Sunday, January 21, 2024

The German farmers’ revolt - A spiked report

Spiked went to Berlin to meet the people behind Europe’s latest populist revolt.

German farmers have had enough. On Monday 15 January 2024, thousands of tractors and tens of thousands of Germans descended on Berlin – capping off a week of protests in which farmers blocked roads and brought life to a standstill across the country.

The demonstration was sparked by government plans to abolish tax breaks on agricultural diesel and bring in new taxes on farm vehicles.

But it’s also so much deeper than that. Farmers are furious with green ideology, with being made to pay the price for the government’s lofty climate goals. And they’re furious with being demonised as extremists simply for standing up for their livelihoods.


Anonymous said...

Actually farmers produce not only their own livelihoods but ours too. Its called FOOD. No doubt farming techniques can be improved and more aware ( as has been happening since time immemorial) but we are starving ourselves to death with sacrificing productive land for urban development and indulgences ( the massive grape orchards around Blenheim and the terrifying ticky tacky box housing developments around Richmond in Tasman). And likewise when the farmers are suffocated.

Basil Walker said...

Anonymous . Viticulture around Blenheilm etc is now a huge export earner,and producing far greater per hectare than was possible with traditional farming . Also the intense labour requirement is huge GST and income tax take for government . Not all bad from productive soils.
I believe the issue is a practical analysis on water storage in NZ to assist the entire country.
Firstly and more impotntly for farmers Zero Carbon has to be abolished as it is a filthier word against NZ productivity than homophobia and trans gender combined .

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately viticulture inebriates but does not feed people. The tax returned only contributes to the zero carbon nonsense.

Anonymous said...

It is not just Germany, it is spreading like wild fire throughout the rest of Europe. Australia and New Zealand farmers need to organize and take advantage of this uprising against those politicians/globalists who are trying to get rid of us. We the people will follow you as they are with the European farmers.

Geoff D said...

Anonymous. "..we are starving ourselves to death.." What a broad sweeping statement to make...sounds just like a typical msm climate alarmist, convid 'we all gonna d!e', the sky is falling, the planet is burning up, the sea level is rising, the ice is melting etc etc etc rhetoric. We'll niether my family nor I are starving! The bloke next door is not starving - he grows beef & sheep. And the bloke next door to him is not starving either - he grows chickens & a whole range of tasty, delicious & very healthy vegetables. So no. We are not starving ourselves to death with anything that anybody is doing.
p.s. All three of us really enjoy a glass of wine. Often! Please don't take the vineyards away, we might die of thirst....