Friday, January 26, 2024

Garrick Tremain: University today

 Here is Garrick Tremain's cartoon commentary on indoctrination in Universities! 

Garrick Tremain is one of New Zealand's best known artists and political cartoonists. With a background in farming and advertising, he has a wonderful ability to capture in images exactly what people are thinking in a way that makes us laugh. You can see his more of his work on his website HERE. 


Anonymous said...

A U.S. university in the cartoon, it appears: We spell it 'enrolment' and, even worse, Tremain left out the most vital words (sorry, kupu), the ones in te reo.

Tremain clearly has some mahi to do!

Anonymous said...

DEI ( diversity, equity, inclusivity) in action -and the disastrous result.

Robert Arthur said...

The signwriter merely a product of the current education system. Of course all universities include Moari Studies to fufil the claim, but even apart from these the sign now always applies.

Ray S said...

So so true.
Its been happening progressively for the last 40 years.
Unfortunately it's the people from that era that are now the tutors.