Clausers studies of science of climate provided strong evidence that there is no climate crisis, and that increasing CO2 concentrations will benefit the world. Dr Happer convinced Trump to withdraw from the Paris climate accord. That’s what the NZ government should also do.

Dr Richard Lindzen retired MIT chair, specialist in atmospheric physics and lead author of the UN, IPCC group 1 AR2 was so disgusted with what the politicians did with his scientific reporting that he became a global leader advocating the nonsense of CO2 global warming.

So Lindzen used to be part of the IPCC group. He wrote honestly about climate but the IPCC politicians in the group rejected his findings as they didn’t agree with their agenda. So those “scientists” remaining in the IPCC had to give the IPCC what they wanted rather than the truth about climate, in order to keep their jobs and their funding.

I will talk about Professor Zharkova later. Both her and Dr Willi Soon are solar physicists who say the sun is the controller of climate, and provide evidence for it.

Dr Patrick Moore, founder of Green Peace, states that the Earth needs more CO2 not less.

Dr Judith Curry has this to say: There is no emergency. She states that scientists have manufactured a consensus at the request of policy makers. The climate is going to do what the climate’s going to do.

What about the Earth’s temperature

The media is not letting up on pushing climate change. Now it’s “high” daily temperatures. If there is a temperature of 30 degrees somewhere in the country the media makes a big issue of it. We are not talking about every day, nor are we talking about all over several regions but rather just one small area. 30 degrees is quite normal for summer temperatures and have been occurring ever since I can remember. In 2009, I was walking around the streets of Melbourne in a temperature of 45 degrees. Now that really is hot. Then a day or two ago we were told that 2023 was the hottest year on record, though another commentator said the second hottest on record! So what was it? My view is that it was neither. I’d need to know where the readings were taken, and if a correction was made for urban heat island effect. This sounds like an Al Gore type statement. No figures given, just a statement: The hottest year on record. Where is the proof? Give us the temperatures. Has 2023 beaten 1936 where in the USA for example, temperatures were in the mid 40’s in several states for several weeks and then we had a temperature of 49 degrees C in July in Nth Dakota. But then we have NOAA, the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Agency saying that the earth has been cooling for the past 8 years. That statement was made in 2022. So suddenly on top of 8 years of cooling, we are told we have a record high temperature for the year 2023. There could be four reasons why 2023 was warm but not a record year. 1. The number of sunspots at 163 in June 2023- the largest number recorded in 20 years. The number of sunspots reflect the intensity and therefore more heat output of the sun. 2. The movement of the sun towards the aphelion, 3. The heating influence of El Nino. 4. The extra water vapour in the atmosphere from the Tongan volcano leading to a small amount of warming.


The Earth has been cooling for the past 8 years.

Here is their genuine graph with their logo and it has been accepted, even by alarmists. Sorry the figures are so faint. The logo is on the left at the top of the bars, just barely visible. 

The graph only covers 6 years

The rate of fall is 0.13 deg C per decade. So over the interval 2016 to 2022 - six years, the temperature has fallen just a bit under 0.1 deg C. This fall, even though we keep pumping more CO2 into the atmosphere. However, many scientists have stated that the earth’s temperature has been falling since 1998. So the earth’s temperature has been falling since 1998 to the present in spite of we being told the temperature is increasing. 

Pink line: Hadley Climate Research Centre. Blue line NASA. Green CO2 rise : Mauna Loa

Both Hadley and NASA are important climate research centres. Worldwide CO2 levels are nearly always obtained from Mauna Loa. The CO2 level increased by 20 parts per million, (ppm), over the 10 years shown. Global temperatures did not increase as predicted by the IPCC models – they fell! The earth’s temperature from 1998 to 2008 dropped by 0.65 deg C or 0.78 deg C depending on which graph set is chosen.

I won’t include the graph here but more evidence from the US Climate Reference Network shows a fall from 2005 to 2023 of 0.37 deg C. This nicely fills in the gap between NOAA’s findings and NASA’s findings. NASA’s graph stops at 2008 and NOAA’s graph starts at 2016. So clearly the earth has been cooling since 1989.

So, CO2 levels continued rising for all the period 1989 to 2022. The temperature of the earth fell during this period. How can you connect Carbon Dioxide with global warming?

Here are some temperatures from the past:

Wed June 17th-19th June 1859, The Eastern parts of Los Angeles reached an incredible 56 Deg C in the shade.

In 1934: Maricopa, Arizona had a June temperature of 52 Deg C

Kansas June reading in 1934 was 42 Deg C. Texas was also 42 Deg C in June 1934.

In 1936: Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, all set all time monthly record highs in June of 45 Deg C. Many other places were in the 40’s. On July the 6th 1936, Nth Dakota hit 49 Deg C.

This is only a small selection of the very high temperatures experienced in 1934 and 1936. For 2023 to be hotter than 1934 or 1936, we need several temperatures in the mid to high 40’s Deg C spread over several areas and lasting for some weeks at least. So far, I have not found any figures for 2023.

The US temperature data shows that 1936 was hotter than 2023, with worse and longer heatwaves and severe drought. So why are the climate alarmists deceiving people by claiming that the current temperatures are unprecedented and catastrophic? It is a massive waste of time and money for an imaginary problem that is based on data that has been falsified and models that have been proven inaccurate.

We are constantly being told that the earth is warming. Clearly that is incorrect. For the past 24 years the earth has been cooling.

Sea Level

My last article was on sea level rise. If you live in a coastal area don’t go and sell your house. In your lifetime, you will not need to worry about sea level rise.

Professor Valentina Zharkova

Professor Zharkova is the professor of mathematics at Northumbria University. She obtained a PhD from the Solar Division of the Main Astronomical Observatory in Kyiv, Ukraine. She has a wide range of interests including solar activity patterns.

Here’s a couple of terms: The aphelion is the longest distance of the earth from the sun and the perihelion is the shortest distance of the earth from the sun. 

If the sun is located at the focus of the ellipse then the difference in the two distances is about 4.8 million Km.

The sun does not sit at the focus of the ellipse but moves in spiral like paths under the gravitational influence of the four large planets. Over the past few hundred years the sun has been moving towards the aphelion in the above diagram.

The distance to the aphelion will be shorter by up to 149 million Km., during the summer in the Northern hemisphere and winter in the Southern hemisphere. Hence at this position of the Earth (The aphelion), the Earth receives more solar radiation and therefore heat in the Northern hemisphere summer and the Southern hemisphere winter. When the Earth moves to its perihelion the distance to the sun is longer and thus the solar radiation will be lower leading to colder winters in the Northern hemisphere and cooler summers in the Southern hemisphere. This is exactly what has been happening. Not so noticeable in the South but the Northern hemisphere has been experiencing hot summers and very cold winters.

The cold in the Northern Hemisphere. 

Newspaper headlines from Jan 8th 2024 for the U.S.

Here’s a newspaper headline from Canada from Jan 2nd 2021. Note the prediction of -50 deg C lows. These cold spells in the northern hemisphere winters have been going on for a few years now. There have been record low temperatures- never mentioned in the media. 

The Southern hemisphere would experience warmer winters and cooler summers. People I have spoken to agree than winters here are milder now. We are more than half way through summer and it has not been overly hot. A few areas have had a few days reaching 30 deg, but overall it has not been excessively warm. It has been dry in some areas due to lack of rain. We are in the midst of El Nino, which has a warming effect, so this may be masking the slightly cooler summer Professor Zharkova predicted.

El Nino events tend to raise the temperature over much of the planet. The trade winds weaken during El Nino, and less water moves westwards and the central and Eastern Pacific warms up more than usual. The warm air containing much moisture in the tropics rises to higher levels in the atmosphere. The moisture is released as rain and this releases extra heat called latent heat of condensation. This leads to more warming of the air. The warm temperatures above the Pacific Ocean spread out and warm the tropics, and convection can influence atmospheric temperatures in the mid latitudes also. On top of this we have all that water in the atmosphere from the Tongan volcano. This itself, produces a small degree of warming. So it is possible we may have a spike in the earth’s temperature, but that is what it is- not global warming due to Carbon Dioxide. But enough to say we had the warmest year on record- I don’t think so. I await some actual figures from 2023.

The estimated rate of warming due to the movement of the sun is 0.5 Deg C per hundred years. The period of motion of the planets is about 2200 years. This is related to the full cycle of the planet positions in their rotation about the sun. The solar irradiance can be increased by 3.5% by the sun’s closest point to earth and decreased by the same amount at the most distant point.

So since the Industrial Revolution 170 years ago some of the warming is due to the sun’s movement, and some due to the Earth coming out of the Little Ice Age. This gives the 1.5 Deg C warming since then. Carbon Dioxide as the culprit does not feature. The sun will continue moving towards the aphelion for some time yet- some 600 years. Remember the sun is under the gravitational influence of the four major planets. In another 600 years for example, the Earth will rise in temperature another 3 deg C, getting warmer simply from the movement of the sun. When the planets complete their cycle, the sun will start back towards the perihelion. That will mean the Earth will start cooling.

The sun has a magnetic field as does the earth. The sun produces sunspots, which are areas of magnetic activity, seen on the surface as dark spots. They are dark simply because they are cooler than the surrounding area. The number of sunspots is a reflection of the activity of the sun.

This is what a sunspot looks like

Sunspot activity waxes and wanes with roughly an 11 year cycle. After 11 years the polarity of the magnetic field changes for another 11 years then it changes back again and so on. It was Edward Maunder who pointed out that there were very few sunspots between 1645 and 1715, and this period was later named the Maunder Minimum . It was a very intense period of cold within the Little Ice Age. The 11 year period is induced by what is called the electromagnetic solar dynamo mechanism. In more recent times another period of 330-380 years or Grand Solar Cycle has been found. There are two layers of the solar dynamo that produce the magnetic field and it is the wave interference from these two that produce the Grand Solar Cycle every 350 years or so. This Grand Solar Cycle is well recorded in past observations of solar activity in Grand Solar Minimums –the Maunder, Wolf, Oort, Homeric and others.

At present the sun is in cycle 25. The numbering of cycles began in 1755. Cycle 25 is still at a maximum based on the number of sunspots. In June 2023 the number of sunspots was 163. This was the highest recorded for the past 20 years. This is an indication of how much more solar radiation has reached the earth in 2023, and hence more warming. The number of sunspots will decrease as cycle 25 comes to an end. Based on past information-the 350 year Grand Solar Cycle, the sun will then enter into a period of reduced solar activity –the Grand Solar Minimum. This will occur between 2025 and 2055- a period of 30 years. It will not be noticed for another 5 years or so until cycle 25 ends. It is similar to the Maunder Minimum and could be called a Mini Ice Age. The Earth’s temperature is expected to drop by about 1 deg C. After that, the continued warming by the travelling sun will again dominate. The next Grand Solar Minimum will arrive in 2375-2415.

By the way. Unpredictable stormy weather just like we are experiencing now, preceded the last Little Ice Age, so we may well be entering a mini ice age already.

Populations should prepare for a cold spell.


Despite consistent rises in Carbon Dioxide levels the Antarctic region has recorded NO average rise in temperature in the last 70 years, and in 2021 saw its coldest 6 month winter since records began in the 1950’s. It is possible this lack of warming extended back much longer. This lack of warming over a significant portion of the Earth, undermines the unproven hypothesis that the Carbon Dioxide humans add to the atmosphere, is the main determinant of global climate. In 2021 the Antarctic had the coldest winter since records began in 1957, a fact largely ignored by the mainstream media. Two climate scientists Singh and Polvani, have noted that the Antarctica sea ice has modestly expanded and warming has been nearly non-existent over much of the ice sheet.

A NASA study has found that the mass gains of the Antarctic ice sheet are greater than the losses. This contrasts with the IPCC reports which say that overall Antarctica is losing ice. The extra snowfall that began 10,000 years ago has been slowly accumulating on the ice sheet compacting into ice over millennia, thickening the ice in East Antarctica and the interior of West Antarctica by an average of 1.7 cm per year. This small thickening sustained over thousands of years and spread over vast areas corresponds to a very large gain in ice -enough to outweigh the losses from fast flowing glaciers in other parts of the continent and thus reduce sea level rise.

The good news is that Antarctica is not currently contributing to sea level rise, but is taking 0.23 mm per year away. Contrast this to what the IPCC say: Antarctica is contributing 0.27 mm per year to sea level rise. The Arctic which alternatively melts and reforms does not contribute to sea level rise when it melts because it is just a mass of floating ice. Floating ice when it melts does not raise the sea level.

Acknowledgement: I would like to thank Professor Valentina Zharkova for providing me with several of her research papers.

Footnote: Please read Ian Wishart’s latest article, put out 26th Jan 2024. : “Too hot to handle: NIWA’s misleading temperature records.”

“A spot audit of NIWA’s 2023 flagship Annual Climate summary report and some of its predecessors over the past five years has uncovered multiple major errors that cumulatively exaggerate the impact of climate change and drive public fear.”

My strong doubts about 2023 being the hottest year on record is probably vindicated.

Ian Bradford, a science graduate, is a former teacher, lawyer, farmer and keen sportsman, who is writing a book about the fraud of anthropogenic climate change.


Andrew Osborn said...

Two points about Australian temperature measurements (which may also apply elsewhere)

In recent years the meteorological bureau changed the temperature measurement devices in weather stations from a mercury tube to an electronic system. The latter reacts more rapidly to short term fluctuations so will tend to give higher and lower 'instantaneous' values during the heat of the day and the cold of the night.

As heat island effects force the bureau to move weather stations away from urban areas, the media get to report "The highest ever temperature at that station" while conveniently ignoring the fact that they might only have been recording at that station for a year or so.

Anonymous said...

I’m no expert, but I’ve yet to meet a scientist at the university where I work who doesn’t agree that climate change is occurring, is very concerning and is caused by human activity.

I also find the Climate Feedback website very good. It provides a lot of clear commentary from scientists around the world written for a public audience, often responding to claims made in media articles.

Andrew Osborn said...

Climate scientists rely on maintaining an air of climate panic in order to stimulate more research grants.
Turkeys don't vote for an early Christmas!

Ian Bradford said...

Replying to anonymous: So all your University mates have said climate is changing. Can you tell me where in my article I have said that climate is not changing? Of course climate changes It has been changing ever since the earth was formed. That's not the issue. What is a load of rubbish is that Carbon Dioxide released into the atmosphere by humans is causing climate change. This used to be called global warming. The name was changed because from 1998 no increase in the earth's temperature was noted. It then became climate change which covered everything.
Your University mates need to keep saying that humans are causing global warming because if they attempt to go against this false idea, then they will lose their funding and their job. Check out the case of Susan Crockford, highly qualified and a polar bear expert of many years. She dared say that polar bears were increasing in numbers, when the climate alarmists needed their numbers to be decreasing due they said to less ice from global warming.
Susan was sacked from her position at a University.
I wonder if any of your mates are more qualified than Professor Valentina Zharkova or Nobel prize winning physicist Dr. John Clauser.
Just read the article carefully!

Anonymous said...

The "evidence" in this piece of fiction is as holey as Swiss cheese. Discrediting each of these is unnecessary. For those who like "doing their own research" please go and have a look at the entire series of earth temperature charts on NOAA's website, instead of the six years that conveniently fit this person's narrative. The website also states clearly that the rate of increase in the temperature is 0.20° per decade.

Anonymous said...

IB: It's well-established that almost all scientific research in climate change (yes, the current term for global warming) in recent years has supported the position that human activity is driving an increase in average temperatures worldwide. I personally have found it interesting to hear much the same from the normal, pleasant scientists at my university. (I wouldn't characterise them as my 'mates'; but I think that's just a rhetorical flourish on your part). That there is some sort of global conspiracy of scientists hiding the truth for nefarious reasons simply doesn't ring true to me.

As for the claims in your article, they looked to be the sort of ones that have been refuted often. But that's, I admit, my non-expert conclusion. Why I noted the Climate Feedback website where experts have responded to these sort of denialist assertions.

GERRY said...

Hi Ian, I agree entirely with your points : this scam has been called the greatest scientific fraud ever perpetrated on mankind !

Just one point: I believe that sunspots are black because the increase in intensity of radiation blocks the sun's light not because they are cooler than their fact it would be logical that they are hotter as the earth heats up during periods of high sunspot activity as I am sure you know. Cheers. Gerry Sanders .

Anonymous said...

Aldous Huxley in "Brave New World Revisited" pointed out that population growth multiplies exponentially and the Club of Rome took up this message to reveal that soon there will be too many people to be supported by the resources of the planet. With this I agree. However, the arrogance of humans to think that their puny effluvia can affect the climate is a brain dead concept considered against the immensity of factors involved in climate change. King Canute nearly drowned trying to prove he was powerful enough to stop the incoming tide. The Canute syndrome is with us still.

Barend Vlaardingerbroek said...

Anonymous, it was actually an 18th century mathematician, Robert Malthus, who first drew attention to the exponential growth of populations as opposed to the linear growth of resources.